When medication can cause body damage

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    Yeah, I think that there's definitely room to criticize the role of money in the health industry, and even health professionals, but so often these are used as an attack on the scientific system as a whole. It strikes me as unproductive. Cases like say, the medical community's treatment of obesity, need more research, with better oversight, not less.

    It's somewhat weird the way the failings of 'alternative' medicine aren't examined as a failure resulting from the departure from that system, eg same thinking that goes into vaccine denial is used to support acupuncture and such.

    Both cases seem like failings due to a departure from science and research.
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    Yes, and when money corrupts scientific methodology, that is not the scientific method, that's plain greed.

    I think it's also a big mistake to presume that alternative medicine doesn't get researched because it's not profitable. I think that is largely spin from people who make a very good living from alternative medicine, because it feeds straight into their USP: something magical, or mysterious ancient folk wisdom that cannot be explained by modern science.
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    hmmm might be good to try option 1, just to see how effective that other meds is.
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    As a lifetime medication taker I'm personally glad for 'western medicine'. I have epilepsy and suffer tonic/clonic seizures, lapses, and the odd ticks and twitches. It's taken almost 10 years since my initial diagnosis to go through different types of treatment and medication to find something that can effectively offset the seizures whilst minimising the side effects (some of which were rough as hell).

    I know that my current medication will likely damage my kidneys long term but honestly compared to other side effects I have experienced (weight gain, lethargy, disrupted sleep, worsened depression when I was at my lowest, anxiety, and a bunch of others) I'm pretty happy for the trade off. I'm now at a point where I can live a normal life and engage in activities I love. I can train, coach, and generally be a bit independent. As long as I keep my diet fairly clean and look after myself I'm pretty much ok.

    Are we too reliant on medicine and the pharmaceutical industry? I know I am for sure, for life. I think we all are. We have to take our immunisations when we're little and when we're older (especially those who travel the globe a lot). Here in the UK we've got the NHS, our amazing (and constantly targeted) 24 hour health service that is the safety net whenever anything goes wrong with us or our families.

    Is the industry behind the medicine corrupt as hell? Definitely. Where money is involved there's going to be corruption for sure. But honestly, thinking selfishly, I'm able to enjoy a decent life with my family because of that industry so I'm thankful for it and glad I have access and the means to use it.
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