The Importance of Hydration

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    Sure, no problem!

    That's a good idea, I'm assuming because your water bottles are frozen you water stays nice and cold for a long period of time.

    Strawberries and mint leaves together are excellent.

    Also, if you don't mind ginger ginger, orange and lemon is a very nice infusion, too.

    You could also add essential oils to your water if that interests you? Though I've yet to try this so I don't know how good (or bad) it tastes. I believe people use essential oil as a substitute sweetener rather than adding honey. I don't like sweetened water which is why I haven't experimented with it.
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    Something like this: is great for keeping your water cold when on the move. I fill mine in the evening, freeze it overnight and then it defrosts slowly during the day. You might have to experiment a bit with how long it takes to defrost or have a non-insulated bottle for earlier in the day.
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    Damn, I've been drinking too little. Gotta keep a bottle glued to my hand
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    What if you are over-hydrated?
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    That's technically called "drowning"
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    Four years too late, but I cannot believe no one has made this joke yet:

    Aye lad, ye should go to Scotland and ask to see a wee doctor!

    As an on-topic side note, it is worth noting that actual hydration (getting that water into your tissues vs simply ingesting it but it getting flushed out via urine) also depends on factors such as sodium and glucose intake, as sodium and glucose both attract water (on the flip-side this is also why excess dietary sodium is a long-term risk factor for hypertension, for example, since a good part of that sodium will end up in your blood, and pull more liquid into your blood vessels, increasing their pressure). This is basically why Gatorade is a thing, conceptually (or most any other sports drink for that matter).
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    Thanks for this info.
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    I always make sure I am hydrated because I heard some horror stories of people who dont stay hydrated, I also like keeping my skin smooth & clear.
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    Well researched article. You can learn about how much water is enough to your body. Keep continuing such type of post.

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