Reasonable Goals for 1 Month

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gornex, May 4, 2007.

  1. gornex

    gornex Valued Member

    I just thought i would ask some people what some reasonable goals for increase in max bench and maybe chin ups would be in a month. I will be doing many different exercises but i like to use these to as a general idea of how strong i am. Currently i weigh 150 (i know i am really skinny) and my max bench is 165 and i do chin ups set of 5 with 35 pounds. I wana see how much i can get my 1 rep bench to and my 5 rep chin up to. I was thinking of trying to get to 175-180 bench and i would love to get to 50 pounds 5 rep chin up. Not sure what i should shoot for so i thought i would ask. Also would max reps be better for chin ups then weight?
  2. Hiroji

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    just pu8sh it man. Every one is different so just go your own way and see how it goes,

    good luck bro

    but for more help :saz:
  3. tetsu ryu

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    Are you 100% certain that 165 is your max? how many repititions can you do??? You should use a spot and buy some 2&1/2 pound plates so you can gradually add on.. So far as the weighted chins go, keep it up, and a few pushups never hurt anybody did they? I'd maybe try max reps of chins once just to see how many you get, and then work on increasing reps with weighted chins and try to max out reps on regular chins again after the month is up. I'd be interested to hear the results if your interested in trying!
  4. gornex

    gornex Valued Member

    its my 1 rep max, pretty sure about it, did it like 2-3 days ago.
  5. tetsu ryu

    tetsu ryu Death is always a option!

    Oh okydoky, then I'd get a spoter and do 1 rep + a few negatives to help get you where you wanna be. or you could do 1 rep and then rest for a good while and repeat until satisfied, although I wouldn't suggest it because you are more likely to get hurt but the only thing in the way is 15 more pounds and you'll have it!
  6. gornex

    gornex Valued Member

    lol but does anyone have any suggestions for goals?
  7. Garrett

    Garrett Valued Member

    Like was said above, every individual varies. Genetics play a huge role in your bodies ability to adapt.
    Realistically, you can expect strength increases of between 5% and 10% per month. But depending on your workout, your genetics, your existing muscle strength and your nutrition it could be totally different.
    You have stated your goals, so aim to reach it. Don't worry about the timeframe.
  8. PlasmaShock

    PlasmaShock Valued Member

    Timeframes should be less of a concern. Just work as hard as you can.
  9. gornex

    gornex Valued Member

    lol well i will shoot for 180 and 50 pounds, i'll give you a run down of what i did to train and how it worked out in a month,
  10. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Also, don't forget that length of time training will affect how quickly you can increase it. A beginner will make for quicker progress than a more advanced lifter.

    This may be helpful as a comparison: I bench once a week, and over the past six months, on average, I've added a little under 1kg a week to my bench. So in a month I'd expect to add a mere 3kg or so to it. That's not to say you won't be able to add 15lbs. I'm following the slow but steady route. If you really worked bench you could probably add a lot more than I do.

    I can't compare my chin 5RM as I don't test it.
  11. Gary

    Gary Vs The Irresistible Farce Supporter

    How are you testing it? Are you just sitting down, loading it up and pushing? Try using something like this by Poloquin:

    4 @ estimated 40%, rest 10 seconds
    4 @ estimated 40%, rest 10 seconds
    3 @ estimated 60%, rest 30 seconds
    2 @ estimated 75%, rest 60 seconds
    1 @ estimated 80%, rest 120 seconds
    1 @ estimated 85%, rest 120 seconds
    1 @ estimated 90%, rest 180 seconds
    1 @ estimated 95%, rest 240 seconds
    1 @ estimated 100%, rest 240 seconds

    It seems like a lot but your lift should improve. Also have a look around Tnation for Bench Technique articles, there's plenty of them over there!

  12. Ad McG

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    Why not just aim to get it up? Aiming for a specific number in a specific time is relatively pointless unless you are competing IMO. Just do a program tailored to your overall goals and see what happens.

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