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    Anyone have a medicinal recipe they would like to share?
    Here are two to start with.

    Tiger Balm recipeIngredients:
    % by weight amt. needed for 56oz. batch

    Menthol crystals 20% 9.6 oz.
    Camphor blocks 32% 15.36 oz.
    Bees wax 20% 9.6 oz.
    Petroleum jelly 4% 1.92 oz.
    oil of clove 8% 3.8 oz.
    oil of cajuput 8% 3.8 oz.
    oil of cinnamon 8% 3.8 oz.
    (optional)ammonium hydroxide 1 oz.

    Melt beeswax and petrolium jelly in a pot until completely liquified. Remove from heat, quickly stir in camphor blocks (may help to chop or grate camphor prior). Add rest of ingredients, stir until consistent, and camphor has melted. Pour into permanant container, and let congeal. The above recipe will make a nice tiger balm equivalent to the commercial white stuff. If ammonium hydroxide is added, it turns red, and adds a little more heat to it.

    Dit Da Jow recipe:


    Arnica blossoms (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)
    Comfrey (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)
    Blessed Thistle (blood purifier)
    Goldenseal root (antibiotic, wound healing)
    Ginger root (circulation, wound healing, pain relief)
    Myrrh (antiseptic, circulation, wound healing)
    Sasparilla root(blood purifier)
    Witch hazel (anti-inflamatory, pain relief)

    Use equal portions of all infredients, by weight. Grind the herbs in a mortar and pestle (or electric grinder), and place in a glass jar. Add 80 or 90 proof grain alcohol. Use 4 oz. of dried herbs to one pint of alcohol base( or equivalent portions). Seal the jar tightly. Allow the infusion to work for two weeks; once or twice a day, swirl the liquid gently through the herbal mash. After two weeks,
    strain off the liquid and discard the herbal residue; pour into smaller dark glass containers
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    These would be interesting to try. Are the herbs all available in health food stores? Where does one get grain alcohol (is that even legal?)
  3. ladyhawk

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    I've been lucky enoough to have a friend that can get the herbs that I can't find at the health food store or if you live in the city there might be an herbalist nearby.

    You can use good 100 proof Vodka instead of grain alcohol.
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    The Tiger Balm recipe doesn't sound very natural.

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