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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pinoy, May 10, 2005.

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    Hi sirs/guys,

    A good friend of mine is also a MA instructor, advised me that some routine in our calisthenics is kinda "old school" and should not be done anymore due to possibility of injury. Mentioned are, Neck/Head calisthenics routines: Neck calisthenics up-down, left-right & the neck rotation. Back rowing (twisting of back two counts left& right 10 or 16 repetitions). Touching ground (knees straight w/ 10 or 16 repetitions). Deep down ( three counts bending of knee), Knee rotation in fast phase. Hand twisting (kinda dislocating the arm w/ 10 or 16 repetitions up-dpwn).

    Hey I hope I kinda make sense here :confused: .

    According to my friend, this was advised in his recent attended seminar.

    Hope you can advise me sir :eek:
  2. shootodog

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    i've heard that before. then again, martial arts is really unhealthy if you think about it. high risk of getting injured or maimed.
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    There are lots of things we were doing as warm ups in the 80's that are frowned upon now, it has all evolved for the better now that we have more information at our fingertips.
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    Moved to health and Fitness :D

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