Composition of beating obesity

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by blessed_samurai, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    They have guys over there that blow my knowledge of nutrition out of the water. I would write something up for them if they asked but I doubt they will anytime soon.
  2. peterlog

    peterlog New Member

    great one! long read though! but it was very informative! I will be keeping this one for referrals.
  3. metalfury

    metalfury Valued Member

    Thanks for the article, some very interesting information there. I'd seen the calculations elsewhere for using BMI/TDEE, but the protein information was new to me.

    Could you clarify the quoted section above. Did the study find that larger weights and lower reps used more energy than lower weights and higher reps?

  4. blessed_samurai

    blessed_samurai Valued Member

    I haven't even thought about this article in a long time as it was written quite a bit of time ago. As such, I don't quite remember the source in its entirety. However, the basics is that with heavier weights, you are using more of the nervous system...whereas with lighter weights and more reps (unless failure is considered), you're taxing the muscle a lot more. And, yes, with heavier weights, the stabilizers are getting hit harder. This is only a very basic and brief look at what is going in terms of weight training.

    If I had time, I would flesh out the protein part more.

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