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    Just wondering what your preferred on-guard position(s) is/are and why.

    Generally I go with the more classic stance with my rear hand next to my chin and my lead hand carried forward somewhat. Occasionally, if I'm in with a good jabber who's matching my lead (right vs. right, I lead southpaw as do many of my training partners), I'll keep my rear hand open, palm facing the guy, in front of my chin to catch the jab.

    [ame=""]Basic Boxing Stance + Important Details - YouTube[/ame]

    Sometimes I'll hit up the Peekaboo stance if I'm really trying to work my way inside, or also against an aggressive headhunter because, hey, he's practically letting me get inside if he comes forward swinging, but I'd still rather have my hands up tight and in close to protect against shots.

    [ame=""]Boxing stances: Peek-a-boo like Mike Tyson - YouTube[/ame]

    I've also been playing around with the Philly Shell against taller unmatched guys (left vs. right lead) who like to throw straights. Works great for catching them on the shoulder, but I've not yet developed the reflexes to return with counter-punches. The low jab from there seems to catch people off guard, though.

    [ame=""]Defense like Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather shoulder roll pt.1 "Philly Shell"-Manny Pacquaio - YouTube[/ame]

    How about you guys? Any particular guards that you use, or hate to use?

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