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    YAW-YAN ArDigma

    Greetings Brothers/Sisters and Friends in Yaw-Yan:

    Master Nap announced the new YAW-YAN ArDigma (Arnis Pandigma).
    Initially, he was to replace Yaw-Yan with the name ArDigma, but after
    a rather long discussion and persuasion to keep the name, he was
    convinced and decided to affix it to Yaw-Yan, hence the name Yaw-Yan
    ArDigma. Yaw-Yan ArDigma is the latest progression or evolution of
    Yaw-Yan, geared to tackle the recent relentless craze on BJJ. After
    his last year's bout with stroke, he's back and is currently
    preparing his new stable of fighters at Major Roger Wanasen's
    place in Bulacan (The Yaw-Yan Temple in Shaw Blvd. had been
    closed). Master says there are now 12 new young Yaw-Yan ArDigma
    fighters who will be personally trained by him to compete in Full-
    Contact, NHB, or Submission fight tournaments abroad (US, Thailand,
    Japan), we'll see these new breed of Yaw-Yan in Muay
    Thai cup If any of the brothers here in this forum are
    interested to participate in this kind of tournament, you will be
    staying in Bulacan to be trained by Master Nap and you will have to
    arduously dedicate a full continuous year or more of living,
    breathing, and knowing Yaw-Yan ArDigma far from temptations in the
    province of Bulacan.

    Time for us to regain back the name and the glory long associated to
    Yaw-Yan and its' members which is slowly fading out.

    Mabuhay ang Yaw-Yan!!!
  2. Freeform

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    Hi and Welcome to MAP,

    You couldn't expand a little on the content of the style could you?


  3. Bayani

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    It's about time Master Nap came out of the woodwork and renew what was once the claim of being able to withsatnd any challenge . Gone are the days of Zapata. New blood is needed from it's original source. Today it's full of hybrid Yaw Yan but the difference is clear...It's not Master Nap who's training. This is great news! I can't wait to see them in show their brand of MMA from the insightful skills of Master Nap!! I will leave for more qualitifed than myself to explain Yaw Yan.

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  4. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    wonderful news! yaw-yan was really good enough for stand-up (back in the good old days/ bad old days when the old rivalry with bakbakan prevailed). have also seen henry kobayashi's hybrid yaw-yan in action. good mix of stand-up and grappling (i even saw henry k fight in the ring in a tournament before). i'm glad that gm nap decided to update and renew the art.

    mabuhay si gm nap! mabuhay ang yaw-yan.

    *note: yaw-yan is a form/ system of filipino kickboxing (or footboxing as my old shirt says). it is a fairly effective and dangerous system. hybrid yaw-yan is yaw-yan with grappling in the mix.
  5. wanlu99

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    In all honesty...Im not sure what its all about. Its been a secret for the past two years since they closed down the Yaw-Yan Temple in Shaw Blvd. What I do know is the Master planned to leave Yaw-Yan because a lot of people / Untrained fighters/disloyal Yaw-Yans/ over used the name Yaw-Yan. Meaning unofficial fighters fight under Yaw-Yan banner only to lose because of not enough training and the likes...When the Master sends an official entry back in the good old days...hes a sure winner.

    The Master was disgusted by (IF ONLY I CAN NAME NAMES) Yaw-Yans using the name only to bring shame and destroy the hardwork of Master Nap and his loyal followers and fighters.

    Thus he wanted to introduce a new Art...ArDigma. I have to guess that even if the term Arnis is in the name, the style is unarmed. for Yaw-Yan also was based in Arnis.

    According to a Senior brother resinding in US...he convinced the Master to keep the Name Yaw-Yan attaching it to ardigma...thus Yaw-Yan ArDigma

    My sincerest gratitude for your interest in the Art of Yaw-Yan


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  6. Bayani

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    What people don't know is that Master Nap was very good with grappling. He was number 3 in Judo nationwide and well versed in jujutsu. He created a good striking system because he understands grappling quite well. All I can say is just wait and see the difference when the fighters come out to include hybrid yy vs andigma. It's not just Yaw Yan but the influence of Master Nap a s a trainer that makes the BIG difference.
  7. wanlu99

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    Yaw-Yan Canada

    Greetings YAW-YAN Brothers/Sisters and Friends in Yaw-Yan:

    Yaw-Yan Canada is now in full-force under the direction of Sir Fred
    Garcia. The Yaw-Yan Canada Gym has partnered with other top
    instructors from BJJ, San Shou, and Tae Kwon Do, making Yaw-Yan into
    a more effectively evolving hybrid/mixed martial arts. Yaw-Yan
    Canada also incorporates the old traditional yet effective Yaw-Yan
    grappling techniques (pambuno at dumog) into their arsenal. Their
    Training emphasis is on tailoring what works best, useful, and most
    effective for each particular practitioner & situations rather than
    the usual number of Yaw-Yan techniques one has to learn.

    Sir Fred Garcia was one of my direct senior yaw-yan brothers in the
    old Yaw-Yan temple in Quiapo, a very highly skilled and competent
    Full-Contact fighter with unblemished record of more than 60
    undefeated fights. Sir Fred is an architect graduate from University
    of Santo Tomas who moved to Toronto, Canada with his family. He is
    the elder brother of Sir Ismael "Boy" Garcia, another
    undefeated Yaw-Yan fighter and dominant figure in the Full Contact
    arena in the 70's.

    If any brothers happened to pass-by Toronto Canada, please stop by
    and say Kumusta to Sir Fred at:

    YAW-YAN Canada
    2914 Sheppard Ave. East (near Victoria Park)
    Toronto, Ontario
    For appointments, you can reach him at: 416-615-2925
    Email: fred_garcia_99@y...

    Let's help promote Yaw-Yan worldwide.

    Mabuhay ang kapisanan ng Yaw-Yan!

    Mabuhay ang Yaw-Yan!

    Best regards,
    Armando Liban

    posted by Wanlu
  8. Gryphon Hall

    Gryphon Hall Feeling Scholler

    This is what I'm talking about!

    This is what I am talking about, kabayan! A guy who actually develops his art further for the main purpose of actually facing other styles in fight tournaments, with the goal of actually winning. We are seeing history take place! One cannot call this a "watering-down" of the art; this is evolution into something that I believe will also be useful for the street! I mean, here is a guy who does it like in Pro Boxing, actually forming a Fighting Stable, not merely a training hall, but A Fighting Stable!

    Ah, looks like it's coming back! Now, if only the others can all follow suit? :p

    Mabuhay si Master Nap!!!
  9. Adam

    Adam New Member

    That seems very interesting. Are there any top Yaw-Yan practitioners outside of the Philipines that interested europeans or americans might contact for training?
  10. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan


    You can reach Sir Armando Liban in Maryland USA or Sir Fred Garcia in Canada

    Both are Senior Yaw-Yan fighters with Sir Fred Undefeated in the Philippines before he left for Canada.

    You can reach Sir Fred at the Address above and Sir Liban via his Email addres above as well

  11. Bayani

    Bayani Valued Member

    If you really want to see what Yaw Yan is all about I suggest you see it from the source. Nothing against his other students but there's a reason why he formed his new breed so might as well see it from his stable to do it justice. Many have been asking what's this "YAw YAn " All about? Then to answer the question and do it justice you might as well see the founder and his system yourself.

    Wanlu...does your gymn in Toronto have the famous "Yaw Yan " Bag? Do you also have the same topical solutions master uses after training?
  12. wanlu99

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    Yaw-Yan Ardigma Camp

    You haven't been here long enough to be allowed to advertise. When you are - it will be in the Events promotion forum.

    Until then if you wish to advertise please contact us for our rates.

    .... Yoda
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  13. wanlu99

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    Yaw-Yan Ardigma Camp


    please no Advertising without permission,

    If you want to link to your website please put it in your personal details or on your sig. if you don't know how PM a mod & we'll be happy to help
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  14. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    the bag! oh my god! yeah! hard wood cored, roughly 7 ft tall. hard to move. made from foam and rubber cement. man, i must've spent hours trying to make that thing move! you've got to love that bag.

    and the stuff that you rub on you knuckles and shins after practice. only gm nap has the exact formula. made your skin tough as hide!

  15. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan


    I dont know whats wrong...anyway thanks



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