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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by PFJD, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. PFJD

    PFJD New Member

    Looking at adding some wrestling to my training
    Any one train or trained at either of these clubs

    Tokei wrestling and law wrestling .

    Haven't wrestled before but I've mma experience, so wondered how they are for relative inexperienced old farts like me lol
  2. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    I've wrestled against LAW lot and some of my training partners have trained there. They said its a good place to go to, relatively cheap and a few overseas competitors go there regularly.

    Where is your MMA group? Or where did you train ?
  3. Late for dinner

    Late for dinner Valued Member

    Opppss... just saw that Mushroom posted while I was typing this up :' D

    Might want to have a chat with Mushroom (topic mod) who does CMA and also has been competing in freestyle. He may well have been to these clubs or at least have a better knowledge of them. Looked over their web pages and they both seem pretty legit. I would say that the Tokei page looks more appealing but sometimes web pages lie : ') .

    Not too many clubs about and usually (unfortunately) the emphasis is often on the MMA version of things which is modified from what you see regularly in freestyle because of the obvious need to take into account that people will also be trying to kick/knee/punch you! :' P

    Hope that helps.

  4. PFJD

    PFJD New Member

    I train with leo nagao, bjj and sub wrestling . with alan orr for mma .vI'm living in se London
    Alan's now moved abroad. Wrestling side of the sport was always something I liked most . So was looking to get more specific training
  5. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Ah...I know where you used to be. ;)

    My mate trains/trained with Leo back during his time at Urban, saw his boxing bout at SCALA a while back.
    I would say LAW would be a good bet for you. They have a lot of contacts and also plenty of Freestyle comps.

    Is Semtex Gym too far for you?
  6. PointyShinyBurn

    PointyShinyBurn Valued Member

    I know some guys who wrestled at LAW who are pretty impressive, but I haven't trained there myself. I've been here once or twice: http://www.legion-wrestling.com/ , they seem really good if it's not too far out of your way.

    We have have wrestling twice a week at http://londonfightfactory.com/ , but it's mainly cross-training Jiu Jitsu and MMA guys, might not be what you're looking for.
  7. PFJD

    PFJD New Member

    Whats your mates name ?
    Yeah I was up at kings with Leo too. but left when he did. Think Ive trained at about 5 different venues with leo !
    Yeah was a great night at scala, I was there , was workng the VIP area for Alan. Which was me basically getting tipsy lol . I know Simon too who leo fought show'd real balls getting in there with him. Leo really is a monster . Where some good fights on that card . fadi from Nwa looked like a wrecking ball

    Yeah I know Pete is now down at Semtex whos a top top coach and geart guy. Its fairly close where i live (forest hill) but work means I wouldnt get down there in time dont finish till 7 nd work in west end.
    Thing is Im keeping training with Leo, been with him for about 5 years now . But wanted that once or twice a week wrestling in my training too.
    Think I'll check out LAW, do you know the guys at Tokei at all though ?

    Cheers for youre help much apreciated

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  8. PFJD

    PFJD New Member

    Cheers, Looked at fight factory , but as still training BJJ at leo . Do guys just do there the wrestling there?
  9. PointyShinyBurn

    PointyShinyBurn Valued Member

    Yeah, there are a few, it's not limited to the BJJ guys or anything.
  10. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    I was thinking of going to LFF as they looked good.

    Mates name is .......

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyGLFIbKHrw"]Tara Johnson (URBAN KINGS) Vs Kerry Masarati - YouTube[/ame]
  11. PFJD

    PFJD New Member

    Yeah I remember her, she used to do the wrestling with pete too, remember her handling a few guys and their faces of what the heck after lol
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