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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by johndoch, Dec 11, 2004.

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    Anyone else heard the rumours of a 40 million dollar rematch with Tyson? I heard people talking about it today. I somehow doubt he would turn it down if the opportunity came up.
  2. gedhab

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    Tyson is broke and needs the money...i think he just wants to get in the ring and take as little punishment as possible and get out with his millions. He may even fake his knockouts in order to shorten the match. He doesn't train properly and is just looking for easy money.
  3. YODA

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    Please NOOOOOOOOOO....
  4. iamraisen

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    hell, id go in the ring with tyson for that much!
  5. TBH, before the Tyson fight the best I remembered of Williams was his turning away, walking off and other funny behaviour against Michael Sprott.

    In August, he barely scraped the top 5 of British heavyweights! What's he even doing fighting Tyson? There are other fighters more deserving of a shot at Vitali than a nobody who beat an injured, ageing name.

    Harsh on Williams? Maybe, but all I've heard for the last month is "experts" trying to say how Williams will batter him etc etc, and then by half past 6, we had the same "experts" claiming that he was never really in it, BUT THEY KNEW HE WOULD BE BEATEN?!?

    We went from how Williams will batter Klitschko from corner to corner, to how well he tried. At top level, you have to be succeeding, not trying to hold on for eight rounds when you're beaten after 1.

    It's quite tempting :) I suppose you could fake a knockout after about 30 seconds :cool:
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  6. shotokanwarrior

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    Klitschko won? YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping he would win, he's much better looking than Williams. No racial issue, it's just I love that severe, hard-edged physiognomy. He's out of the same mould as Keanu - ravishing.
  7. Lol - who would you rather out of him and his brother? :cool:
  8. MerKaBa

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    He he, the way Tyson's been fighting he'd have to fake it ;)
  9. semphoon

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    So does anyone have a clip?

    *Said looking at Yuki
  10. Not me personally (BTW, I know I'm not Yuki ;)), but it will be shown on SKY on thursday at 7pm
  11. Yukimushu

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    I havent been able to find anything! If i had, then id have posted it already :( Ill keep my eye out though!

    Here's a few photos for ya'll though.

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  12. Ad McG

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    Wow, it's Danny "my conditioning is far superior to his" Williams, sitting on his botty. Shock-horror :D
  13. Yukimushu

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    I love it when that happens :D A fighter hypes himself beyond his actual skill level, then gets put flat on his butt. :)
  14. londoner2001

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    Danny Williams looked so fat he couldn't even stand properly before he got pummelled. It's useless people saying he shoudl try and outbox Klitschko, you couldn't do that against someone 6ft 7 inches, the only way he would win is by charging in and hooking the hell out of klitschko but he seemed to not take option a or b he chose to stand and get his skull thumped repeatedly. What *profanity removed* was up with his corner, McDonnell trying to tell him things, that other idiot shouting crap at him, what happened to actually analysing the state of play and advising the fighter how they could possibly win, he didn't need motivation he was happy to stand there getting whacked.

    Klitschko is interesting, think it is 38 fights, 36 won by knockout and 2 stopped by cuts, he has never been kncked down nevermind knocked out, against Lewis the non boxing fans or fools can say he got beat but he was battering Lewis and he had vision perfect out both eyes just some cuts around the eye which weren't putting blood in his eye and they stoped the fight, well boxing has always been a corrupt sport to a degree. Klitschko clearly can be caught with some big shots but the worrying thing is that when Danny Williams did get his one of two blows in some didn't even move the guy's head, if he can take a hell of a beating then *profanity removed* god knows who will stop him. I just feel though that someone who is lighter than Klitschko and certainly Williams and is very quick on their feet, ie someone in the mould of the old Tyson, can definetly knock Klitschko out assuming he doesn't have a superhuman jaw. Out of interest has anyone seen this Nigerian guy whois US based, wants to fight top ten heavyweight and other day got a nice knockout, took this guy out clean after going for a hook and just returning with a hook with opposite hand, is built like a brick *profanity removed* house and has very quick hands for a big guy.

    Anyone see the Miguel Cotto fight last night? What you think?
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  15. YODA

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    londoner2001 > Watch the profanity please. Trying to mask it with a * just shows you know it's wrong :woo:
  16. shotokanwarrior

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    I don't know what his brother looks like. I only know what Klitschko looks like because of seeing loads of shots of him in the Irish papers. Do you have any images of him?
  17. gedhab

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    just google it.....and we're talking about his boxing skills here!
  18. Rhizome

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    Read today that lennox lewis is planning to come out of retirement to fight vitali.
  19. gedhab

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    Got a link?
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