Wide 10cm or so Balck Belts

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by tulsa, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Rand86

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    He also thought squatting 405 for several sets of eight constituted an easy day.

    Your argument needs crutches.
  2. tulsa

    tulsa Valued Member

    never said that, he lifted for mass and definition. that is all i said.
  3. Ki_Power

    Ki_Power Banned Banned

    BS! I was a bodybuilder...and I was trained in methods far before their time, utilizing functional strength training along with extensive yoga. The muscles become so strong you become light as a feather and feel zero strain from the extra weight. At 248 pounds with a 30" waist (6' 2"), I had zero issues.
  4. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Did you ever get one?
  5. VegasMichelle

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    Typical fragile male ego behavior exhibited here! The OP complained of some back pain so I suggested what the medical community has been preaching for a long time...to lose weight to get the stress off the vertebra (bones). Bodybuilding and weightlifting builds muscle, it does not fix damaged vertebra.

    Having missed this point, BOTH Tulsa and Ki_Power start rambling on nonsense about height, weight, and various sizes of body parts...everything just short of mentioning penis size...lol. Sounds like you fellas are compensating for something...It's the "inky dinky pinky winky" reaction.
  6. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    Il tell ya, I really struggle in that regard. My enormous sausage throws off my balance like you wouldn't believe, the thing must way twenty pounds! I have chronic lower back issues because of it too.

    (Sorry op, I just couldn't resist. I understand you have a legitimate medical problem, and I'm sure you aren't compensating for anything)
  7. Sketco

    Sketco Banned Banned

    Actually I think he was commenting on the fact that the strength training/yoga/whatever strengthened the small supporting muscles and gave good postural alignment so that rather than additional muscle mass being a nuisance it would be properly supported.
    I didn't see any claims about it fixing damaged vertebra. Did you?
  8. VegasMichelle

    VegasMichelle Valued Member

    The discussion was about chronic back pain in which Tulsa mentioned he was born without a body part in post#9 and post#11. Obviously, his body was able to adapt to this and overcome this deficit...most likely by fusion of neighboring discs, which is the common medical finding here, which Tulsa confirmed on post #11. We don't know if the pain is due to compression fractures, scoliosis, spondylopathies, stenosis etc etc etc. All we do know is that it is vertebra related because he stated that he was missing a part.

    So how is yoga going to fix missing body parts?
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  9. adouglasmhor

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    OP try a Maru Obi even if you have to get a pattern and have someone make one.
  10. Ki_Power

    Ki_Power Banned Banned

    no ego here...and definately not fragile. I figured you would be quick to start talking smack.
  11. JTMS

    JTMS Valued Member

    Speaking strictly for myself: I have lost about 50 lbs in the past 6 months or so, and I feel much better! I am the same height as you Tulsa, and 210 seems to be a really good weight for me.

    As far as obtaining a 4 inch belt is concerned: Sang Moo Sa out of Paramount California is a good option. Four inch belts are not standard there, but they can make a custom order on request.

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