What did you lot think of Amir Khan vs Malignaggi ?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Guvnor, May 23, 2010.

  1. Guvnor

    Guvnor Valued Member

    I think it was a great for Amir, he has improved immensely. Even though he did look skinnier, but was still fast. I think Malignaggi had a poor fight, I found his style of fighting different, he was always moving even when he got hit on the chain a few times he was still moving.

    What did you guys make of it ?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFij3RKev14"]Amir Khan vs. Paulie Malignaggi: Highlights (HBO Boxing) - YouTube[/ame]
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  2. Simon

    Simon Moved on. Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I agree it was a good fight for Amir Khan. A fight he basically won with his jab, which was awesome. I don't think Malignaggi has ever been as good as he thinks, but it was a good scalp for Khan to have on his cv.
    I feel Khan needs a few more skills in his locker, but with Freddie Roach he is with one of the best boxing coaches in the world. Training in the same camp as Manny Pacquiao can't hurt either. Khan does show improvement in each fight but I think it is improprtant he does not rush things, he is world champion, but is probably not the best out there yet.
    Be cautious and don't rush and you could unify the division is what I would be saying.
  3. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I thought Khan looked far more nervous than I've seen him before, and he looked very stiff for the first three or four rounds. He still had too much class for Malinaggi though, who was awkward but very limited.

    Once Amir relaxed, he looked very good indeed. From the sixth round onwards it was one-way traffic.

    The ref probably stopped it about the right time. I doubt that it would have gone the distance, and Malinaggi was going to get pretty cut up if he'd have hung around much longer.
  4. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    I'm not sure Amir thought he was going to win when he stepped into the ring, then after a couple of rounds he went 'this guy can't fight for toffee, I'm gonna 'ave him'
  5. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Jeezuz... the only time Malignaggi had head movement was when Khan moved it for him ala the jab or the right cross. Khan had some nice angles on punches as well. Malignaggi... not even in the same class. Stuck in the mud. No way no how. Khan needs some real challenge. Malignaggi sure as hell wasn't it.

    What on earth is he thinking? Why didn't his corner tell him to get his guard up. Boxing 101 folks.
  6. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    Now he's had a taste of boxing in a totally different environment, Khan needs a tougher opponent to stretch him more.

    What's 'boxing 101'? :confused:
  7. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Agreed... he needs to get the depth of experience to test his limits.

    Boxing 101 means boxing basics... eg. Malignaggi not keeping his guard up against a very fast puncher with better reach. So elementary this skill yet apparently not taught by his coach. Seems many boxers these days go for 'style' over solid skills.
  8. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I see. I've never really learned boxing properly - more of an armchair fan! Never come across that term before.
  9. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    When they said it was two American judges and one British, I thought that Amir would have to win by KO. Didn't fancy it going the distance! But as it turned out, there was no chance of that happening!
  10. Simon

    Simon Moved on. Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

  11. Guvnor

    Guvnor Valued Member

    I wonder who he will fight next, there are a few decent opponents in his division.

    Anybody think he lacked the power behind the punches ? I don't know if I am right here, but he landed a lot of punches but it seemed they lacked that power behind them.
  12. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I agree. He was very sparing with the right hand. Relied very heavily on his jab which was nice and crisp. Never seemed to really open up full throttle, even when he was right on top. Always seemed to be keeping a bit in reserve.
  13. Yatezy

    Yatezy One bad mamba jamba

    I dont think Khan could hit him with solid combinations. Although Malignaggi didnt do much he was slippery and awkward to hit so probably just stuck to the jab which was by far his most successful punch and it looked stiff and powerful.

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