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    Nowadays, in times of Semi-Contact fights and Fly-Kicks western Boxers are subjects to many prejudices.

    Many People seem to think western Boxing primitive and unchallenging - which is just not true.

    Since Figg built his Boxing Academy in 1719, Boxing is far more than trying to destroy the enemy.

    It can rather be called "fist-fencing", which is perfectly correct considered Figg was a genuine fencer as well as a passionate boxer. It's not about hitting with maximal muscle-strength, but to pass the enemies defense through superior skill.

    Not only strength but a combination of strength, flexibility, speed, constitution and coordination is vital to any serious boxer.

    Coordination is not only needed between the two hands, but for the whole footwork, the body-movement and the cover. This fact makes boxing in fact quite challenging, surely more than most people know.

    After the invention of Broughton's Rules in 1743, Boxing was set even more into the sports-corner and away from a violent fighting-orgie.

    The main reasons why boxing has such a bad image are:

    -->Almost only Heavy-Weight championships are shown. In this class, the fighters are too built up to move fast and offer good boxing.

    If you take a closer look at lighter classes, you'll notice a great difference in boxing-quality.

    -->Too little protective gear is being worn.

    -->This may sound odd to boxing fans, however, since hits to the head are allowed with practical no protection except from the gloves, Boxers often suffer brain damage or even die, which makes Boxing look far more violent than it actually is.

    Unfortunately eliminating those circumstances is almost impossible, because most people who pay to see a Boxing fight want to see a K.O.

    A word to efficiency...
    Most instructors tend to consider their own style as the best, and smile at all the others, however, no one dares to smile on the hand-techniques of the western boxing.

    Muay-Thai for example, originally used to punch downwards, the technique was different from today. Muay Thai has seen the value of western boxing, as has Bruce Lee when he founded JKD, as has Imi Lichtenfeld when he founded Krav Maga and as has Ronny Kokert when he founded Shinergy.

    So next time before talking about Boxing let's think the facts trough and search for a serious difference to other martial arts.
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    I salute thee
  3. snailfist

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    A lot of boxing's bad reputation is not only down to the absence of heavyweight protective gear, it's also down to a lot of the practitioners *coughcough_tyson_Coughcough*
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    I agree.
    Boxing has some great benifits and i beleive that there the most dominent style with there hands.
    Although it does have its limits there is alot you can learn from boxing.
  5. Bushi

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    Yeah, limits

    But then, on the other hand, which martial art doesn't have limits?

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