Valentines Day

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    Because look at the calendar -- it's in a couple days.

    :love: For the handful of people who don't know, the entire movie takes place on February 14 in and around Los Angeles. It's like "Love Actually" in that numerous intersecting stories about losing, finding, or regaining love are going on simultaneously, but this time with half of the stars in Hollywood (plus singer Taylor Swift) cast in the roles.

    It's really sweet, and the acting is fantastic all around, and, hey, it's almost Valentines Day. And it has several funny moments, like when Taylor Swift is carrying her huge teddy bear. :p Or when Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner talk about their kiss not being up to par, and maybe it's because they never practiced before. :p Or when Queen Latifah goes "Real African Queen!" on the phone. :p
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    I've never seen the movie but have been tempted! Will give it a view this Sunday

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