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    We seem to be giving out the same answers in a lot of the threads here in this section, so the idea behind this thread is to post some of the more useful websites, programs and other such goodies we regularly seem to be posting :)

    Feel free to add any links you think others will find useful. Here's my contribution. Anything that's Freeware is much appreciated :)

    Security Programs

    If you download any Anti-Viral/Spyware Removal Program, you must update it at least once a week, or its as secure as a chocolate padlock!

    HouseCall: Free Online Anti-Virus Scan

    AVG: Free Anti-Virus Software

    Search and Destroy: Spyware Remover

    The Cleaner: Trojan Remover - (30 day trial software)

    ZoneAlarm: Internet Firewall

    Security Websites

    Anyone interested in Internet/PC security, or just for general research, these sites make good reading.

    Gibson Research Corp

    Trend Micro: Virus/Threat Information

    Microsoft: Crtical Updates
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    security--(I don't have my bookmark list with me, unfortunately, but what I can remember...) - an operating system that fits on and boots from a CD, doesn't touch your hard drive unless you really want it to, and is very useful. For example, if your computer won't boot because it's broken, it can connect to a network or backup device and save your data. If your computer won't boot because you can't remember the password, it'll take your hash file and crack it.
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    Probably the best general guide on the net - techies from everywhere (including my humble self :D )
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    Or you just use linux.

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    Use a Time machine?
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