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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by the artist, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. the artist

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    Hi guys, I just got foxtel sports on my TV because I wanted to watch the upcoming UFC events: 182 and diaz vs silva event but after I paid for foxtel, I red on the UFC webpage that Foxtel does not show the main card events, only the prelims and I was extremely disappointed because I paid for foxtel mainly to watch the main event of 182.

    so is this correct and if it is, is there is any way I can watch the main event without losing more cash, or at least as little as possible?

    note: I live in Australia.

  2. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Wait for it to go up on YouTube.
  3. Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink Valued Member MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Get to a bar that will be watching. That's the most legal thing I can think of.
  4. aikiMac

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    You can get the fights on UFC.com, no? We can in the USA, anyway. There's a monthly fee, but if it's offered in Australia it would replace the need for foxtel. You could then use Squirrel or the equivalent to beam it from your computer onto your tv.
  5. aaradia

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    Just a word of advice,

    It might be a good idea to read details of anything you buy before paying for it in the future.

    Get a group of friends at one place and all chip in, so it doesn't cost one person a lot. Or go to a sports bar.

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