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  1. Tom O'Brien

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    Nam Phan got robbed in his fight with Garcia!:mad: Brookins was smart to go to the ground after he lost the first round to Johnson. He dominated on the ground in rounds 2 & 3.

  2. Southpaw535

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    Nam got robbed but I think it was just the judges saw a lot of wild swings from Garcia in the 3rd and thought "yeah those look cool." That said wasn't one of them a 30-27? Thats just wrong.

    Brookings has a beast of a chin and there's something solid about his GnP happy he won.

    Not strictly TUF but the Bonnar fight I enjoyed it was cool seeing him do something other than stand and trade. Seems to have got over his losing streak and hopefully he'll become more than just a gatekeeper.

    Maia is starting to bug me, last two fights he's tried too hard to get the sub in and its not working. Probably judging him too hard but I remember him saying he wants to be the new Gracie and that seems to be his aim even though his boxing is improving he seems determined to get a flashy sub.

    Can't remember who it was in the prelims but the flying knee KO was sick :)
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    Arrghhhh. Tag the spoilers please.
  4. Southpaw535

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    Sorry, but it has been 24 hours :p

    Was anyone else annoyed that they put this on sky sports not espn?

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