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Discussion in 'MMA' started by Korpy, Dec 6, 2010.

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    Hi there MAPPers. I know quite a bit of you have been following my MMA career as I have made threads for everyone of my fights.

    As some of you know, I've had an up and down year in MMA. I started 2010 by dropping to the 145lb weight class with two big wins over some experienced veterans, taking home a split decision victory followed by a 30 second submission victory.

    After that I received a title shot for the vacant 145lb and it was honestly the best experience I could of asked for. I trained very hard for the fight. I didn't go out or party. I was in the gym day in and day out. I had my picture on the poster for the event and got a ton of coverage as I, 3-0 at the time was supposed to get beat by the 7-0 veteran rather easily.

    In an action packed fight, I lost a split decision. It was a tough outcome for me as I had my opponent in trouble in the stand up and as he was known as a destroyer on the ground, yet he couldn't get passed my guard. I had really won over people in that fight and gained fans.

    After the fight, I felt drained (both physically/mentally), yet I took another fight. Instead of staying at 145lbs, I moved up in weight and took a fight against the 155lb champ of a different organization. I didn't train very hard for this fight, and I had injuries going into the bout. I was winning the fight until while going for a kneebar was hit with illegal strikes, with the ref declaring my opponent the victor despite what had happened.

    I took 2 months off as I needed to be a normal guy for a tiny bit. After my rest, I was ready to get back to the gym, train hard and return to the cage at 145lbs (and possibly 135lbs in the near future). After a dispute with the manager of my gym, I have left the gym and I'm about to start training with my new team who will hopefully propel me back into the title picture eventually.

    I'm hoping that 2011 will be a great restart of my MMA career, and I will of course keep my friends at MAP updated.

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