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Discussion in 'Competitors Corner' started by HomelessNinja, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Hey all. I recently opened my own gym and my training is slacking. I thought I'd be training more when I opened my own gym, not less. Not having a coach, and always teaching such basic things every day to my students (most of them are beginners) has put me in a bit of a stalemate with myself. Also, because all of my students are so new, I haven't gotten a good roll in ever since I opened. I still want to keep competing in MMA and BJJ so I need to figure out how to get around this. Have any of you ever experienced this? Any suggestions?
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    A nice gym you've got man! Googled it :p

    I'd say cardio and drilling might be your best bet. Just out cardio everyone. You're not going to make it too easy if you're trying to do both though. It does seem counter productive.

    One of the guys here has actually done both when he was running a Muay Thai school. Hopefully he can give you more info.

    I've certainly seen people do both but it's difficult. I don't fancy teaching until I've finished fighting personally.
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    Most people I've seen discuss this situation say they end up putting themselves in bad spots against beginners and fighting out of it. So giving the beginner a head start and handicapping themselves. Working out their weak spots and working on those.
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    I've been in kinda this situation myself in the past, our main teacher was away for a few years, and we kept the gym going as a group effort.
    it's really important to still travel and train with your main gym/lineage as much as possible, also go to open mats, and good seminars when you can and train intelligently With your own students and you can definitely still improve, but it does require some effort /change.
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