Top UK Bujinkan instructor - What to expect?

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Newcastle Martial Artist 76, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Hi All,

    I appreciate its deemed a self defence and not a sport, but In the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu Corriculum is there some form of "judo style" randori or boxing sparring?

    And if not..

    Within a Very good schoool with a hugely respected UK wide instructor (with decades of doorwork background) , who also has a hugely successful MMA school, with a very close association with Geoff Thompson etc, do you think there would be elements of that.

    Just trying to decide which art to begin out of a few. Ninjitsu / Taijutsu rarely seems to get a very good press as opposed to others such as Kali, MMA, Muay Thai etc...but i really like many of the aspects of it...and the instructors very good name around the UK is making me think, he would show you how to train and apply Taijutsu properly...
  2. Dead_pool

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    So John Atkins?

    When his dojo is open again, go and check it out, he should be very capable!
  3. Thanks Dead pool, ill pop along and see what its like
  4. Pretty In Pink

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    If you like the look of it then give it a go. If you want combat effectiveness then YMMV
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  5. Dead_pool

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  6. Dead_pool

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    I've done both, long term, and really I'd get yourself to a BJJ school that also has a judo/wrestling class, and an MMA class and try them all out.
  7. Dunc

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    I don’t know John so can’t speak to how he does things
    Personally I feel that, if you want self defence, then a combination of say 50% of the Bujinkan curriculum (excluding the old fashioned weapons) and 30% of a grappling art that incorporates safe sparring methods will get you a long way if you can find a way to safely spar/pressure test the Bujinkan stuff
  8. David Harrison

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    On his website there's a video of him saying that sparring/randori is an essential part of training, so that's a plus!

    Looking at the way he moves, disregarding how... "unusual" a lot of Bujinkan technique appears, he obviously does have knowledge of mechanics and has pressure-tested technique. Very different from the Bujinkan guys you see who have obviously never had anyone try to resist them.
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  9. Hi All, thanks for the feedback and info...

    I saw this , and im happy to give it a go. Its a traditional martial art, but clearly he values the reality aspects. Its exactly what im after.

    Nobody puts John in the corner?
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  10. Dreamstrike

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    cross train?. MMA weights etc for fitness, Bujinkan for weapons and no messing around about mindset. Not mutually exclusive imho either. everything is Taijitsu. Only you can judge what quality is.
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  12. baldrick

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    As per Dunc, I'm afraid I don't think I have met John to date, so cant provide you any information on his training, but I would suggest going along and giving it a try and see what you think.
    I'm fortunate that Peter King, the senior instructor for the UK, is my teacher and makes it work for me :)

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