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    Anyone got any good tips/ideas on technique etc for a tournament - ITF? I am a green tag, havent done one yet but will need to soon - the problem is you can get put up against black belts or higher grading belts. Looks a bit daunting! :Angel:
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    Grade doesn't matter in a ring or arena, it's you vs them, stay relaxed, and do exactly as you've been taught and practiced
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    I belong to the TAGB so it might not be exactly the same but I can't imagine it would be wildly different.

    We are split according to age & sex (boys & girls under 14, male & female "cadets" aged 14-18, adult male & female, executive female (over 35) & executive men (over 40). Then we are also split according to belt colour: white, yellow stripe, yellow and green stripe together, green & blue stripe, blue & red stripe, red & black stripe, 1st Dan and then 2nd & above. Finally we are split according to height (for children) or weight (adults) into categories such as lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight.

    At smaller competitions some of the age divisions are merged such as children & cadets or adult & executive as are some of the belt divisions (yellow & green, blue & red). At larger competitions some of the divisions are further broken down such as welterweight, lightweight, middleweight, light heavy, heavyweight.

    Perhaps you could try speaking to someone else at your club to see how they do things exactly but hopefully this might give you an idea of what to expect. It really isn't all that bad IMHO
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    I have a tip for you lil sis, don't get hit!! :D
    Wait until we have another tournament with enough people involved which Sir will sort into age, sex and weight and grade. There wasn't enough people at the last mini to segregate into grades.
    Until then, practise practise practise, I'm here just give me a shout!!

    See you in club x :p

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