Tire Striking. Generating Power.

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    Not so much criticism but more questions of intent for power generation, such as questions about what is the goal for the power generation.

    For example, my view on power generation is to first develop how to hit as hard as I can and know where to hit to make it count, however, this is generally not practical in a real world because of the effort involved makes it not sustainable. Instead the next step is working to develop power within the range I call 70-80% effort. In other words, develop the knock out power in the range of 70% effort.

    What this generally means for sticks is knockout power with 6 to 12 inches range of motion (+ follow-through). So the majority of my power generation training is to develop at least the ability to stun with a 6 inch strike.

    The strikes with a larger range of motion are there only when it is safe to use them. Most of these strikes with full range of motion I view as conditioning drills more than power generation drills. They are great for power generation, but at a cost of recovery time when the target is missed. Because of the larger range of motion, it isn't always safe to use these strikes with great amounts of power. IMHO.

    So the criticism is mostly just questions about the details, not so much actual criticism. I see a value in developing power with specific strikes as an important first step. What comes next are the questions about diversity of the striking at different ranges and questions about the details of how this transition is made.
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    There's a limit to how much power you can generate and that's limited by the blade type, not by how much you can generate. Technique is by far the more important bit when it comes to alterable ability to cut through a target, i.e. draw or push cutting, edge alignment, body position, etc. Get a 10 year old with spot on technique and give her a blade she can handle and give the same blade to an adult and the cutting ability will be nearly identical for all practical purposes. You're not going to make a machete bury itself much farther by trying to power it through the target.

    If this weren't the case British infantry officers would always have been fine with the lighter infantry swords all the time but they pretty regularly swapped out the lighter infantry blades for the heavier cavalry blades.

    Stick is different.

    For the empty hand portion sure, but you're not evading a blade or stick with boxing style head and body movement unless your opponent seriously sucks.
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    Would it be bad to reference a 1963 movie called 55 Days in Peking? Well if not, kind of reminds me of what happens shortly after this point in the movie:

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