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  1. Bon

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    I thought this was an excellent example of how nasty the streets are. The guy that had his ear bitten off is a purple belt in BJJ and a decent striker from what I know.

    It's about 1am and the Ward is pretty quiet, the nurses here are very cool and have let me use their PC and internet connection. I've really missed checking out the UG on a daily basis, amongst other things.
    By now, most of you will know I was on the wrong end of a pretty devastating injury while doing security work on 3rd August. I'll try and detail as much as possible.

    It was just before 6am on 03/08, I was just about to finish a 9 hour shift on the door. This guy had been hanging around for a while, trying to gain entry to the club.

    He was known to the security staff from previous aggressive behaviour and we had refused him entry. He wasn't very scary but pretty arrogant and confident.

    I spoke to him briefly and left him with another bouncer as he seemed determined to come in, I kept watch from a distance.

    As the other doorman turned away for a moment, the guy snapped him with a good punch that split the bouncers cheek and dropped him, not KO'ed but stunned.

    I reached forward and wrapped him up with a body clinch before he could get any more shots off, we fell awkwardly over the ropes used to barrier the entrance to the ground, I badly rolled my ankle as we went down. (note: he broke his ankle!)

    Once on the ground I secured his legs and quickly gained mount position, the guys was fighting really hard, eye gouging me and some punches to my head, I was pretty calm as I was on top and didn't feel too threatened. As my head came close to his he bit my ear, I pulled away and then tried to relieve the pressure by getting close again as felt it start to tear. The guy bit my left ear off completely.

    I felt the cold rush of air past the stump but to be honest it was kind of surreal and I told myself that it hadn't happened.

    By now some guys were dragging us apart despite my best efforts to stay on top, they won and split us up. The guy ran off as soon as he got free and as I stood up I saw my whole ear on the pavement next to me.

    I think that's pretty damn scary!
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  2. Clone

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    Damn... That is very very sad:( :eek: Is that the end of the article??? Did they catch the ******* or did he got away with it???
  3. Bon

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    They have the 3 guys' faces on camera (he had 2 buddies with him) and they're all well known... there were witnesses as well. No arrest as of yet though.
  4. Greg-VT

    Greg-VT Peasant

    Sh**. Nasty stuff. I don't know what else to say. Did that happen here Bon?
  5. Bon

    Bon Banned Banned

    Nah, Melbourne.
  6. 47Ronin

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    melbourne florida or australia..???
  7. Greg-VT

    Greg-VT Peasant

    I would say Australia, Ronin.
  8. Grifter

    Grifter Edited by White Wizard

    Crap. im at a a loss for word. Hope the catch that sorry ******* that bit his ear.
  9. nin_jason

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    Sounds pretty scary. I guess you've got to remember no matter what you train in, there are absolutly NO rules once you get on the street. And if you think there are you're going to big in for a big surprise when you're in that situation.

    On a side note. Recently I was in a situation were I was attacked in a pub. I didn't want to fight (I don't like fighting full stop) and I had no room to retreat so I ended jumping in towards the guy and wrapping my arm around his head. I just kept close and waited for him to tire. He was still pretty keen to give me a beating and wasn't slowing down so I jamed one of my fingers into his eye socket to persuade him then swept him to the floor with me falling hard on top of him. This is the point I say I should have used my head and thought things through. As we fell my arm was still wrapped around his head. As we hit the ground my finger popped out of him eye socket and as I tried to regrip I acidently got his mouth. He bit hard and kept biting through to the bone. The pain was... interesting. I was too scared to headbut or puch as I thought a sudden jolt to this guys head would cause him to bite right through. It was at that point I realised there are no rules and my out look on defence/drinking/pub/mongerals will forever be different. At that stage I could never bring myself to crush or rip and mans jewels so I did something else i never dreamed i would do.... I lodged my bottom teeth into the top of his other eye socket for leverage and proceeded to scrape and bite his forehead as hards as I could until he let go.

    Now was this the wrong thing to do.. I don't know. I personally wish fights were cleaner, but I guess we all know that's not the case.

    Has anyone else ever been in this sort of situation where things don't go to plan? I personally wished I had done things differently but unfortunaly I too had been drinking. Another lesson I learnt the hard way.
  10. Greg-VT

    Greg-VT Peasant

    One of the reasons why I don't usually drink. I don't exactly like the experience, especially if it's likely something like this will occur.

    Welcome to MAP Jason. Another Aussie, yay! :D
  11. nin_jason

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    Thanks Ving Tsun. Glad to be here.

    Yep, drinking is a no go for me now as well. Just not worth the risk and you can definately have fun without it. Pity it's taken me this long to figure it out.
  12. Sonshu

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    Spot on mate.

    Do what you need to. However I think your first move made things harder for you - easy to say after with hindsight etc.

    I would have just chinned him, then took him down.

    Glad your ok though
  13. Tosh

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    That's the first place I'd go

    KISS Principle (Keep it simple stoopid)
  14. oneil357

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    fighting in a bar is definitly one of the most interesting experiences a ma can have because anything does go and your concepts of fighting can be altered and changed forever,I think too many ma become passive when it comes to force because we have respect for our own abbilities which in essence leaves us vulnerable, In ny where i am from(upstate) i learned that lesson before studying the art and that has givin me a huge advantage in my training. i have found that i "react" much sooner then most other ma that i know, i have nothing to prove and dont think i am a "badass" but i do believe i have alot to lose, like a ear or anything else!
  15. Hakko-Ryu

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    uuughhh! thats horrible stuff! the first mistake the guy made was that he clinched with the guy, where he SHOULD have chose the best way to just END it right then and there. But yea, since we're sorta on this subject, what's your opinion on the effectiveness of BJJ on the streets??? from my experience and what i've seen and heard BJJ isn't modified much for street purposes. some of the obvious problems on the streets for example, multiple attackers, or as this account have clearly shown, a guy who's NUTS!! how effective would their techniques be on the streets, where small joint manipulation (breaking of fingers, wrist), gouging, groin hitting, aren't tied down by RULES of the ring? just wondering on some of your opinions
  16. Mike Flanagan

    Mike Flanagan Valued Member

    I don't understand. Why not attack his 'jewels'? Is this worse than biting him? I suspect you'll find that they're harder to "crush or rip" than you might think.

    Either could be a good option I suspect. But in a world where you have to consider blood-borne pathogens I'd prefer to seize the blokes testicles and give them a good squeeze.

  17. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    nin_jason, it sounds like you risked two exposures to the guys blood mixing with yours (you biting his eye socket [geez is that any better than pummeled goodies???] and him biting your finger) to avoid the guilt you wuold feel from kicking him in the nuts.

    I think the lesson I learn from this is: stay at arms length and go for the nuts! LOL!

    BTW how is your finger?

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