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Discussion in 'Western Martial Arts' started by kenpfrenger, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. kenpfrenger

    kenpfrenger sportin' a Broughton

    Here is a little website I have been working on in my vast amount of
    free time:

    I have been gathering quotes and images of Carpathian mountain axe
    lore for a few years now and though I might as well put them up
    somewhere with a bit of my own reconstructed axe play from some of the
    dance sources I have been researching. There are a few of the things
    learned from Russ Mitchell on there as well. So we have a mishmash of
    various cultures and techniques represented. I am not going for
    anything particular...more of a generic Carpathian brigand sort of

    Mountain axe my new favorite past time:)
  2. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    What would Vlad Tepes say!

    The Bear.
  3. kenpfrenger

    kenpfrenger sportin' a Broughton

    LOL, he'd probably just nail my hat to my head and kick me out into the snow!

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