The Next Mayweather?

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by slipthejab, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Pretty In Pink

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    No, we just want him to fight Pac-Man. Or at least we did :(
  2. puma

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    What's happening with Pacquiao? Is he going to fight again?
  3. OwlMAtt

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    I wanted him to fight Pacquiao. That may never happen now, but his years-long refusal to confront Pacquiao, in my mind, taints every claim that he has ever made about himself (and he's made a LOT).
  4. puma

    puma Valued Member

    Pacquiao was hardly innocent in all that.
  5. Ero-Sennin

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    If somebody watches the Canelo/Trout fight tonight, you're obligated to write a review and spoiler in this thread immediately afterwards :p
  6. Zinowor

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    I just watched the fight and it was kind of what I expected but not quite.

    They started out fairly slow with both fighters feeling each other out in the first 2 rounds. The fight picked up pace in the 3rd round. It was pretty even in the early rounds, but it seemed like Canelo had more control over the fight. He showed a lot of head movement in the beginning while not sacrificing his style, but he couldn't maintain this balance over the entirety of the fight. Trout dedicated to the jab but he didn't give himself enough opportunities to make use of his uppercuts or his straight lefts. Trout's stance seemed like it wasn't square enough which made it really difficult for him to land punches with his non-leading arm, but perhaps it's just how he fights. I didn't pay attention to this when I took a look at his other fights. Trout did do a good job on adjusting his jab to find Canelo, but unfortunately he didn't manage a lot more than that which would've made for a more interesting fight. I'm not sure if it was because of Trout's stance or because of my bias, but it looked like Canelo had the speed advantage even if just a little.

    Canelo wasted a lot of energy with wild haymakers and fairly pointless (imo) showboating by slipping punches with his guard down. However he was in control of the fight and in the 7th round Canelo timed a perfect counter straight right punch on Trout's jab and he made him do a little dance before hitting the canvas. Trout showed a lot of heart by standing up and finishing the fight, but I think he was only able to do this because Canelo had little energy left after the 7th round. Canelo seemed like he was fixating on a knockout from the 7th round and on, which may have actually prevented him from getting it.

    Canelo won the fight by unanimous decision and one judge scored it heavily in favor of Canelo, but I didn't feel the same way.

    If I recall correctly the scorecards were something like, 114-113, 115-112, 118-109. I think I would've scored it the same way as the first judge. Even though Canelo seemed to dominate the fight, I felt like he got hit too much and was throwing too many wild haymakers while he should have been throwing more compact punches like the one he scored the knockdown with. If Canelo didn't score a knockdown, I think I may have scored the fight in Trout's favor.

    My end conclusion is that Trout was the more active fighter, but Canelo dominated the fight with his power, ring generalship and showmanship albeit a bit unnecessary. Canelo got hit a lot more than he made it look, however Trout's inability to do anything about Canelo's strong will, made him look like the loser. The faces of the fighters when the ending bell sounded said a lot about who was the moral victor. Canelo was rightfully announced the winner, but it was closer fight than it looked.
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  7. Ero-Sennin

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    That Tyson Fury guy was a character! Good lord!
  8. Simon

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    He's making enemies. Too much bad mouthing on Twitter, stuff that's too bad for broadcast.

    For a big guy he is a decent enough boxer, even up close. I don't think he's going to beat the top guys though.

    I know he is just off of a loss, but I'd like to see him fight David Price.

    That would be a good British fight, but I fear Fury will now think he's above fighting Price.
  9. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    He sang a song at the end of his fight last night, it was horrible!

    I think if he keeps winning his personality will help him out. People will buy tickets to watch him get crushed. I just watched his fight lastnight on youtube and while he knows how to use his size for advantage, I'm inclined to say Steve Cunningham wasn't in the fight mentally and let it get to him. At Fury's current skill level I think he would get crushed by either of the Klitschos though.
  10. Simon

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    I didn't watch the final round, or the song at the end.

    I agree both Klitscho brothers would crush him.
  11. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    We need to come up with a name for this dance, ASAP.

    (For anyone who may be slightly offended in making fun of somebody who got rocked, trust me when I say that all the people I train with, as well as myself, make fun of ourselves when we get the turkey leg stomp too.)

    [ame=""]Canelo Vs Trout Knock Down Punch Slow Motion Funny 4/20/13 - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Smitfire

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    Did someone mention Tyson Fury? :)

  13. Zinowor

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    The "I can't feel my legs" dance?
  14. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    I've dubbed it the "Turkey Leg Stomp" on my Facebook. I think it should have the theme song of [ame=""]V.I.C. - Wobble - YouTube[/ame]

    but instead of "wobble" replace it with "gobble" :p
  15. Saved_in_Blood

    Saved_in_Blood Valued Member

    I was watching that at the time and saw that ankle get twisted... I know it had to hurt. Trout's a good guy though, no whining or complaining and no excuses, even though some people had him winning the fight. I felt the scores were a little to wide and I didn't like the open scoring, especially after 4 rounds they had Alvarez ahead which I think was absolutely crazy. There was no way Trout was going to get that decision, even if he outboxed him the entire time.
  16. Saved_in_Blood

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    While we will see how Broner does against Paulie... he is no Mayweather. He got hit quite a bit by 5'4 Gavin Rees. His defense thus far is WAY overrated. I'd actually like to see him fight Judah. After the other night Judah showed a lot of heart and had he went after Danny in the last 3 rounds IMO he could have gotten the stoppage.

    Broner has a big mouth like Floyd, but Floyd will stand up in your face and talk right to you. Broner gets punked out by a lot of guys. He got punked by both Guerrero as well as Paulie when they were talking. When he has no one around he doesn't say a word.
  17. Hannibal

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    We used to call it the "Judah Two Step"

  18. Saved_in_Blood

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  19. Hannibal

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    "Stupor Judah" was common too
  20. Ero-Sennin

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    I'm not going to make a new thread for the Mayweather fight last night. If you didn't know, Mayweather fought Robert Guerrero . . . . . .

    It was like watching a cat fight a turtle. Mayweather pretty much schooled him. I'm uneasy to praise Mayweather as a great boxer though for this particular fight though. I wasn't familiar with Guerrero before and my impression of him leading up to the fight was that he was good, but that he didn't deserve to be fighting Mayweather at this point in his career and I think that showed during the fight. I don't think he was at championship level for that weight class (only had 2 fights in it prior to this one). I was also a bit dismayed when the broadcaster asked Mayweather if he was going to fight Canelo next and he basically laughed and said "umm . . . we'll figure out who we're going to fight next." I wouldn't be surprised if he said Trout, even though he's coming off a loss :roll eyes:. While I think Mayweather is a great fighter, I think he's a little scared of taking a fight he has to fight in.

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