The meaning of kali

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by buddafinger, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Hig retired :) I have heard. Pat is very much favored, and he is doing his best to abuse the system, I have noticed. So have a few others but they seem to come and go.

    Gary A. Brewer aka BGile
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    I wouldn't want to be accused of any DBMA bias here, so I've temporarily closed the thread so I can get a non-FMA practising Global Mod to review the situation.

    Colin (My real name, not that it's ever been hidden)
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    After discussion with the Admin/other GMs, we've sin binned Pat O'Malley for personal attack and an attempt to 'mask profanity'.


    Please attempt to post your questions and statements in a more thought out structure in the future. There are many instances where you contradict yourself and seem to submit posts in a thread where the relevance is not apparent.
    Also, with regards to some of your questions elsewhere in the forum, please use some tact with regards to questions about those that are no longer with us, you never know who may be reading these forums.


    A couple of years ago we (senior MAP staff) discussed the possibility of using 'real names', but this is not enforceable, neither is gettign people to tell us their real name.


    Please note that the 'report' function is for reporting violations of the MAP Terms of Service, not for reporting somebody who has a difference of opinion to you.

    The FMA forum as of lately has degenerate in content AND as a community, this is something we are looking into. Expect change.

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