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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by buddafinger, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

    :D Yes myBro. Naples is also a very nice place and swithblade is prohibited here but ther is a lot store selling it FMA IS A VERY INTERESTING ARTS MABUHAY :confused:
  2. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    If it had not been for FMA and the arts that are taught in that system I would have gone back into Kajukenbo. But I like the school I am in and the systems that are taught. Seminars are good and I am free to pick and chose.
    Freedom is paramont in your teaching and learning program.

    Many of the schools are way to restricting as to what you can learn and whom you can learn it from IMHO...

    Switchblades are prohibited where I reside also (to carry). I like the blades that are allowed, no reason to push your luck..Switch blades are not as quick as some of the ones that are legal. Sort of strange really. Take the Balasiong different spelling now.

    It is slow in comparison to some that are legal yet they are not allowed either.

  3. Raymund Suba

    Raymund Suba Valued Member

    This is the first time I've browsed more than 3 pages of this thread. I do honestly hope that this is all a joke. If you (Bgile and Kalislash) will talk about Philippine language, please try to study it or talk to someone who really knows the languages involved.

    And don't say "I asked a Filipino friend about it" as proof. A lot of us are no more qualified to talk about word etymology (specially ancient word etymology) than your average American or Brit is qualified to do so for his own language.

    I don't want to go through each and every one of the sadly hilarious posts that were written with the tone parodying scholarly fact. Simply because I've no time to waste with people who have naught but the most superficial understanding of Filipino language.

    If you would look at the past few comments from people from the Philippines, it's all with a rather sarcastic tone, and one can almost taste the derision in the words. I just want to add another one.

    So for anyone who is reading this thread, please don't take it seriously. Treat it like a bad case of conspiracy theorists on LSD and given access to a computer. Treat it like a hoax.
  4. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

    Hi Raymond ,Do you understand most of the Filipino language ,maybe you do not understand? There is a lot of secrets to unlocked can you give us some example instead of just commenting .MABUHAY
  5. dhay

    dhay Valued Member

    Kalinaw to mean clear is not really correct (in Tagalog, AFAIK). Linaw means clear. When you add the prefix Ka, it doesn't really make any sense. Maybe that's a word in another dialect?

    Pangayaw... again, in which dialect? AFAIK, Ayaw is not wanting to. Pangayaw is a term I've never heard used at all. This is in Tagalog or Cebuano.

    Pangalima... and again, which dialect... and also, it is not a common term. And again (again hehe), I've never heard/read of anyone using this term.

    War is simply giyera or gyera (in Tagalog and Cebuano). Like Tanke-de-Giyera (Tanks... u know.. those massive thingies... kaboom!)

    Rootword: Libang
    Prefix: Ka
    Suffix: An

    Tagalog: libang is entertain
    Cebuano: libang is to take a dump/crap


    Uhh... no. It doesn't. It can be if used in a 'slang' way. But it's not a term commonly used to denote fighting. lol... this is funny actually. hehe

    Basing my comments on Tagalog and Cebuano, I think the problem lies in the fact that you do not understand these languages. And I'll state this again, just because the word contains the syllables 'KALI'- doesn't mean that that has anything to do with the martial art. KA (again) is a prefix added to a word to denote something being brought/joined together. There are other usages of this prefix, but this is the most common one. The biggest problem lies if you do not know the root words (not etymologies, they're different) of these terms.

    As for Raymond, I agree with him. This has gone a bit off topic. (Too many words mentioned containing the first two syllables, 'kali' without em being related to what we're actually after in this thread.)

    And finally, the only 'secrets' to be unlocked is to have basic and advanced understanding of the dialects. I am pretty competent with Tagalog and Cebuano (been using/studying em all my life), but still I can't say that my knowledge of em is absolute. lol

    So... there. My little input for the month. :)
  6. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Do you realize how many different tribes are in the Phillipines and how many different Languages (dialects) there are. Sure now it is supposed to be just a few, but they mention each area of the Islands have many, still.

    Head Hunter tribes in the Luzon is an interesting group, one that stands out is the "Kalingas" the word Kalinga means "enemy"...Are you going to be an enemy of the attempt to find out or are you going to help?

    Tribes not 5 miles apart and closer spoke and still speak different languages. There are 700 inhabited islands, need an interpreter for many locations I'd say.

    I have found some very interesting stuff in the National Geographic. I have the 100 year set on CD.

    Back at the time when America first arrived, much was discovered about the Head hunters of Luzon, very interesting read.

    I'll send you some pictures, if you will send me your E-mail for I can't post them here. It is interesting pictures about the "Bows of Luzon".

    The Phillipines is a very complex society and to try and say they are cohesive group is not what they are, never have been. It is a hard thing that we are trying to find and much has been mentioned. Some of us are here for learning others are here to disrupt, and pretend to know...

    Some have mentioned the word "Kali" is not the true term. Others have said it is the Goddess, the sword etc.. Tell us what you believe...Other than your dislike and your opinions. Lets get a reference in there somewhere. :)

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  7. Limbas

    Limbas Valued Member

    Many, still.
    Kalingas... those dumb ingas who practice kaingin, viciously burning the forest just to be able to cook some alin on their kalin only to produce those despicable ngas in return.
    Need not, money will suffice. Everyone there speak English especially the mountain tribes.

    I bring not peace but sword... :D
    Tell that to the kali guys... the sons of the mother art.
  8. Limbas

    Limbas Valued Member

    After you said that... I felt funny too... tingling, actually. :p
  9. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

    If Science is associated with humanistic vision which includes man and nature,We might expect another possibility. Ilya Prigogine
  10. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

  11. dhay

    dhay Valued Member

    drop the 'ka'... Entertainment... is libangan... don't need the 'ka'...

    anyone wants to go back to topic and jumpstart this thread back to historical evidences? or do we just end here at the moment? lots of non-topic-related statements have already been posted. :(
  12. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I tried to up load a few pictures like I did in another post but it won't allow. Must be running low on memory.

    It is a good picture of a Kalingas Head Hunter in the Northern Luzon.
    It is about 100 years old.
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  13. kalislash

    kalislash Valued Member

    Thanks Dhay,But I still have the kalingawan here playing arnis can we also dropped the letter (S) Mabuhay
  14. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Bhwahahahahaa! Now if you had done what you should have done from the begining Gary (read other peoples posts and profiles) you would realise that Raymond is not only living in the Philippines, but being a native Filipino he more than likely knows more about the languages and dialects of the islands than you do.:D


    Best regards

  15. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned


    Good to see you back.

    Even if it's for more abuse.

    Check out the Archery in The Philippine picture's I put up. (Moroland thread)
    Might be of interest or not.

    As far as Raymond and knowledge, if that is where he is from. Sometimes it helps or not. :) You are into chastizing, I have noticed mostly. And you follow the rule of a troll yourself I have noticed.

    Gary :)
  16. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Well if you cant beat them, join them eh! Gary;) I have never left but have been watching your posts and watching just how much you have been trolling and getting chastised:D As for the Bow pictures, nice thanks, big bow's for small people, but still hunting bows and not fighting bows;) Not what you would call a real Long Bow eh! But then again you would know but are not willing to tell:rolleyes:

    OH! By the way I did not call you a 'twit' in my last post, I caled you a 'Baby Goldfish':D Or in UK Slang, a Troll with an agenda;) Troll With Agenda Today. Or words to that effect:woo: Nobody in the UK say's Twit, apart from that fake American Cokney in Mary Poppins:eek:

    Best regards.
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  17. Pat OMalley

    Pat OMalley Valued Member

    Personal Attack Removed - Freeform
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  18. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    Those tricky vowel's. :p
  19. AD2000

    AD2000 New Member

    just quoting from the topic rules for this forum:
    "No Personal Attacks we have no problem with people expressing an opinion on an article or persons views however verbal insults are not appropriate and will be removed. "
    Or does this only apply to certain people?
    Using offensive language / verbal insults isn't the way forward even if it is a word (or acronym in bold and capatilised) a non-UK person wouldn't know is offensive.
  20. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis Matira Matibay

    I don't think that it only applies to certain people at all. I am sure that, under a topic on DBMA, the Mod's would have intervened long ago. :p

    That said, I wish that the Mod's would close this thread and put a total ban on the use of pseudonyms. The former is because the thread has long expired it's usefulness. The latter is a personal hate of mine, but it could certainly reduce political or abusive statements. i.e. people wouldn't be able to hide so easily and would be publically accountable for their own opinions. The positive side is that people actually receive credit for their views and not those of a hidden unknown.

    Well...that's all. We all have our dreams, but some will just never happen. :D


    Peter (my own name! :p )
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