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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Fudo-shin, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. noname

    noname Valued Member

    I guess I'll start it off (come on yall, I'm posting this here for feedback and commentary)

    What I like about the video I posted:
    1. It was super fun to make
    2. It's unique, insofar as not many in the X-kans spar with steel
    3. It allowed me to explore my teacher's transmission in an entirely non-compliant scenario in a natural setting
    4. I got the first blow, which is always a plus

    What I don't like about the video I posted:
    1. The helmet doesnt let one take good profile without occluding one's vision (any armor smiths out there?)
    2. I wasnt as energetic that day as I have been on other days (I've had matches last ten minutes or more)
    3. I didnt get any grapples
    4. I could work more on eliminating some extraneous repositioning movements (haha, duh)
    5. More koubou jizai would be good (I get too focused on defense sometimes, I think)
  2. Pretty In Pink

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    I'm pretty sure this thread is dedicated to good Ninjutsu videos and not HEMA. Although if you'd like you can certainly start a new thread in the HEMA section of MAP :)
  3. noname

    noname Valued Member

    I'd say good kenjutsu is a prerequisite to the effective, repeatable utilization of ninjutsu in a sword fight, so I'm still working on that first part. The clothing and weapons are incidental, IMHO. In fact, one could say that changing the appearance of the spectacle actually somehow makes it even more relevant to the study of ninjutsu. Hatsumi-sensei has said that one must be able to use all weapons. My teacher has said the same.

    With that being said, did you have any comments about the video itself? Sabaki-gata? Tsuki-kata? Gyaku-waza? Uke-waza?

    Many things one could comment on, I think.
  4. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    I love that you're sparring with steel - very cool and interesting to watch
    So thanks for sharing

    The sword isn't really a focus from me so I don't know if I can offer many technical pointers that you'd find helpful

    FWIW I didn't see any techniques from Togakure Ryu or Kukishinden in the clip
    Whilst the context is a bit different it would be really interesting to see you try some of these techniques out in that setting and share your experiences
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  5. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    I nearly posted that but I think this is a ninjutsu guy testing himself in a HEMA environment. So just on getting out there, pressure testing and looking beyond the Booj I'd say this is a good ninjutsu video no matter how well he actually performs.
  6. Pretty In Pink

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    Ah right. You know it's because I can't see what part of the forum this is in due to a glitch.

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  7. noname

    noname Valued Member

    Thanks for that! :)

    I think anyone has the potential to give helpful commentary, so no worries about that.

    As for formal techniques, I don't believe that I performed any full sequences, but there are definitely kihon components to look at. The first hit I got, for example, was just basic kote-giri with a jodan uke to handle the afterblow. While the blow landed, it could have been delivered with better focus.

    One bad habit I notice in myself is that sometimes my back heel rises at the apex of my attack. That's something I should work on, I think.
  8. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    It looked like you enjoyed the sparring so that’s the most important thing. You already mentioned many of the differences between the performance and the sword found in our ryugi(schools). We deal with the opponent’s sword not buy swatting at it but by sticking at contact and redirecting it or blocking it at an angle that leads to our thrust or cut.

    These blocks and parries were missing, as was the more bladed profile that helps make you a smaller target. Footwork was also different and there was a lot of extraneous and apparently tiring extra motion that you’ve already mentioned could be reduced.

    Having trained in a lot of our weapons techniques, I can say that there is a congruity to our taijutsu. The ideas of angling, compact and precise movement at the latest possible second, relaxation, and sinking should be visible in one’s movement. With sword there is more baiting and subtlety that is probably harder to apply in sparring but the techniques that result in a near miss lull the opponent in to a counter. Of course the swords are totally different too so it’s hard to really critique the video because it doesn’t really look like our swordwork.
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  9. noname

    noname Valued Member

    I agree! Thanks!

    All sword styles include such blocking & redirecting. They also typically include line-closures, displacements, parries, and harassments. I think perhaps you've mistaken intentional actions for "swatting".

    Well I already addressed the profile issue. The helmet restricts the proper form from manifesting itself.

    With regard to the parrying/blocking, I would agree that this clip doesn't involve the best showing. However, he IS the instructor, so I don't feel too terribly bad that I didn't get any really slick parries & such.

    Here's a super short clip of me with another student, that shows some better parrying:

    I agree.

    Is that meant to be pejorative? Because those characteristics are visible in the clip (albeit not all of them simultaneously through the whole sparring match; just not that good yet, I guess).

    If one can't do it in a sparring match, then one most likely can't do it in a real sword fight.

    Well, I think you're wrong, but fair enough if that's your opinion. Would love to see a sparring video where you are demonstrating the differences to which you refer throughout your post.
  10. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    If you want critique, why get your ego involved? Methinks you miss the point, which in sword is everything. When you take your kissaki(point) offline to block, you are swatting. Almost all of our blocks and parries have the sword staying online, hence harassing and threatening the opponent. I know you addressed the profile issue, I was reiterating your point. As being profile is a big characteristic in our sword work, especially as relates kamae(postures), and the first contact, one might look for remedies to maintain it instead of making excuses for not.

    Pejorative? No son, just truthful critique. I guess us old blue meanies sound mean as a matter of course. The second video you present as showing better parrying misses the point as well. You ignore his sword as you enter, creating an aiuchi situation(double kill), although you did tap him first. He cuts what appears to be your forehead, and you are now blinded for life. So yes, that's good if you want to be dead, but doesn't resemble our fighting style as pertains weapons. You also notice the sword you are wielding in the second video? That is more like our swords as compared to the one you used in the first video. I hope you can see my point now.

    Seeing a video of me wouldn't help you understand any better than my comments. If you were interested in learning, you might want to check your ego at the genkan(or door). Good luck.
  11. noname

    noname Valued Member

    .....I hope someone other than me can appreciate that you called me "son" immediately after claiming that you arent being pejorative. Hilarious.

    Look, dude, you really just sound like a sanctimonious person. And probably one who isnt very familiar with actually testing their sword skills. Feel free to upload footage to the contrary. I have nothing to hide, because I actually do test myself. All I did was agree with some of your points and disagree with others. Does that constitute egoism? I think not.

    Nothing you saw was perfect. Did I ever even come close to claiming that it would be? I think not.

    And BTW, the kissaki IS NOT the point of a sword.
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  12. Pretty In Pink

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    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. He's a (person I don't agree with) and really not worth talking or debating with mate.
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  13. noname

    noname Valued Member

    .....Hahaha, that's not a double kill. Your eyes deceive you. Look closer.

    My initial thrust didnt do damage near enough to actually stop him. Very light graze is all. So the action doesnt stop. His next movement - which was not an effective cut with proper geometry, but rather an incidental graze he happened upon while trying to parry - didnt touch me in the front of my face. Look at my helmet at impact. Look at my body posture. The graze was actually on the top side of the helmet. It certainly would not have blinded me. To top it all off, the helmet actually sticks out considerably from my skull (look at my face inside the helmet). There's a good chance his movement would not have even touched my skull if I had no helmet on.

    I say all that only to highlight - within the context of your undeserved sanctimoniousness - your apparent ineptitude and ignorance, not to excuse my own imperfections.
  14. noname

    noname Valued Member

  15. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Mod Warning! Several people have resorted to personal insulting on here. It isn't allowed. Everyone take a deep breath before posting and make sure your post is in line with our Terms of Service. Otherwise- time outs on the naughty step (bans) are going to be issued.

  16. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    Okay, let me try again. Your videos are great, you are a natural athlete with speed and precision and I've never seen anyone in the Bujinkan move like that. More people should learn sword from you. Feel better now?

    If your teacher told you to keep the kissaki aimed at the opponent, how would you do so? MAP rules, gotta include English descriptions of foreign words. It is tedious so sometimes simplicity reigns. I'm so sorry I called you an heir apparent, you are right. You are just a young guy who cannot accept blows to your alleged prowess. My son is actually much more respectful, but I digress. Your rant does nothing to take away from the fact that you got hit. Sure it was in the helmet, and he might've missed were you not wearing one, but on your original gambit, he could've also cut up under your hands. Either way, you should learn some of our sword skills with a master in a country near China, Taiwan, and Russia if you want to understand the differences I was pointing out. Or you can remain blissfully unaware and happy with your performance.

    Yes, I've been pricked before when trying to practice our techniques so any perceived sanctimony is probably my wish to avoid any unnecessary spilling of blood. I'll add that how you move the rest of the sword besides the point is exactly the point I was getting at as relates blocking. If you could understand that one thing, it would improve your swordsmanship greatly as relates the Takamatsuden(our schools). I'll wish you luck again in your training so you don't feel the need to keep barking up the wrong tree.

  17. noname

    noname Valued Member

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Probably by keeping the kissaki aimed at the opponent.

    No, dude, you were just wrong.

    .......Uh huh, which is why I uploaded videos of myself actually sparring. Because my ego is so small and fragile that I can't withstand criticism. LOL.

    Yes, I know. I already pointed that out. As incidental and non-deterministic as that touch was, it did in fact graze my helmet. There is room for improvement.

    Kind of important points, wouldn't you say?

    And please, don't insult my intelligence by pretending that you were already aware of these important points before making your unnecessarily condescending commentary.

    True. That is something he could have done.

    I train precisely because I am not satisfied with my performance. I test myself against others precisely because I am not satisfied with my performance.

    Methinks you are projecting your own insecurities and insufficiencies on to me. LOL.

  18. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    How would you do that? What would you point at him? See my point?

    I'd say you are arguing hypotheticals. You got hit, had it been a real sword it might have missed. Yet again, it might not have missed. Depends on trajectory, follow through, how hurt he was from your stab, etc. By illuminating that he could have hit you as you entered, you see where the first issue was. As you had issues on your entry, I pointed them out. Your pouting doesn't change that, nor the fact that our sword work is different. If you learned the Takamatsuden school sword techniques from a master who could explain the intricacies, you would see what I'm explaining.
  19. noname

    noname Valued Member

    My helmet was grazed. There's a difference between that and a hit. A big difference, if we're thinking about real swords. Does it mean the technique was imperfect? Sure. I never claimed otherwise.

    It has literally nothing to do with the sword. It's the helmet. It sticks out quite considerably from one's head.

    As a matter of course, we treat all such incidental touches as ineffectual. Notice for example in the first video I posted, where the instructor just barely clipped my leg armor. He declines the point after I acknowledge contact. Same kind of thing.

    Yes, but we're not talking about what could have happened. He could have shown up in plate armor. I could have eaten a lighter lunch. He could have shifted forward and impaled himself. Etc. Etc.

    We're talking about what did happen. And frankly, a light POSSIBLE graze hardly necessitates the sort of condescending tone you put forth.

    And BTW, the observation that a thrust can be defeated by a counter-cut is not news to ANYONE.

    Frankly, it just seems like YOUR ego got in the way as soon as I commented that I would love to see you demonstrate what you're talking about in a sparring match.

    That still stands, by the way. I would LOVE to see you provide some video of you sparring, so I can see this high level technique for myself.

    Or did you want to be the one to tell Hatsumi-sensei, Manaka, Tanemura, etc. that they are all wasting their time and should just stop demonstrating things?
  20. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    The thing with sparring/pressure is that everyone makes mistakes or gets hit (unless the skill differential is massive). There's a difference between getting hit because you don't know what you are doing and getting hit because the other is good at what he's doing.
    If Lomachenko (for example) gets hit during a boxing match is it because he doesn't know how to box very well? Clearly not.
    It's relatively easy to display certain characteristics and style elements in a scripted demo. Another thing altogether when it's unscripted and the other person is actively trying to trick, deceive and land on you.
    It looked to me that the other guy was pretty good.
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