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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by ATF, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. ATF

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    As some of u know. I tested for Cho-Dan in May. I am still waiting for the promotion which will most likely happen at Summer Camp. My MA training has been exclusive to TSD. I started in 1/2001. I am 38. Now to the point. I enter the do-jang tonight feeling like I am covered in rust. As we begin I feel like the rust is turning to lead. I mean I'm dragging my ****. Where and when I turned it around I can't pinpoint... but this could have been one of my best classes EVER. I'm not speaking of physical aspects only I mean I felt the TSD spirit in its purest sense tonight. I was working with a 3rd Dan with strikes and blocks when to my complete surprise he states that "we" are sensing each other very well. I was at a higher level tonight. It was awesome. Have u ever had experiences like this?

    TANG SOO!!!!

    ATF :bang:
  2. Yossarian75

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    Good Stuff man. Ive had moments like this also, its just like everything clicks into place and youve got it.
  3. PsiCop

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    Yes, I've felt that. You feel almost like you're entering a new zone of training.
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    I've had one of those great classes once. My parents never wanted to take me to class becasue they 'didn't want to have to pick me up late at night at the dojang,' so I could rarely go. I was comming off of a football game loss and I had a problem with some kid at school giving me crap all the time. Needless to say I was in there with a lot of aggression. So, I finally got to go to a class, and luckily enough for me, we were reviewing a form that I hadn't done in AGES. I have a technique I like to use where I transfer my aggression outside of the dojang into power for me during my training inside the dojang. It works!!! I made every single technique count and had one of the most disciplined spirits I'd ever had. My instructor paid special attention to me and told me what I was doing right and what an improvement I'd made since the last time I was there (something he'd never really done before), and that meant a lot to me.
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    Somedays I feel like spiderman. Other days I feel fortunate to survive class.
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    I completely undetstand philosopher. If I can't get to class for a while, I actually start to feel sick. I get a cough, my lungs feel tight, and I'm restless.
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    Tang Soo Sir! Congratulations!
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    Congratulations, sir.
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