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Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by Jang Bong, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. KazeTora

    KazeTora New Member

    Howdy everyone!

    Just wanted to pop in and be counted. I've studied Tang Soo Do for over 14 years. I'm still a 1st dan but am working on getting my second. Been teaching for more than 10 years. Hope to make some friends and compare some of the differences within the Tang Soo Do systems! :D
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  2. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Belated congratulations to billymac - I'm glad the day went well for you :)

    And a bit welcome to KazeTora - nice to have another experienced member of the club for us beginners to pick the brains of ;) We're a friendly crowd at this end of the forum even if we don't post masses in our own section. We are more likely to be found comparing notes with the Karate gang or hanging around checking out the weapons :D

    Anyway - pleased to meet you.
  3. KazeTora

    KazeTora New Member


    Thanks for the warm welcome Jang Bong! What form of Tang Soo Do does everyone here study? And if you belong to a federation, which one? Mine is Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan through the ATKI(American Tang Soo Do Institue)
  4. Yossarian

    Yossarian Valued Member

    Hi KazeTora glad to have you here. Trained for 14 years and a first dan? I wouldnt like to be up against you in a tournament :D

    My school is from the WTSDA lineage, although we left several years back. We are currently in the process of joining the EMTF(European Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do federation).
  5. 3rd Dan W. KY

    3rd Dan W. KY New Member

    Welcome Kazetora I been in Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do since about 1980 originally under Master Saul Myoung Kim The Second of three sons Of the late Grand Master Jae Joon Kim. his was the American Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Association, Since the late 1990's I think it's been Changed to the World traditional Tang Soo association or something like that. I studied under Grand Master Lee Buesking until I moved to Kentucky in 1996 not many TSD schools close to here but continue to work out any way when I find the time. but just wanted to say hi and you will meet a real bunch of nice and courteous martial artist here i read the post often and enjoy them. Good people. take care and enjoy your martial arts.

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  6. billymac

    billymac New Member


    Its been an while since i posted anything. Just an update from my last post.
    I took the test for Green belt but was awarded the Green stripe instead. I was a little dissapointed in myself so I asked my master if it was something that I did wrong. He said that I far exceeded what was expected of me but wanted to do it the "right way". He explaned to me that he did not want me to learn the steps for each belt just for the sake of advancement, but to understand the meaning of what is beeing taught. To have a full understanding of each teachnique and how and when to apply them.
    He told me that beeing one of his oldest students, (started at 39 yrs old) he sees me as beeing one of his next student instructors when the time comes.
    Now, I did test again this past Saturday and did pass for Green!!
    The competition that I partisipated in was a great experience.
    I made freinds with a few people from other Dojangs and have been invited to attend classes with them.
    I took First in sparring and second in Forms. Because of my age I had to compete against brown belts and above.
    I acctually beat the Grand Champion in sparring!
    I was overall Third place, the Grand Champion beat me overall by 4 points.
    This was because the Guys I competed against got to participate in three events, Forms, Sparring and Weapons. Because of my rank, I was not allowd to do weapons. I was very pleased with myself and my dojang, we all did very well.
  7. Tabby Lavalamp

    Tabby Lavalamp Valued Member

    I can't reasonably be called a practitioner of tang soo do, but it was the first and, until next week, the only martial art I've ever taken. I was a kid at the time and didn't fully commit, but I did get up to yellow belt. It's been so long ago and I only remember a couple of moves, so I can't realistically call myself a yellow belt anymore. It is nice to see that even though it's not the most popular martial art around, it does have a loyal following.
  8. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Hello Tabby (love the profile picture) - welcome to the forum. :)

    It's getting on for two years now since I've 'trained' but I still visit the forum from time to time. TSD was my introduction to Martial Arts as an 'oldie', so your younger experiences should help you in whatever you're planning.

    Tang Soo ;)
  9. BROWN

    BROWN Valued Member

    Welcome Tabby.
    So what are you starting next week??
  10. Tabby Lavalamp

    Tabby Lavalamp Valued Member

    I started tai chi. You know I'm out of shape when the warm ups are a workout. :)
  11. tigermonkey

    tigermonkey New Member

    tsd is my first system #121 united fighting arts federation. it is a very good system. i was under lee kang uk , and un mentioned movie man, if you look up ufaf you will find out. 3rd dan thank you
  12. Out-to-Lunch

    Out-to-Lunch Valued Member


    Im only confused as to how GM Norris, and GM Lee fit together lol

    Were you in the American branch of the TS(SB)DF?
  13. tigermonkey

    tigermonkey New Member

    lee kang uk was my teachers sabam nim in seol, korea, we joined ufaf in its infancy, thus the low numbers of membership. i was already first dan when the ufaf was originated. until we joined ufaf we were an independant club.my teacher studied while serving in the u.s. army.when he was discharged he no longer maintained constant contact with gm kang.
  14. Out-to-Lunch

    Out-to-Lunch Valued Member

    Gotcha ;-)
  15. Capps

    Capps Valued Member


    Hi everyone. Thought I would finally post something and tell a little about myself. I've been traing in Tang Soo Do on and off for about 20 years now. I started when I was 8 under Grand Master Jae Joon Kim. Now I'm a part of the Mu Sa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation under Grand Master Greg Boliard. I am a 3rd Gup (1st degree redbelt). In April I will test for my 2nd gup. I've trained in other styles throughout my life such as Aikido, jui-jitsu, and worked out with a friend of mine learning a little Jeet Kune Do. I do not hold any rank in these styles. I just like to learn all I can so I can be more diverse. I'm lucky to have my father,a 4th dan ,(Master Instructor) as a teacher all this time and now my oldest daughter is part of it now. I really love our style of Tang Soo Do because we are always evolving it(not taking away from traditional standards) so it can be more effective in today's time. Well, I guess that's enough for now. I look forward to hearing from any of you fellow practitioners out there. TANG SOO!
  16. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Hi Capps :) Pleased to meet you.

    I haven't been on the forum for MONTHS, and when I show up we get a new member of the Tang Soo Do group :D

    Very impressed that you are in the middle of 3 generations within the art. I hope you get to know the gang round here and enjoy the exchange of views and ideas.

    As well as being off the forum, I haven't trained either :( Life taking me in different directions (as it sometimes does)... Still - I had a mirrored room to myself last week and ran through all the Hyungs I could think of. They took a couple of false starts, but they're STILL all tucked away in my brain :cool:

    Pyung Ahn
  17. Mom2KL

    Mom2KL New Member

    Introducing myself

    My name is Carla. I've been doing TSD for about 7 months. I'm currently a Green belt. My school is part of the World Tang Soo Do Association.
  18. Jang Bong

    Jang Bong Speak softly....big stick

    Hi there Carla - nice to meet you :) Glad to hear that you're progressing in the art, and I hope you're enjoying yourself.

    There are lots of good people on here - get to know the gang, and you'll sort out the characters from the 'characters' quickly enough ;)

    I'm not on as often as I used to be, and I haven't trained for some time - but when I get a chance to I run through the Hyungs just to make sure they are still there.
  19. TSD_Noud

    TSD_Noud New Member

    Saying hi...

    Hi all, I'm new to this board. Going for my first dan on april 5th...

    Tang Soo
  20. Capps

    Capps Valued Member

    Welcome Carla and TSD Noud. Carla, in your organization what is the order of your belt system? In ours(Mu Sa Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation) Green belt
    6th gup, it takes us about a year. Good Luck. I hope you stay with it. In all my years studying martial arts I found myself coming back to TSD and I'm glad I did.

    TSD Noud good luck on your Dan Test in April. I going for my 2nd gup(redbelt 2 stripes) on April 3rd. I'm curious what all does your Dan test include.

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