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Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by StrikingDragon, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. StrikingDragon

    StrikingDragon Valued Member

    I just wondered if anyone saw the TKD guy on Take Me Out this saturday? I thought his demonstration was a bit bizarre! Taking on people dressed as cakes with kicks... Anyone know him or maybe is he even on here?!?!?

    For those that dont know the program its a dating show not a take out this person with martial arts type thing.
  2. Shmook

    Shmook Valued Member

    I saw it, it was bizarre!

    He was a manc I think :)
  3. StrikingDragon

    StrikingDragon Valued Member

    I was like "oh ok he is going to breaks some blocks or hit some villans" and then he kicked some cakes!
  4. Shmook

    Shmook Valued Member

    It's going to be in the next Olympics...!
  5. jazzysingh

    jazzysingh Valued Member

    I assume the guy Andrew Deer
  6. StrikingDragon

    StrikingDragon Valued Member

    Errrr I cant remember his name but he got a date!
  7. jazzysingh

    jazzysingh Valued Member

  8. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    The China version of Take Me Out is awesomely over complicated (Mrs Shroom is hooked, I have to peak due to the shared screen).

    You have the host AND 3 Judges similar to X Factor but they have no say in the decision but like to spew ridiculous advice.

    The rest is of the show is similar to the UK one. At the end, if there are 2 girls left and he doesn't like the choice...the male contestant can nominate another girl to come back into the game (apparently this is secretly pre nominated before he comes out).

    Finally when one girl is left, the show can still go on! The guy can actually REFUSE the date and leave dateless!

    The show has also started a viral Chinese meme, when one girl was asked if money was a factor in choosing men. Her reply was....

    "I rather cry at the wheel of a BMW, than smile at the back of a bicycle"
  9. StrikingDragon

    StrikingDragon Valued Member

    Thats the guy in the vine video!

    That does sound overly strange and complicated! Ofc i only watch our version because the kissus watches it...

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