Suparinpei kata

Discussion in 'Karate' started by melbgoju, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. melbgoju

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    Here's my take on suparinpei kata - a fairly standard performance, but I fluffed the jumping kick section a bit as I was running out of room. This is the version we use for our every-day practise; there are about half a dozen different variations for various sections that we can also do, depending on which application practice we are focussing on.
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  2. Nachi

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    Suparinpei is such a nice kata. Only the senior instructors in our organization in my country are learning Suparimpei, and none of them seem very confident in it. Therefore I have only seen it on occassions and really do not know the details, although I think this version may be a little bit different.
    Thanks for putting up a video of yourself! That is something not easy to do for many, but it is always an inspiration to see how other people train.
    (And you have a nice garden to practise in :)
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  3. Mitlov

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    I like how the power tool noises sync with your movements and make you sound like a cyborg.
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  4. melbgoju

    melbgoju Valued Member

    Thanks, I took long service leave a year and a half ago, and shifted about 40 cubic metres of dirt by hand to make it. The circular lawn is a great outdoor dojo though.

    Lol, when you train outdoors, you take your chances with what the neighbours are doing!
  5. melbgoju

    melbgoju Valued Member

    It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it were; we have some things that I know my sensei's sensei added in the 1970s, plus my lineage is through the Higa-Izumikawa-Ichikawa line, and all of their daughter schools do things a little differently.

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