Subs from side mount! (Crucifix, clock choke!) :D

Discussion in 'MMA' started by Bon, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Bon

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    anyone employ the crucifix in sparring regularly? I've just been introduced to it and the clock choke. They're both very sweet moves IMO. I love the neck crank from the crucifix and the choke..

    How do you set up the choke from the crucifix?

    My instructor showed us to reach around with the right hand and grab the lapel, then put your leg over... Then a purple belt showed me to grab the lapel with my left hand and put my leg over, it came on so much faster! :D

    Any idea how long it'd take to choke someone out with the clock choke? It seems to be a really powerful choke that'd take like 3 seconds if you put all your weight on the person, I went dizzy a couple of times letting a real light guy (120lbs or less) putting it on me.

    Any chokes that you can employ like the rear naked or guillotine that'd take 3 seconds?
  2. Acekicken

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    I use The Crsafix & The stocks sitout Neck crank=-)

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