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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Pretty In Pink, Jul 30, 2014.

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    So what were you doing that was so successful?

    AS well as a regular hammerfist,I've seen the angles used to smash through people's guards, forcing the opponents arms down and then the striker would move into a closer range or just go into "regular" boxing once the guy was open. The drill I saw was with a pretty static partner, but it did look relatively good.

    Any idea if it would work on the str33tz? I wanna be l3thal.
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    At about the 3:58 mark you can see an example of how angles 1 and 2 can be used with empty hands. I would imagine that the majority of FMA styles do this to some extent.

    [ame=""]Pekiti-Tirsia Kali - Military CQC Course - Patikul, Sulu, Jolo - YouTube[/ame]

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    This is something that varies greatly from school to school. Within the Inosanto-Lacoste line there are plenty of groups offering straight Panantukan classes.
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    Yeah, I guess if I really want to learn panantukan I might as well take all the Kali classes.
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    Eddie Quinn's approach method uses similar to this.

    I think it's an awesome entry and use it myself.

    [ame=""]Eddie Quinn's The Approach Vol 1. The Entry System - YouTube[/ame]
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    I would. For one thing, if your footwork is good enough to evade strikes and put yourself in an advantageous position when dealing with a long weapon (stick or blade), you should be good to go from an empty hands standpoint.
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    I would think it's the opposite because of the distance and time to react.
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    Entries and closing range are generally more difficult against weapons (particularly shorter weapons, such as knife or stick) because of the extra reach they give the wielder. Also, because of the mobility of the wrist that is involved with knives or sticks, countering entries is much easier for the wielder, in ways that involve far less effort, strength and range of motion.

    Think about it; to close a greater distance, you have to move faster, you have to move a greater distance off-line, and/or move their weapon a greater distance off-line.

    Lastly, when closing range vs. empty-handed, you might live with eating a few shots. With blades in particular, you cannot do that; everything has to be crisp and perfect, or you go home with your guts around your ankles.
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    Well put. I'll try to add on a bit to what you correctly stated above.

    Consider the range at which a long weapon can impart damage, and then consider it a blade rather than a stick, which means that you cannot afford to trade strikes, not even once. One mess up with a bolo or a ginunting means you probably lost a limb or, at the very least, are highly likely to die of blood loss in short order. Or, as noted above, go home with your guts around your ankles. Finally, consider that the speed at which a long weapon can move, which is incredibly fast, and you start to get the picture. Heck, even if you are not talking bladed attacks, one solid strike by a baseball bat wielding person can cave your head in, break your neck, shatter multiple bones, or lead to massive internal bleeding.

    Now, add the same considerations for close range via a short weapon like a knife. While the knife cannot lop off a limb the way a long blade can, you still cannot afford to trade strikes here. It can sure as heck spill your guts all over the place, but it can also perforate your kidney, your lungs, cut one of your main arteries or veins, etc. In short, the blade can hurt you in ways that a punch or kick can never do.

    When a weapon is in play, range and timing are essential in way that it never will be with empty hands alone. If your footwork is good enough for you to control range and timing with both a long and short blade, it will serve you extremely well in mano y mano as well as with impact weapons.
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    Well thanks for that. Not like I wasn't terrified of knives already.
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    Not exactly my intent, but not a bad place to start I suppose. If being scared of a knife, or perhaps better said, having an extremely healthy respect for one, makes you work on having better footwork, that can only help your empty hand game.

    Where do you train currently if you don't mind my asking? Just trying to get a feel for what system you are in, no big deal.
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    Rick Young Black Belt Acadamy. Take the Kali classes every now and again, maybe once a month or less. Pick it up alright though, because when I first started I attended every class. Pretty confident with my footwork in actual combative terms :)

    EDIT: Should also point out that I take all the kick boxing and BJJ classes. The Kickboxing classes are Muay Thai, STX, and Junfan kickboxing, but it's all just striking to me.
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    Looks like a solid place to train.
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    That's the general consensus :p

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