Steve Morris article on karate and fascism

Discussion in 'Karate' started by mani, May 14, 2005.

  1. Hiroji

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    what he goes round with a bitter pill in his mouth to spread fascism and discredit MAs?. The only people that dicredit MA are people like him. There are a lot of happy people that actually enjoy doing karate.
  2. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    And Steve would say deservadly so!
  3. Ressla

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    Seen the man in action , he's still formidable despite being in his seventh decade.
    Physically he looks like my old geography teacher. Tallish guy, long hair and very articulate speaker.And frankly , one of the most intelligent men you will ever meet.Entirely the opposite image that you might get reading some of the legends that surround him.

    Last year at one of his seminars he had a confrontation with a well known British MMA fighter (check his website or PM me if you want the guys name). Apparently the guy dissed Steve regarding a drill/technique Steve was showing, implying that it wouldn't work in a MMA fight.
    The reply from steve was along the lines of -
    SM -just try it out
    Fighter- no it wont work
    SM- listen ,I've been fighting No Holds Barred since before you were born mate........

    The conversation continued on and on till eventually steve had had enough of this loudmouth and walked up to him punched him twice in the chest.The guy went down like a sack of spuds.

    " I dont know what your concept of a KO is...but that guy was KO'd by body shots" I was told by an observer later.

    My friend told me Steve was operating on about 1/3 power and made it look pathetically easy. Particularly as the guy calls himself "Cardiff's Top Doorman".

    Apparently everybody else in the room could see the impending violence that was gonna occur apart from the fighter. Which doesnt bode well for a "top doorman".

    It wasnt the fact that the incident occured that shocked everyone, but how easily he made a rated fighter look a walkover.

    I dont condone this incident and Steve doesnt exactly come out smelling of roses from this goes some way to explain why very few people want to train with him.

    Theres also the story of the BJJ guys who came to his gym when he was down in Horsham and challenged him. Steve calmly went round and opened all the windows on this 2nd storey gym. The BJJs guys asked him what he was doing , he replied " when I've finished with you I'm gonna throw you out the window". The guys left swiftly.

    With Steve a fights a fight. If you challenge him you better make sure you win.
  4. Moosey

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    That's quite funny.
  5. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Funny but clever!

    When you can win a fight by talking, then thats some real skill! :cool:
  6. Haduken

    Haduken Valued Member

    quite, but i can't help but also note that it is also probably a big contributer to the guy having so few students. Such a pity
  7. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Even though he calls karate he's still "old school" himself. And if the old and harsh methods are the only way he knows he won't have many students. People want to enjoy there training, not be brutalised in their spare time :D
  8. Haduken

    Haduken Valued Member

    hmm, well I am not sure i totally agree with that pgm316. I am not sure that he brutalises his students - i am sure that his training is very hardcore, but i do not think that that is a bad thing. I do not think that training is there to be fun, enjoyed... maybe, but only by those that enjoy training hard. MA aren't for everybody in my opinion, and nor should they be - this modern wave of accomodating the public desire to train in MA is a load of c*$p - and is what directly leads to the mcDojo GKR branded MA's that most of us hate so much.

    I personally just think it will be hard for steve morris to gain any students if he insists upon anyone who trains with him to not only disregard any TMA they may have studied, but to acknowledge that they have nothing to offer. especially as most people feel they have gained a huge amount from the arts they have studied, and that most people that come looking for him, whether he likes it or not, seem to come from a TMA, or more specifically goju, background. it seems a pity that the one group that seems to be the most actively seeking his knowledge and teaching, are those that he rejects outhand.
  9. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    I'm not sure either Haduken.

    I agree with what you say about accommodating the public Haduken. Martial Arts shouldn't be diluted to make it more appealing to the public. Although back on track; a hard training regime doesn't mean its a good club either. My previous posts have talked about harsh training regimes that don't get the results.
  10. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    You just haven't listened to a word of this thread, have you? You just picked up on the fact that he was ranting about karate and you stuck your fingers in your ears. If you'd been listening, you would know that he's not spreading fascism, he's accusing karate of doing it.

    I know you particularly don't like people slagging certain martial arts off, but unfortunately we don't live in a world of tekken characters where all fighting styles are equal and everything is determined by the player/artist. There are some bad schools and some that are just morally wrong, and the least you could do is to just listen to what people have to say before responding.

    If a martial arts instructor is running his club properly he will teach honestly, regardless of whether it will put his students off or not. If he feels that someone has come to his club having learned nothing of value in their years of karate training, tough - that's what he's going to tell them. They might not want to hear it, but as far as he's concerned, that's the way it is and he wouldn't be doing his job properly if he pretended otherwise. You either want to learn how to fight or you don't.

    I agree, training shouldn't be hard for the sake of it, it should be hard but relevant. There's a kyokushin club in my town that trains barefoot in the snow - how is that going to help you fight better?
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  11. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    timmy boy dony get so upset!. Look you have your opinion on things and i have mine. I for one do not stick my fingers in my ears its a very dirty habit. An if you really want a slagging match could you please have the respect to PM me.

    With you been a MMA enthusiast is great and you are bound to go along with steves thoughts. Some things he says are true but others are totally egotistical. But like everyone else he is open to his own take on things.
  12. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Also when did i ever say all fighting styles are equal? never. All i think is that people train for diff reasons. like you want to compete in MMA but not everyone wants to get their face smashed in for sport.
  13. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    If it was a slagging match I'd be calling you names. I'm not upset, I'm just saying that if you want to participate in a debate you should listen to what's being said. If you have a different opinion to mine then fine, no problem, by all means disagree with me and debate with me, but if you're not going to bother to listen then I consider that rude. Moosey doesn't agree with me or Steve but at least used his brain and he listened to the opposing view, hence my response to him was different.

    Then point out which things are egotistical.

    1) You said that all fighting styles are equal in some of your other posts, which supports my conclusion that, as soon as you noticed he was slagging off karate, your brain switched off because you're sick of hearing it and you didn't listen to what he said. And I can tell you didn't listen to what he said because he said he was against the fascism being taught via karate.

    2) When did I say everyone should compete in MMA and get their face smashed in for sport? And what does that have to do with this thread?
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  14. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    Listen mate we can debate this all you like like girls but i just think that guy is a pratt. Yes he may have some points and he may be a great fighter.

    You can think all you like but i have read all the thread. Im not sick of hearing karate being slagged off, i happen to think along the same lines as him on some points. If you care to look in the karate forum you will see.
  15. Timmy Boy

    Timmy Boy Man on a Mission

    Well thankyou for your overwhelming contribution to the discussion.

    If you've read all the thread why did you think he was spreading fascism?
  16. Hiroji

    Hiroji laugh often, love much

    No you misread- i was asking the question of him spreading fascism. Because in your post before it seemed like that was what YOU were saying.

    Well to be honest i have nothing more to say. So im not going to talk crap for the sake of it. Im sorry but im just not as good at discussion as you are timmy.
  17. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Its not that Tims getting uptset, but feels strongly about the subject which I do to.

    Hiroji, you're probably right about Steve being egotistical and the like. I really don't care whether he is or not or whether hes a good fighter, also likewise I don't think the issue is Karate.

    It just happens that Steve did Karate in one of these old school organisations and hes loud enough to make enough fuss about it, thus we've managed to read his article.

    The bottom line is theres organisations around that treat students badly. In ancient China/Japan students may have endured harsh treatment and ritualised abuse to prove their dedication to the art. Somehow I can't imagine the best UFC fighters doing that :D

    I don't want to pay to fold up uniforms, sweep floors, treat black belts like high ranking generals and all the other ritualised BS that comes with it. Who in this day and age does :confused: I'd rather do some good training ;)

    ALPHADEANO U knows it Clart

    Isnt this just a vetting service?

    Decined to weed out people of incorrect character.

    Mabey if there was more of a vetting service in martial arts in this country we wouldnt have so many crooks and peodophiles teaching martial arts just a thought.
  19. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    vetting service for what?

    do good fighters like being treated badly?

    don't peodophiles like folding up gi's?

    don't crooks like sweeping the floor?

    its not a vetting service, its not necessary, it doesn't make good fighters :bang:
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  20. moononthewater

    moononthewater Valued Member

    Its the same in most systems though it be an apprentice mechanic getting all the dirty jobs or the young football player cleaning boots. Martial arts are nt the only place you find these rituals.

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