Smoking ban in enclosed public areas

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by johndoch, Nov 10, 2004.

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    I was actually surprised that the law was passed here in Ireland. But I am glad to see it. I used to smoke when I lived in Canada, but it never bothered me to step out for a butt.

    I work as a barman in a hotel/disco, and when the ban was first announced, and then passed, my ears would ring all day with "If you tell me I can't have a fag with my pint, then I'll go somewhere else!" As it turns out, the same people saying that are still hitting the high stool every Friday, but now the griping has gone back to the weather and the local football.

    In the disco we get some idiots who think they'll be hard men and smoke where they want to, but after the first couple of weeks, it's really just lame and obnoxious...the fact is, punters go out to have a good time and a few drinks. If your only reason for going to a bar is to smoke, than stay home. And if you can't bothered to walk the entire six feet out to the doorway, don't walk the six feet in, cause yer ugly mug isn't worth a 2000 euro fine or a visits from the guards. (whew!)

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