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  1. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Day one - wouldn't go down, have buried it in toilet paper and attacked it with a knife, will try again later :D

    I wasn't going to post a log, but my wife and I had a few disagreements lately on the quantity of training I've been doing of late and my attitude toward it. I'm never satisfied I've been doing enough. She thinks I'm being too harsh on myself and I should be Ok with it.

    So she recommended posting a log and seeing how I do. So here we go.

    BTW, walking, does it count as a form of exercise?

    Also, apologies if I get some terminology mixed up, still trying to learn it from my new style :eek:.


    Only pad and bag work today, come the evening I was in too much pain to do much more.

    Thai pad (tied to a tree):

    Hook punches x 60
    Straight punches x 60
    Mae geri (Front Kick) x 20
    Mawashi geri (Round House Kick) x 20
    Elbow strikes x 60
    Uraken Uchi (back hand strikes, emphasis on impact with the two front knuckles on the temples) x 40

    Heavy bag (hanging from a tree)

    Mae Geri x 80
    Mawashi Geri x 120
    Hook Punches x 40
    Ude Uchi (forearm strike) x 40
    Knees x 40

    500 metre jog to warm down.

    20 minutes carrying the heavy bag on my shoulders, 2 mile daily walk for shopping.

    Total time - 1hr 20 mins (roughly)

    On the plus side, I found out I can hit a lot harder than I thought. Downside? I injured both my shoulders on the thai pad because I was hitting it while angry. Couldn't do much more leg work as my hips were stiff. Also fell over because trying to perform a powerful round house kicks in the mud is fun.


    Focused on kihon waza tonight (fundamental techniques). Couldn't do as much as usual as my injuries from yesterday were bad.

    (Moving medium speed):
    Shadow combination (jab, jab, cross, hook) x 48.
    Mae Geri x 48
    Mawashi Geri x 48
    Ushiro Geri (spinning back kick) x 30 (this one put a lot of pressure on my knees and ankles which were bad)
    Shadow boxing x 3 minutes
    Tsugi Ashi Gyakuzuki chudan ipponken (move the back foot up to the front, front foot moves forwards, reverse punch, single knuckle from the middle finger slightly more prominent) x 36
    Ayumi Ashi Jodan Junzuki (move forward as if walking normally, pushing off on the back foot, punching to the face with the same hand/foot - right foot, right hand - while shifting your weight forward) x 36
    Mae geri nagashi gyakuzuki chudan ipponken (front kick, dropping weight off centre so the feet are on the same line, reverse punch with middle knuckle prominent, return to natural stance) x 24

    Standing techniques in naihanchi dachi (stance where the feet are apart about twice the width of the shoulders, toes pointed in):

    (EDIT: All medium speed)
    Jodan Tsuki (Face punchy goodness) x 50
    Jodan Uke (Upper level block) x 50
    Gaiwan Uke Chudan (middle level block, semi-circular motion, thumb turned to the outside deflection) x 50
    Naiwan Uke Chudan (middle level block, semi-circular motion, thumb turned to the inside deflection) x 50
    Gedan Barai (Lower level sweeping block) x 50
    Uraken Uchi Jodan x 50
    Nuki te Uchi (spear hand strike) Chudan x 50
    Shuto Uchi (knife hand strike) Jodan x 50

    Total time - 1hr 10 mins

    Also, 3 mile walk for shopping.
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  2. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!


    So far, just makiwara training, hoping to do some hojo undo later, shall update if it happens.

    All techniques repeated in the same quantities on right and left:
    40 x Chudan Tsuki
    30 x Furiken (swing punch)
    30 x Shuto Uchi
    30 x Shotei Uchi (palm heel strike)
    30 x Empi Uchi (elbow strike)
    30 x Ude Uchi (forearm bash with the bones on the same side as the thumb)
    30 x Strikes with the bones on the same side as my little finger

    (These techniques were done with straw padding tied to the base of a tree, total number of kicks on right and left)
    70 x Gedan Mawashi Geri with the foot
    70 x Gedan Mawashi Geri with the shin
    30 x Mae Geri Gedan

    Total time - 1hr

    4 mile walk for shopping today.

    Legs were too sore to do any jogging, so that was a no go.

    Also, I broke a tree with my kicks. A rather long branch then fell on my head. That's karma I suppose.

    Hoping to finish up with some Hojo Undo tonight, will update if it happens (depending on when the wife gets back)
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  3. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    You mentioned injuries. What are they?
  4. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I'm going with using an immovable object for resistance/impact training
  5. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Long term - shin splints in both legs, running up the front and sides, sprained left knee that never really recovered from when I was a kid, unstable wrist bones in the right wrist (getting better), damaged right shoulder (where someone wrenched it and nearly dislocated it, never fully recovered), torn tendons/ligament-ey things in my right ankle from about 8 months ago.

    Recent/temporary - my hips haven't been doing so well but they're doing much better the past few days since I changed my movement patterns a little. Right elbow is a bit tender (put under tension from carrying shopping, would you believe), my knees and ankles on both legs have been stiffening up a little bit (the stiffness comes and goes - almost always easier once I've done some training mind), my pectorals and shoulders are both tender from mondays' pad work session, the muscles on either side of my spine have gone painful and stiff again (they'll relax again soon)...and my fingers have all gone stiff.

    I should point out the stiffness and pain is there even after all the usual stretches and warm ups and isn't just because I've over-used them.

    So, good fun :)
  6. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    For the makiwara? Yeah, it's an impact tool, often looks something like this:


    Makiwara was a bit lacklustre today. Because I'm still sore from monday I ended up holding back a lot, which was sensible. It just felt...meh.
  7. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    28/08/13 (cont.)

    Hojo Undo night tonight! Managed to do most of my exercises, but given my recent state of tenderness, I decided to miss the two handed chi-ishi (large paint can full of cement, 2" thick stick coming out of it, weighs about 24kg) and the small tractor tyre (weighs approx 30kg)

    Also, sorry for the random names, I couldn't think of another way to call them.

    Kettle bells (2 x 5kg/11lbs):

    24 x Junzuki chudan (step/punch with the same side - because I'm using kettle bells, it tends to be with the palm heel rather than the fist, less strain on my wrists)
    24 x Chudan tsuki in Sanchin Dachi (stance that looks like this:
    24 x "lifts" (slip foot into kettle bell handle bit, raise knee as high as possible, slowly lower it, do not let the kettle bell touch the ground)
    24 x "Push the roof"s (take a step forward, each breath out push out, each breath in draw in. One arm always reaches 45 degrees up to the sky, other arm goes 45 degrees behind)
    24 x "Mississippi" (Breath in, raise kettle bell on one arm up 180 degrees, hold for 1 second. Breath out half, drop it to 90 degrees, hold it there. Breath out again, lower kettle bell. Rinse and repeat each time)
    24 x Mae geri with kettle bell on foot
    12 x "Bear Squat" (drop into shiko dachi, which looks something like this):


    With a kettle bell in each hand, raise the arms parallel to the ground, then turn the hands inwards so the kettle bells are almost touching. Then, breathing out, turn the kettle bells away back to being parallel to the ground, then to the core. Then stand).

    Makiage Kigu (wrist roller, 7kg/15.4lbs):

    6 x repetitions going up and down. Standing in Sanchin Dachi, hands at shoulder height, palms turned in towards me. Controlled movements up and down. This one sucks like hell.

    2 x Barbell plates (10kg/22lbs)

    Started with a 15kg/33lbs concrete block (2ft long, 4 inches wide) held with both hands like they're eagle claws until failure, 1 min). Then moved onto the plates.

    24 x pinch grip (pinch it with the fingers, lower it slowly, bring it up slowly, pinch with the other hand, rinse and repeat).
    12 x knuckle press ups, elbows tucked in. Upon completion of each press up, draw one plate up to my ribs, straighten my arm behind me as far as I can with the plate in my hand, return to my ribs, then down. Rinse and repeat). I used to do 50+ per night, but I had a break and I'm starting again.
    24 x "Pass the parcel (grip both plates in my hands, breath out and push away. Side step, breathe in and draw them close. Side step. Rinse and repeat).
    12 x Shiko Lifts (one plate in each hand, squat into shiko dachi and push up with both hands, stand up and draw the hands back, rinse and repeat).

    Jerry Cans (2 x 20kg/44lbs)

    Farmer's Walk - done in Sanchin Dachi, each step forward is accompanied by applying and releasing tension in the pelvic area with sharp inhalations and exhalations, each step lasts approx 2 seconds. Done for 48 steps before failure.
    Farmer's Walk 2.0 - one jerry can, held between both hands at chest height. There's nothing to grip on, so you have to push harder. Done the same again.
    24 x Kettle bell swings. Well, I don't have any heavier kettle bells, so I have to make do.

    One handed chi-ishi (approx a little over 5kg/11lbs).

    A chi-ishi typically looks like this:


    Mine are made with smaller paint cans filled with cement and sticks. They're like kettle bells, but moar awesomerer ;).

    24 x "Limp wave" - start with the chi-ishi pointed straight down between your legs. Semi circle it up so it's facing vertically up, in line with your diaphragm, arm out almost completely straight. Breath in, retract the arm and let the chi-ishi fall to the outside of the body, pointing vertically down. Breath out, straighten the arm and the chi-ishi. Rinse and repeat.
    24 x "Shiko Roll" - I gotta pick better names than this. Start in Shiko dachi, arm out almost completely straight, chi-ishi pointed vertically up. Stand up, draw the arm back, roll the wrist 360 degrees. Then as you drop back into shiko dachi with an exhalation, make a big semi circle overhead until you stop with the chi-ishi pointed in front of you again, you arm almost straight. Rinse and repeat.
    24 x "Round the sloth" - pointed with the chi-ishi vertically down, bring it up and rotate your arm across your body in front of you, then behind you until your arm finishes looking like an inverted chicken wing. Return back the way you came. Rinse and repeat.
    24 x "Chi-ishi swings" - done almost exactly as if you had a kettle bell, but you drop into shiko dachi every time you bring your arm forward.
    48 x Hiki Uke/Chudan Uke - karate blocks, but you brace the weight of the chi-ishi against the blocking arm and just rinse and repeat.
    24 x "Setting sun" - start with the chi-ishi pointed vertically down. Squat into shiko dachi, bring the weight in a semi circle up so it's facing vertically up in line with the diaphragm, arm almost straight. As you stand up, arc the weight in a semi circle until it hangs vertically down behind you. As you squat back into Shiko Dachi, bring your arm back in a semi circle from behind you so the weight finishes in front of you again. As you stand up, return the weight in a semi-circle to the vertical down position. Rinse and repeat on each side.

    "Heavy bag" work (uncertain of actual weight, in excess of 30kg, could be more).

    18 x lunges
    12 x Shiko dachi squats

    EDIT: With the bag braces across both my shoulders like you would a barbell.

    10 x knuckle press ups, elbows tucked into the ribs. Stretches to finish.

    Total time - 51 minutes. Plus stretches.

    Hopefully, it'll be easier to explain next time. I didn't bother with the two handed chi-ishi this time or the small tractor tyre as I'm not feeling 100%.
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  8. Princess Haru

    Princess Haru Valued Member

    I'm joshing with you. Kinda gave up on karate before I really got going on my 3rd Dan. I'm suggesting that maybe your tree is a lot less movable than the makiwara post in your picture and hence could exacerbate any joint and tendon injuries.

    I too had to make do as fitting a post in the back garden wasn't an option, so had a pad around the size of that straw with some hard foam 30mm sandwiched between layers of 20mm plywood, with rope on the front covered by some leather. I still had to be cautious about depth and kime.
  9. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Ah, I get you. No I don't punch the tree itself any more. I learned that mistake a while back :).

    I've got a van tire with some wood mounted on the front and the straw padding on top of that. You can rig it up so it's actually partially suspended off the tree, thus when you hit it, the target actually moves a fair bit before offering real resistance but still compresses nicely if you strike it correctly once it starts resisting. I would love to use foam/industrial rubber/hard foam covered in leather, but I have no idea where to look for that kind of stuff :confused: Like you said, the depth and kime is a worry, but it's not so bad once you get the hang of it. Only reason I damaged the tree was that I had tied a spare straw bundle to the base of another tree because it needed softening up... and it didn't fare so well.

    In the mean time though, I also alternate between the makiwara and the kick shield/heavy bag so I don't develop the joint problems. At least until I've been here long enough I can bury a post in the back yard and use that.
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  10. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    3 mile walk for shopping today. No training tonight, I've got severe muscle spasms all down my left leg and a tightening of the knee joint, so the prospect of moving or standing is just not one I'm comfortable with. Thoroughly angry with myself, but I promised the wife I wouldn't push myself on bad days.
  11. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    I think you might be over-doing it a tad. :)
  12. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I'm inclined to disagree, especially as I usually feel much better for training :)
  13. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    Mentally we always feel better for training. Physically short term you will be on a post exercise high, but the physical aftermath you're describing suggests you should ease back on intensity a little unless you're very young.
  14. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I agree with this.

    You shouldn't be pushing on bad days, only on good days.
  15. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I'm 26, does that count as very young? :) *please say yes*

    Apologies. What I mean by feeling better is that usually I feel significantly better the next morning having trained the night before, not just straight afterwards. Like practising hojo undo a couple of nights ago, then waking up yesterday morning feeling amazing. The pain across my pectorals, back, hands (etc) was gone. The pain in my legs was better too and the discomfort I've had in my hips was gone.

    Unfortunately yesterday, walking three miles barefoot caused my pelvis and legs a lot of discomfort. While the pelvis relaxed, my left leg didn't. Which probably means I'm not walking properly without shoes on.

    The mental aspect is as you described though. It's the one thing I rely on to help moderate my mood swings short of going back on medication. For obvious reasons I would rather train more and not take meds.

    You're right of course, I just feel so bad if I don't train I find it really difficult to deal with. Even though it was the right decision last night.
  16. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!


    Was supposed to be meeting up with the same dude I was supposed to be meeting on monday (he was a no-show then, too). Lugged down my heavy bag, kick shield and focus pads...and he was a no-show. Rather over-cast today, ended up raining mid-session so that may be why he was a no show. That said, he also admitted that he didn't turn up on monday because he forgot, so it doesn't look promising. Still, I got some time to myself to train.

    Kick Shield (tied to a tree, used like a makiwara):

    Chudan Tsuki x 60
    Hook punch x 60
    Uraken Uchi x 70
    Empi Uchi x 70

    Heavy bag:

    Constant mix between static power kicks, moving practice, speed (etc).

    Uppercut x 50
    Straight jab/hook combo x 20
    Knees x 40
    Mawashi Geri x 100
    Mae Geri x 90
    Shuto Uchi x 40

    Stretches and a (roughly) 600 metre jog to finish, plenty of gas in the tank left for more (a little over a year ago I couldn't even jog 20 metres without being in massive amounts of pain, so I'm happy with the slow progress). Will be pushing to go for a bit more next time.

    Walking just shy of a mile with the heavy bag across my shoulders round trip.

    Total time - 1hr 20 mins

    Wasn't hitting as hard today, but I also haven't come away with any new strains on my body so I'm happy. I'm in the dojo tomorrow all things permitting, so I'll look to just do a bit of mild kihon waza tonight.
  17. John Titchen

    John Titchen Still Learning Supporter

    Yes. :hat:
  18. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    30/08/13 (cont.)

    Light kihon waza night. My legs and shoulders were more tired than I thought from the pad and bag work earlier, so as a result both my mae geri and my chudan tsuki were pretty lacklustre. Pretty ticked off about the training, but at least I did something.

    Warm up:

    10 knuckle press ups, elbow tucked in, proper form
    Light stretches

    Moving (all medium speed):
    High Knees x 60
    Boxing combo - Jab, cross, uppercut, hook x 48
    Mae Geri x 48
    Junzuki gyakuzuki chudan ipponken x 36
    Mawashi Geri x 48
    Ayumi Ashi Jodan Junzuki x 40
    Tobi (leaping/jumping) mae geri x 40 (surprisingly fun, needs a lot of work)
    Mae geri nagashi gyakuzuki chudan ipponken x 40
    Jab, cross, gedan mawashi geri (lower level roundhouse kick) x 24
    Ren geri (dual mae geri) x 24

    Stationary in naihanchi dachi (couldn't do so much tonight, it put real pressure on my lower legs, all medium speed):
    Jodan tsuki x 50
    Jodan uke x 50
    Naiwan uke x 50
    Gaiwan uke x 50
    Gedan barai x 50
    Chudan tsuki (full speed) x 60

    Total time - 1hr 30mins
    That's it tonight. Wanted to practice Pinan Sandan (a kata) but when I got round to it, I completely blanked. I shall try again tomorrow.
  19. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!


    Went to the dojo today. Spent the first 45 minutes drilling the importance of good tai sabaki as well as the principle of (forget the japanese for it) thinking of the three points of movement in the foot. I also felt sorry for the poor sausage that had to suspend my whole body weight while taking me down :evil:. The second 45 minutes was focused purely on Pinan Sandan as well as some kaisetsu to do with the kata. Beautiful session. My legs hurting put a bit of a dampener on it, but overall was well worth going to.

    Total time - 1hr 30mins

    I was going to do some more hojo undo tonight, but to be perfectly honest I've just got the Dragonborn dlc for Skyrim working. So I'm just going to rest and go "eh".
  20. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!


    Well, last night I stayed perfectly still doing nothing but getting my butt whooped on Skyrim :mad:. I spent most of today doing...pretty much the same (except for stuff with the kids). So no surprises when I say that the time to train came around, I hurt bad even after stretches. Didn't feel well enough to do any, so I just pushed myself to do what I could.

    (moving medium speed):
    Mae geri x 120 (last 20 sped up)
    Hanmi neko ashi dachi, hiki uke chudan (cat-footed stance, grasping/tugging deflection, middle level height) x 180
    Mawashi geri x 120 (last 24 sped up)
    Zenkutsu Dachi, gyaku zuki chudan x 50 (stationary)

    Gentle lunges x 40
    4 minutes of gentle movement to loosen my hips up

    5 x 22 "Shiko roll", 5 second pauses between sets

    Total time - 1 hour.

    1 1/2 mile walk for shopping.

    Pretty dire tonight, gotta be honest. Haven't been happy with my form on a couple of techniques the last few days, so I figured I would try and work on them. They were definitely better afterwards.

    Had to stop because the lower half of my body was starting to protest too much rather than because I wanted to. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

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