Silat is not a martial art.

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Rebo Paing, Jul 16, 2010.

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    A belated Happy New Year to you my friend!
    All is good thank you Pekir, how are things in Holland? :)
    Long time no see ya? Where have you been all this time?


    Apa kabar = what news, wassup etc

    bang = from 'abang' means fellow (no 'dear')


    Silat in and of itself is not a 'style' ... silat Cimande, silat Cikalong, silat Panglipur, silat Seni Gayung Fatani etc are all martial arts.
    I sometimes hear 'experts' misinform to say that some demonstration is or isn't silat by dint of the movement. How are they able to arrive to that conclusion? My argument is that people are not able to make that judgement.
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    Cheers Rebo. I appreciate it.
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    I've just been busy and up to a certain extend fed up with certain silat debates :rolleyes: In Holland things might be picking up with new activities in the national association. Might just happen that a new generation is able get the ball rolling again. It was somewhat dying off for some time.

    Spend some time in Jakarta last year to train some of my great grandfather's silat. Was very enlightning and should have done it decades earlier, one of the many stupid mistakes in live one makes :D

    This was my first time back since my earlier post, sorry for that!

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