Shu's Training Journal (or "Old Man Kung Fu")

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    Kung Fu II Sparring Time!

    Fun class tonight. We spent a lot of time working on footwork (for which I was happy!) And I can verify that jumping rope DEFINITELY helps!

    A hallmark of our style is to throw a block and strike simultaneously (instead of a one-two combination). So Sifu coached me on that. It's second nature to him. Anytime he spars, he always has some type of strike on top of his block. So I'm trying to develop that instinct.

    Who knows? In a couple of years, I might actually get it!

    Getting Better
    -Endurance - Barely winded. I'm sure this has a lot to do with being more economical during the rounds.
    -Strategy - I can now "see" the patterns of my opponents and try to set them up better.
    -Kicks -Mostly roundhouse and push. But still effective. However...

    Needs Improvement
    -Kicks - Push kicks need to be higher. As I started getting tired, the push kicks were more at groin level:eek:, instead of chest-high
    -Mobility - Seemed a little slower on my feet today. Took a few more shots from the quicker classmates than usual:(
    -Combos - Fell into predictable patterns. Need to vary up the tool set.

    -Fitbit results from today: 420 calories, avg heart rate 108 BPM, max heart rate 160 BPM
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