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    Kempo Jujitsu is something different. I practiced SK for a few years, and never heard anything about Kempo Jujitsu in that time, so I'm pretty sure what you're talking about is another entity entirely.

    It's registered as an official religion in Japan, and the art's philosophy is based on Kongo Zen Buddhism. This focuses on developing individuals through collaboration with fellow practitioners and the community at large, which is an admirable direction for any organization. This also means that competition is generally frowned upon, so much of the focus is on scripted partner work rather than live sparring matches.

    I remember there used to be a few other Shorinji Kenshi on here back in the day, but not sure if any of them are still around...
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    Nice to see you still around on MAP Omicron :)
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    Omicron is around.

    Thanks, Mitch :)

    Never been the most active poster I guess, but I do still lurk around the forum. I'm very thankful for the huge role MAP played in getting me into training in the first place, so I don't think I'll ever be able to stay away for too long!
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    Different arts all together!

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