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    Hi all

    I was curious what experiences everyone here has with Chinese martial arts , what you like and dislike about it and whether you think trips to Asia have improved your Kung fu. Also if you or your sifu know all the Cantonese or mandarin names of techniques , stances and concepts.

    Hopefully I am not spamming a worn out topic but as a new person here it would be nice to see who does the Chinese arts and is currently active on MAP.

    I started wing Chun may 2011 but haven't had an instructor for over a year that lives here of my lineage. So I am now doing white crane and I've had 10 lessons so far that I keep track of in my blog and also now here on MAP.

    The wing Chun people in the UK that I've trained with are typically very informal in their style of teaching and focus on drills, pads and footwork. Not so much on the forms (which I personally disagree with).

    Switching to white crane has been an interesting experience to see a traditional system and see that there was more focus on training the body in order to be able to perform some of their physicislly strenuous and it was interesting to see the various weapon systems.

    I still think and act as a wing Chun person and so far I think it has been largely compatible with the white crane drills , even the same shapes but that's not too surprising considering that wing Chun might be derived from white crane.

    I am learning the Shuang yang form in white crane and I've previously learnt the siu nim tao and some of the Cham Kiu for WSL Wing Chun
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