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    Rishinjuku karate is a full-contact karate style which allows all strikes. This includes: bare knuckle face punches, head butts, knees, elbows, kicks and attacks to the groin in its Tatsujin competition format.

    It is trained in such a manner that men, women and children can train it safely but do get ready for real self defense.

    The development of power comes from Muchimi and Chinkuchi. These two forgotten concepts of karate are taught from the beginning, making students progress very fast. Muchimi is the correct usage of muscles chains. Chinkuchi is the correct placement of the bones. They all come from a traditional form, the Naihanchi kata.

    It was created by Shihan Yoshiharu Murai, a man who competed in all kinds of karate, muay thai, lethwei, .... competitions. He even had many challenge matches and street fights when he was younger. This gives him a unique perspective of what works in bare knuckle real situations. Now he teaches and is a mentor to youth and guides them to a better life than he had.

    The first foreign branch was established in Belgium by Filip Swennen, who helps out with international communications. He created a a FREE PDF, about
    - how he got into Rishinjuku karate after a life time of training in other martial arts.
    - anecdotes of the harsh life lived by Shihan Murai
    - introduction to "Muchimi" and the core concepts behind all the techniques.

    You can get it here.

    Link deleted

    Be kind, be strong


    Filip Swennen
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    Welcome to MAP.

    I'm afraid we don't allow advertising, or links back to personal sites.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts on "real self defence".
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    Looks great! Proper fighting art :D
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    So what's the relation to kudo?
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    Thanks for the positive reactions. The link was just a way to get a text with some techniques explained. My apologies. On the website you could have seen free videos of techniques explained by Shihan Murai himself.
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    Real Self Defense

    My definition : "Self defense is getting yourself, your family and your friends to a safe place."
    Basically avoid, deescalate and run
    But sometimes you can't due to
    - no exit
    - can't abandon somebody (can't run away and abandon your 7 year old when being mugged.)

    Then you need fighting skills
    - Knowledge about pre-fight and post-fight matters like adrenal dump.
    - Usage of the fence, like Geoff Thompson
    - knowing the differences between punching with gloves and without.
    - knowing the differences between blocking/guarding strikes without gloves
    - have Sempai who fought bare knuckle with face punches so they can share their experiences. There is much more to it than 'just punch higher'

    In a nutshell

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    I wrote an article about traditional karate and Kudo in the past here.
    (I helped establish at the time the Australian Kudo branch when I was still living in Sydney.)
    (link deleted)

    But I found Rishinjuku to be even close to what I personally sought.
    They take many traditional elements of the kata Naihanchi and make it work bare knuckle.
    The usage of Muchimi and Chinkuchi, traditional elements that add power, are unique to Rishinjuku.
    Kudo has abandoned kata, and unfortunately thrown out some of it's good elements with it.
    Kudo is great. But I feel Rishinjuku to be very karate-like while Kudo has more of an MMA vibe to it.
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