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Discussion in 'Karate' started by traditional, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. traditional

    traditional New Member

    hello all,

    Can anyone tell me anything about a karate club in Toowoomba, Queensland called RENBUKAN. Are they the only karate club in that area cause nobody seems to advertise or am I blind (probably blind)


  2. etho

    etho New Member

    havent heard of the renbukan one but i trained under peter williams shorin ryu club in toowoomba who is now retired but there was other shorin ryu clubs there dont know what they were like though ours was a combined style with a lot of wing chun/jkd in it some of peters black belts may be instructing in toowoomba though
  3. G.L. Hopgood

    G.L. Hopgood New Member

    Renbukan karate used to be taught at the PCYC in Toowoomba so if you look up the info on the Toowoomba PCYC you'll probably get some contact details (I did it for school sport there in the late eighties)
  4. G.L. Hopgood

    G.L. Hopgood New Member

    Hi Etho
    I trained with Peter Williams from 1987 to 1992 - I got to probationary Black Belt, then moved to Brisbane. I've trained at a lot of clubs and styles since then - do you know of any of Peter's students training in Brisbane?
  5. Nickobeno

    Nickobeno Valued Member

    Renbukan Karate in Toowoomba is headed by Senei Mike Jordan, you can contact the club through this link. I have been training there for nearly 2 years and recommend it.
  6. gorinnosho

    gorinnosho Kendo Addict

    hi traditional i'm a former Renbukan student, i received my 4th kyu under them, all depends on what you want to know? i'm a fairly good friend of the head instructor at the toowoomba Dojo Mike Jordan, i'm now with the traditional ****o-ryu club (formerly half of the toowoomba Renbukan club) we train at the Toowoomba PCYC. the head instructor there is peter weatherspoon (formerly of Renbukan) there is also the Aka Shotokan Dojo.

    Renbukan used to be huge, (most of the AKF board being Renbukan members). there are many dojos around QLD and northern NSW. plus Singapore and Japan. i have been lucky to train with Shihan Paul Hallas once and Kancho Iba Kasumi on three occasions. is the website for Renbukan but its under contruction.
    i'm planning to go hit the Glenvale Renbukan Dojo during the School holidays (allong with all the other Karate Dojos in the Toowoomba area). make sure to say hi.

    there's more information i can pass on to you concirning the three ****o-Ryu karate clubs in the area (Renbukan being one) PM me if your interested.

    PS Look out for the GKR Club
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  7. Friction

    Friction Valued Member

    Sorry to dig up such an old thread, but my son just started training in Renbukan Karate last week at our local PCYC and I've been searching high and low for any information I can find about the style, but there is little to be found. Is this style a case of a once popular style and now very hard to find instructors teaching it? It sure seems that way by the lack of information I have found.
    If anyone has trained in Renbukan and knows of any resources I can look at to help my son train at home, that would be greatly appreciated.
  8. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    In this case, make sure he practices at home, encourage and support his practice. If it involves bag workouts or something like that, set up the equipment. Ask his instructor for advice on what you, as a parent, can do.

    Be positive and supportive. Don't get in the way of the instructor's doing their job.

    But you don't know the style yourself, so transmitting information to your son from other sources would probably not be transmitted correctly.
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  9. gcurtisf

    gcurtisf New Member

    I have recently returned to Renbukan training in Bardon after a 22 year hiatus
    My old instructor Peter Bayliss 5th dan is still teaching.
    Renbukan are hard to find as they have let their website go and don't advertise.
    This is about to change as a new website will be launched shortly.
    In the meantime has some good Renbukan history, but this website was never finished
    All the best
  10. Genner

    Genner New Member

    Hi G.L... I was a Black Belt under Peter Williams and trained in Toowoomba in the early 80's when Laurie Nolan , Steve Cook Gary Hinze and Gary Skaines (Hope I spelt all their last names correctly) were training with Peter. I later started up the Goondiwindi Shorin-ryu Karate Club and Peter awarded me with my Second Degree Black at one of the Shorin-ryu Summer Camps we used to have at Shannon Park. They were great days under a dedicated instructor I will always remember Peter with a lot of respect. Wayne Cooling, Arthur Wells and the Madden Boys also come to mind who I trained with in later years. There is a FB site for past members of Peter's where old student can catchup called Shorin-ryu / Peters Williams Teachings.. I hope the link works.... (Link Deleted)
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