Rayshard Brooks shooting

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  1. Dead_pool

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    You forgot when he wore a tan suit!

    And when he ate Dijon mustard:

    What a monster!
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    I'm now hanging my head in shame for even making the crack. How do you do it so well, Deadpool? Joking without compromise? The first season of Watchmen keeps playing over and over in my head. The masks, the tests, the heroes, and the supremacists. It's all really happening, isn't it? Watchmen wasn't just some graphic novel, it's reality, with a certain slant. V for Vendetta, the same. Which makes Deadpool our savior, in a certain sense.
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  3. Dead_pool

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    I'm still laughing at the crack!

    It's purely a coping mechanism from the "horror show" that is the UK at present, the states are worse but by gods we're also on a downward path that is spiralling out of control fast.

    Still, gotta laugh ain't you....

    (Good suggestion on the Watchmen, I've not seen the series yet, but v for Vendetta is one my favourite films, theirs something very satisfying about distopian fiction, it's when it's in the news I get a bit more apprehensive)
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  4. Grond

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    Alan Moore predicted 2020.
  5. Grond

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  6. Dead_pool

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    Yep, the structure of America is definitely crumbling, it's amazing one half of that society can't recognise it.
  7. Dead_pool

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  8. axelb

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    How did I miss this first time round?
    There are plenty of points about his presidency that could have been picked on, but a tan suit and Dijon mustard?
    If they applied the same level of scrutiny to Trump they would be exhausted with "gates" by lunch time o_O

    Oh yes, to laugh at it all, because it's also the coping mechanism I use, I think it's that, scream at the walls, or strangle people, and with BJJ out until who knows when, I'm opting for laughing.
    Although my neighbour who came back to the UK from a country which is at peak covid on "quarantine" is looking a healthy candidate for the later as he wanders around with no restrictions announcing "it's fine you won't catch anything" :mad:

    Now where is my Dijon mustard, I fancy trying that on a burger.
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  9. Grond

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    It turns out that poor judge and her husband's 20 year old son was murdered by, get this, an "anti-feminism lawyer" from upstate. I didn't even know that was a thing but apparently this guy was an openly misogynist nut with a legal degree, who also seems to have had a serious fetish for dressing up as a Fed Ex driver (which he was when he murdered the boy), stalking young girls, and posting threats online about male dominance.

    Something is definitely provoking people towards violence in all directions. It's a vicious cycle, like Israel and Palestine, which is very scary when you consider just how far back the bad blood goes between them. Generations, countless victims on both sides You don't want people to lose faith in institutions during a single crisis, but you get multiple overlapping crises and you risk complete civic breakdown. It happened to Rome, which is what led from the collapse of the Republic to the creation of the Empire. Sound familiar? It's also the plot of a neat scifi movie. :D

    It's wrong for police to abuse force, it's also wrong for people to abuse the police (these are mostly blue collar guys!) but when people fight back against it, and the police bring even greater force with the hope to settle things, they don't realize they are adding fuel to the fire. And speaking of firefighters, they know the best way to kill a fire is not water, it's starving the whole thing of oxygen altogether. I'm no leader but one thing I know is nasty Tweets and people yelling on cable talk shows and radio is more like Sheriff Brody shooting the oxygen tank in Jaws' mouth. BOOM!
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  10. David Harrison

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    The federal government has proven its detractors right.

    It also shows the stark hypocrisy of 3%'ers, militia and other 2nd Amendment activists - to prevent unidentified federal troops snatching people off the streets without due process is the exact reason they bought all of those guns. Instead of saying anything about that, they are crying like babies over being asked to love their neighbour and wear a face mask.

    Still, what can you say to people who believe that "we shouldn't let the science get in the way" of dealing with a global pandemic? :rolleyes:
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  11. David Harrison

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    Here's some research for you, tell me if your demonstrandum has been quod erated.

    Powers conceded to police unions by city management make it impossible for chiefs to reform departments:
    Special Report: How union, Supreme Court shield Minneapolis cops

    Then you have good old corruption, and politicians taking millions of dollars from Police Unions:
    Revealed: police unions spend millions to influence policy in biggest US cities

    An article on the wider topic, a favourite of Republican pundits, that all the blame for deprivation in African American communities lies with the Democratic Party: The GOP Wants To Blame Black Misery on Democratic Mayors. Here’s Why That’s Wrong.

    Going back to the Reuters special report on police unions from 2017, I just wanted to highlight this part:
    Special Report: Police union contracts offer shield of protection

    I am curious if you feel it is "insanity" for the woman who was raped by this officer to have a right to defend herself. Do you think she should comply with the rape and then enter into a one-sided fight with a police union that she is almost certain to lose? Is that a more sane way to enforce the law?
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  12. Grond

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    I'm not as scared of the pandemic as I am this thread of events. There are so many layers upon layers at work here, but the ugliest side is when skinheads show up at Gettysburg with guns to attack phantoms and grief innocent people, because of what they read on the Internet.


    Gettysburg fake flag burning: Man behind hoax identified

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  13. David Harrison

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    While I agree that is worrying, an objective look at the stats makes me less worried about that than a disease that's left hundreds of thousands dead and more left with life-changing ailments.
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  14. Grond

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    A national civil war would make COVID19 look like a day in the park. And I think the US could be close to one, and the people who disbelieve it could happen should look back at history. IT doesn't take much, just millions of people who hate another set of millions. We've got all the guns, anger, racism, hatred, paranoia, and of course viral plague running around. What else would it take than the right spark? An assassination? Martial law crackdowns? Federal intervention in states' affairs? I think we're already there, or getting really close.

    Say what you want about Black Lives Matters, but a guy wearing a BLM tshirt at Gettysburg almost got lynched by crazy "patriot" nutjobs while trying to visit the graves of his ancestors. The local PD? They told him he should leave so as not to antagonize the well armed racists. That doesn't bode well in an area of Pennsylvania famous for a decisive battle that led to the Emancipation. Keep telling myself "don't get political" and then I catch myself rising up. And I'm the most laid back, calm person I know so if I'm getting this upset, I can't imagine what's going through the mind of protestors, cops, and people caught in between them and the racist criminal elements actually working towards a race war, plus the anarchists who just love to watch the blaze. I used to believe we were 40+ years past that possibility. but now I'm unsure, hence my worry. I never used to worry about things really, but now I do. 2020 made it real.
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  15. windwalker

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    it can be confusing, help is one the way

  16. Grond

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    Lost me 20 seconds in, but I kept watching. Just another thug with a camera, microphone, and bad attitude. Have you ever even been to Chicago? How many 18+ minute Youtube rants do you digest on a regular basis, Windwalker? Maybe you should replace this kind of stuff with Mr. Rogers, because he never sent squads of unmarked, heavily armed neighbors after his fellow neighbors. In fact, he played footsie with them.

    For real, the dude you posted is extremely hostile and toxic. Don't ally with this sort of personality, it will be your undoing, mostly because average people like myself get instantly turned off.

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  17. Dead_pool

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    MAP posters, "here's a list of things that have actually happened, isn't it terrible."


    "Here's what a random twitch gamer thinks, which also agrees with my preconfirmed biases, isn't that lucky"

    I'd put money on WW also thinking Trump's handling of the Pandemic has been good.
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  18. David Harrison

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    Yes, the potential is there for it to be a lot worse.

    This guy keeps coming up on my youtube feed, and he has some interesting perspectives. He's an ex-military contractor turned journalist, and here he talks about what the government's own manuals say about avoiding insurrection, and how Trump has done the opposite at every stage:
  19. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    Oh, and did anyone else chuckle at Trump, the guy who was supposed to break up these evil baby blood-drinking paedophile rings of the rich and famous, extending his good wishes to an actual organiser of an international paedophile ring of the rich and famous?

    Drain the swamp?
  20. Rand86

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    "Say hi to the dodos when you see them” comes to mind. :D
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