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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by belltoller, Sep 6, 2013.

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    lol, no I didn't mean that. I just mean that I was told by many guys who use test E,C, etc etc that it's better to split the doses up rather than have that really big dose that's supposed to last for 2 weeks, because typically it doesn't work that well for that long. Obviously everything starts to drop off after a while. I take medication for anxiety, but I wouldn't take a whole days worth of Xanax (not what I use) at the beginning of the day and hope that it lasts long enough because it won't.
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    Anyway, conversation back on track...

    Did anyone happen to see Cotto last night? It was his first fight with Freddie roach and while i'm not a big fan of roach it was interesting (not going to say what happened).

    and where will Canelo go from here? He's young, fought the best boxer in the world and lost what should have been 11 rds (i'll give him rd. 1 out of the goodness of my heart), but he can learn a lot from that loss and maybe try to work himself into the number 1 p4p spot after Floyd has retired, or happens to lose.
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    Corr blind me.
    Cotto - everone had written him off.
    D'yer see the second round, then? The left-right combo? Not recovered from that one and then the third.


    Roach did Miguel no harm ;)

    "...and where will Canelo go from here? ..."

    Well, someone has finally brought this long and winding thread back full circle.

    Cotto getting hammered by Trout, I'd say Cotto/Alverez
    , perhaps.
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    I think that golden boy was hoping for s better showing against Floyd, but a blind man would know it was a complete shut out IMO, if chavez had any sort of class when it came to making weight that would be a very winnable fight for canelo, that won't happen now. He could fight Martinez, but that straight left could cause a lot of problems for canelo.
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    "Back then I was a die-hard fan so I was ****ed off with her." This cracked me up! Hilarious! I was trying to picture in my head how that conversation went.

    All that steriod stuff got a bit technical for me. I don't know much about it to be honest.

    Alvarez v Cotto seems a good match, but I wouldn't personally throw Alvarez in too deep yet. Two losses in a row could be very damaging to a guy so used to winning. I thought he should have had this fight before Mayweather, but I realise you can't turn opportunties like that down
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    Cotto vs. Alvarez is the classic Puerto Rico vs. Mexico match-up. Both countries are crazy over their boxing and their fighters. Cotto has the power to very well hurt Alvarez, but Cotto is like a man without a country to me. He's a bit small for 154, but making 147 has become just a bit to difficult. Might as well fight where you are comfortable. In his prime... pre margacheato, he would have demolished Alvarez IMO. Now? Well, it's still possible and I don't think people give Cotto quite the credit he deserves. They talk about his "two back to back loses" as if they were to nobodies... NO ONE thought he would beat Floyd and most thought he did quite well, myself included. Everyone knew Trout was/is tricky and might cause him problems as well.
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    It was an interesting conversation, lol... I told her might buy me a Ferrari for my birthday or something, and she'd be really rich the rest of her life. Fortunately she's smart, and said she's not interested in that kind of life style. It was only a month or two later where Amir Khan announced his engagement to that girl from NYC. LOL.
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    Khan had the wrong trainer. roach is an offensive trainer and knows pretty much nothing when it comes to one of his guys in with a pure boxer. Think about it, never once has manny convincingly beaten Marquez in most people's eyes, but Marquez did flatten manny and had been timing him from rd. 1 of the last fight. roach wasn't smart enough to see that. There is nothing wrong with being offensive, but you've got to have SOME kind of defense in this sport. Khan wanted to prove he had a good chin... but he didn't prove it and got KO'd and almost got KO'd again in his last fight. He's not an elite fighter and while I love to watch Floyd in the ring, he is taking a serious step back if he makes a fight with Khan as far as legacy goes.
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    That's exactly the same analysis I had by 101%. I don't know much about Virgil Hunter but I don't think his tutorship is exactly working with Khan. All I see is Khan unloading less and being more conservative, yet his defense is still just as crappy as ever. Khan may have just turned into a dog too old to learn new tricks even though he shouldn't be.

    I don't think he knows how to control his thoughts in the heat of the moment. He just panics any time he gets into an exchange. I think his mind begins to shut off and ends up reacting like any untrained fighter, with the only exception being he has the physical training aspect down.
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    Yes! If you think about it though, Khan's resume is just OK, it's not elite by any means. He hasn't proven himself as far as his skill. He has all the tools in the toolbox, but knocks it over when he needs them ... which is basically as you said.

    With a defensive trainer years ago Khan could have been a possible p4p top 3 if he just didn't get himself in trouble so much. Virgil Hunter is a great trainer, but much like Ricky when Floyd Sr. started training him.. he looked very good against Malignaggi and showed excellent boxing skill, but Paulie wasn't a guy with a lot of power, but was fast and it was a good test for Ricky, but he just couldn't break that habit of swinging for the fences. A shame too because he could have easily won his last fight had he just calmed himself and just outboxed the guy. Ricky had very underrated boxing skills actually.
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    Right. I actually liked Khan better when he was throwing flurries. He was so fast that he wouldn't even give anyone a chance to counter. His ability to pressure the hell out of his opponents in the opening rounds was a gift I hadn't seen in fighters since... the 90s? It's just a shame he never learned to keep his hands up and stay light on his feet when getting hit; he plants himself pretty hard when he throws his deadliest weapon: the cross. And if you've noticed the trend in his last 3 or 4 fights, he is constantly getting hammered by the overhand right hook any time he is planting himself and throwing his jabs and crosses. He's so predictable and so vulnerable and I haven't seen that change even with Virgil.

    I remember when he was a lightweight and was fighting some 30-0 Russian guy. Amir floored him with his first punch of the fight and TKO'd him within 72 seconds. The announcers were counting 5 punches a second!

    I want that Amir back but with lighter feet and a better defense.

    PS - I also believe in the Tooth Fairy.
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    Yep, agree with all of that, but of course you run into the more elite guys who know how to evade pressure style fighters. I'll take Cotto for instance. Cotto IMO is one of the best pressure fighters out there. His feet seem to move sooooooooo slow, but he cuts the ring off so well and you CAN NOT escape the guy. I mean he really uses intelligent pressure and doesn't overwhelm guys with punches obviously, but Cotto is very strong and his physical size alone does (or did at the lower weights) force guys to fight his fight. I recall him moving to WW and his first fight was against Carlos Quintana who at the time was undefeated and I swore that Cotto would lose that fight and he just broke the guy down I believe it was stopped in the 5th.

    I would have liked to have seen Cotto vs. Khan at WW honestly, Cotto is wiser after doing a good job against Floyd and not really dropping a serious loss even to Trout.. more of just a few points and I think even a few had Cotto winning, but as far as speed goes it wouldn't be something Cotto had not seen before.

    With Khan Alexander not looking like it will happen (I would have taken Devon in that fight) 1802613-amir-khan-vs-floyd-mayweather-moves-closer-as-devon-alexander-deadline-passes

    It looks like a fight with Floyd will be on May 3rd... I have also heard some rumors it might be Sergio next as well, but Floyd would have to go there for the fight to make bigger money... that would be a PACKED stadium as well as a fight with Khan in England. Beating Sergio would solidify his legacy more so though, as Khan didn't look good at all his last fight and 2 fights before he was really KO'd badly.

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