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    Can you explain the lock?
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    Pff, you ask questions :oops::D

    I can try. It will sound a bit ... let's say clumsy and awkward :D
    I can also try to make a video this week, when I am with a trainings partner; we wanted to do that anyway, to remember the stuff from the seminar.

    It's a lock that works through... twisting?
    (I will explain it for one side, so I can use "left" and "right", but it works in both directions; we tried ;) )

    You have your partner in guard.
    We worked with a grip to the lapel.
    Use some sort of shock, so the partner has a reason to loosen the grip.
    Also shrimp out to your right.

    Now you use your left hand to grip the partners left hand; getting there in the "short way", in front of your face/ above ukes arms. Not below them.

    Now you turn Ukes hand to the outside/ the right direction, until the palm of his hand faces as far up as possible.

    Now to what your right hand does: Pretty much at the same time, this hand goes below Ukes left arm and comes up in between both his arms, giving a blow to the cubital joint (can you say elbow joint?) so that the arm is not only twisted a bit but also bent.

    Next (wooh, didn't use "now" again) comes the part, I struggle with to make it a bit more flowing, because here it starts hurting and the arm starts to get set under constant strain: You have Ukes left hand in your own left hand and need to put this (Ukes) hand in your right hand; for this, his hand gets most likely twisted a little more, so be careful please. You probably need to turn your own right hand a bit to get a grip on Ukes hand.
    If done right (or to be more precise: When *I* do it, it hurts uke here quite a bit; so I hope it *is* right ;) ) Uke should be having pain and the lock should be "in".

    Now it's not allowed to get lose a moment. Obviously you want to get into another position. Uke is in the lock and therefore probably moving a bit to flee the pain a little.
    Since you have shrimped to your own right, you can use your left leg/ foot to push away Ukes right leg, making him a bit more unstable.

    This gives you the opportunity to move him a bit and get free: You will make him move to your left (his right). You do this by kicking away his leg and, more important, by using the lock, as you can "steer"/ control him with that a bit.

    This leads to Uke lying on his stomach, his arm still being in the lock: The wrist is in roughly 90° as well as the elbow.
    From there do what you like: Control, punch, ...

    It's probably not the best explanation, I'm sorry for that.
    I will also see if I can make the video and getting my partners "okay" for putting it online on "private" youtube, so it can be accessed with a direct link.
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    I read it. I appreciate the effort.

    Can't say it sounds too viable, but it is hard to picture. It sounds like it would be easy to defend and I can't quite grasp how you are maintaining control mechanically. Video would be far better!

    Is this something you made up or something you were taught?
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    Obviously didn't help :D

    I agree, that I think it heavily depends on actually breaking the arm.
    For me at least the moment, when you have to "hand over" Ukes hand is a bit complicated.

    Probably not, but I can try anyway.

    Taught on a seminar two Saturdays ago.
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    So, since life really sucks at the moment and is driving me crazy, bordering nervous breakdown, I wasn't training much last week.
    Geeesh, I need to get out of here a bit.

    I was training last Monday, but there wasn't much worth mentioning.

    Same goes for Tuesday.
    Grading stuff, but I mainly sat and watched after warm-up.
    Warm-up was fun though.

    Wednesday off.

    Thursday, sort of off.
    We had an appointment at a bank, to get our new bank cards for the "job".
    Took around 90 minutes.
    Only time left to drag myself to the JJ-kids, during which I made ukemi and De-Ashi-Barai with them.
    Skipped my own training and drove home.
    Went to bed at 21:02h and woke up at 15:37h.
    In case, I didn't mentioned it: Life blows.

    Friday, off

    Saturday, seminar got cancelled
    Was to be expected, as I was actually looking forward to that.
    The good thing: Given my momentary situation, I lived with it.

    Sunday, cold in sick for this seminar.
    A first timer.
    Hate my life.

    The usual, but with 18 kids; and a fair number of kids (6 without thinking too much) wasn't even there.

    Warm-up, Ukemi, De-Ashi-Barai.
    I need to skip Ukemi next time, as I don't get further with the throw otherwise.

    My own training:
    We got shown ten locks and it was our job to find techniques for it to work.

    I had the other kids coach as a partner, which really is wasting time.
    Funny to see though, how a BB that phantasizes about doing second dan, needs force to try make things work - in an totally cooperative environment.
    I am far away from being perfect, but this gets ridiculous at times; and is not a reason, that makes you looking forward to training.

    Grading preparation:
    Locks - check.
    Chokes - check.
    Throws - I need to work on them a little, so I remember which comes when ;) Luckily I only get thrown.
    We took a look at the weapons (only six techniques) and the competition stuff (only three).
    And the above, obviously.

    My teacher also showed me another way to get into Sankaku-Jime, which I really like and hopefully can play with tomorrow.

    BUT - I managed to make the video about the lock, I tried to explain.
    It probably is rather bad, as I don't manage to concentrate as well as I usually can.
    Also we will pretend that I actually used "th" in "s" in moments it came up (I felt like curling together on the ground, when I heard that); and other obvious mistakes, I made language-wise.
    I noticed a few when I watched once, and am really sorry about that!
    But hopefully you get an idea of the technique with it.
    In case it ever finishes uploading....

    Let me know, in case it doesn't work.
    It's only the second time I uploaded a video and I am not at all familiar with it.
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    Cheers for the video! I thought it was very clear and well explained so good job.

    The lock itself is obviously mechanically sound, however I'm sceptical about how you would apply it live in terms of establishing and maintaining control. Have you tried it in newaza?
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    Thanks. I notice a couple of times, that I had to think too long for a(nother) word.
    A bit depressing, considering that I usually know these words :D

    I didn't try it in newaza, no.
    First off, because I still have to learn it better; was probably rather obvious.
    And since the arm is strained rather early and apparently painfully (as long as you are a normal person ;) ), I'm a bit concerned to actually injure my partner; especially given, that I'm not too good with it (hopefully) yet.

    I'm really not one going all "that's too dangerous to try during randori/ sparring/ whatever", but for the moment that does count a bit.

    I think (speculation here, from someone who never was in a real fight so far) that this might be a thing, that lives from actually breaking an arm or more luck, than I would like to depend on; I admit that.
    But I also plan on playing with it at times, depending on my partner.

    I should probably also mentioning, that it's a technique I want to use in my grading.
    It might be different at other places, but during our grading we can "play" a bit with techniques as well. The stuff has to work, otherwise I get flipped the bird, but it can also be a bit playfully - as long as it works!

    So it might be more realistic to just knock anyone out, but if I were to show that for everything, I wouldn't get allowed to grade ;)
    Therefore I am allowed (and expected) to show things that are technically "demanding" (as in connecting different things; connecting techniques in a flowing sequence; ...) stuff, that has to work, but can also be too complex, as that you would use it in a real situation (like, for example, joint lock sequences; in a real situation, you would probably just break the bone with the first try and not switch to different locks).
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    The thing to test, in my view, would be the entry into and establishment of the initial lock both before being passed to the right hand and after. It looks like it'd be ridiculously hard to get into and once you initiate it it'll be hard to see through; there isn't enough control as I see it. I think some resistant drilling would reveal a lot of holes but I might be wrong.

    Good luck with it!
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    So, I watched the video again.
    How is it possible, that I sound less like a dork when speaking English, compared to me normally talking?
    I'm not talking so nasal and sound nicer (as far as that is possible :D ) :confused:

    This week I sort of at least went four out of five days.

    Monday, 19th
    Mini-SD and JJ-Kids

    Mostly like always, to be honest.

    My own JJ
    Could have been fun, but was boring.
    Every class probably has this one student no one really wants to train with - and I had this student as a partner.
    Normally I am being this student.

    The reason for the "sort of": I did go, but since we had to use this night for a board meeting, it wasn't training but the meeting.
    I got some material for kids training though!
    I actually would have preferred training, but the meeting was also important. And the teacher was at the meeting as well, so... ;)

    Went to ATK and had to have a talk to another teacher.
    Didn't like it at all, but sort of felt obligated to explain, what's wrong with me lately.
    In case anyone says something in that direction, I at least know that he betrayed my trust.
    The good thing is, he is probably more sympathetic than I am myself - and made clear, that if I attend training, that won't excuse any misbehavior on the mats.
    Fair enough, I wouldn't it any different.

    We we repeating some of the techniques from the green belt program and afterwards was a grading: Yellow to orange. He passed.

    After that, another student and I used some mat time for her grading program.
    That was fun.


    I can count on my Sensei not to sugar coat me :D
    He kicked my butt a bit but we had a good talk later in the car.
    So it was worth it ;)

    Took off

    I was groggy and not in the mood to drive all the way for an hour of training; and I would have skipped the other sessions, since my train wouldn't drive but only a bus and that sort of screws over my homecoming, once it gets late.

    But it might have been for the better, as I got sick as of Saturday.
    Fever and the rest of the bundle.
    Went to the Doc yesterday (Monday) morning, after it was 39,5°C at night and still 39°C in the morning. And because my head was driving me crazy.
    Apparently I looked crappy, because he had hardly seen me and was like "Whoa!" :D
    Got some cough expectorant for in the morning, cough suppressant for the night and was told to take some ibuprofen, as I had let the fever work enough (especially because everything ached).
    What can I say?
    I love drugs ;)
    One Ibuprofen and and eight hours later the fever is gone, I'm at 36,2°C and don't feel like I have to die anymore :D

    I am grounded from training until Friday though; and even though I'd like to go at least today and Thursday, I won't.
    Depending on how I feel, I will go to a seminar on Saturday, given that my teacher takes me with him.
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    Glad you are better :)

    You seem cool to me; I don't know why you are so hard on yourself!

    Ps - I do understand it's not simple.
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    Fever came back, I lied down dying again.
    I hate being sick and am not getting better at it :D
    Took another Ibuprofen a few hours ago, that is doing the job again; hopefully the fever won't come back again this time.

    The good thing: My two cats that would fight and argue for a while, would cuddle again earlier; okay, and fight again after that, but that's because they're dumb :rolleyes:

    I guess.
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    Still having a bit of hard time to get my behind up, especially since I'm still barking like a dog, but went at least Thursday to training, as my teacher asked, if I were to come.
    Seminar-preparation - yay!

    Thursday, 08.03.18

    On Saturday we (well, my teacher; I only uke) have an four hour seminar he gives, and went through some of the techniques he wants to do on Thursday; it was great and fun, despite the pain in my wrist. Torqued locks still hurt :D
    But boy, I enjoyed it; we went to a bit of Aikido (ouch wrist), ATK (ouch head, due to hair pulling; people that actually know how to do that properly, can be so annoying), some Karate (not much ouch, to be honest); JJ and Judo plus doing the above again on next Tuesday and Thursday again.
    Can't wait.
    Which is stupid, since I know it will hurt ;)

    Warm-up was quite fun too, as we added some kicking and punching in; even a slight punch to the chin in the right way, gives a slight impression, what a real punch could do :D

    In between the preparation I had a talk to my Judo-teacher: In the other club, he will ask, if could attend training once a week as as passive member; would mean I needed to pay less, but also that I couldn't grade anymore withing the DJB; he would grade me within the BAE though, if the head of it allows it (my Judo teacher isn't member of the BAE; but since they have apparently only one person, that take regular grades in Judo, he might allow my Judo-teacher to grade my JJ-teacher and me).

    And a little bit of preparations for the grading; I would like to do it in July (because my teacher told me, to try and do it fast; so in theory apparently I should be able to. Otherwise he would not say something like that, but that I should take my time), but at the moment I don't really see it happening.
    I would be able to show the necessary number of techniques without too much trouble; I train enough for that to know enough things.
    But I want to have something more "special" in it, and not only the same old you see in every grading, which makes it a bit more difficult.

    I also talked to my teacher, and he said, when I want to have a good grading, he wants to see something new*.
    *not new entirely, as this would be rather impossible, but he doesn't want to see things, he himself added in the earlier programs, but wants to see something else. Be it differently arranged or with additional content, so to speak.

    I saw him watching two other greenbelts, and they have some very basic stuff included; that is something I don't want and where I have a higher aspiration for myself. Especially because my teacher told me, that he doesn't want to see a certain technique in my grading, that they have still included; good thing, that I didn't want to have that anyway, because it's *too* basic for my liking.

    Ah, well, maybe I should use the weekend a bit for my program.
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    Monday, 12.03.18
    Back to training it is. And luckily I still enjoy it, even though I'm still not too motivated, to actually get up.
    BUT once I'm on my way, I'm fine, which, for me, is more important.

    First day back and I'm sneaking myself into the coaches plans ;)
    I stopped from doing only rolling (seriously, when she mentioned to only roll, as in forward roll/ tumble, I thought I heard wrong), by being honest: That the little ones would get bored to death rather soon.
    Instead I offered a different take to falling backwards - simple as only the kids having pushing each other back, while sitting face to face of each other; the coach misunderstood me a little, but the kids still enjoyed it more, than dull Ukemi (no surprise given their age).
    Now I need to find way to make the other variants interesting as well.
    God hates me ;)

    I also made a little boy cry.
    Well, though luck, to be honest.
    I told him several times, that when he keeps on doing shenanigans and doesn't train properly, he will be sent on the bench.
    So I did.
    Of course Granny had to go to him (Granny, because the other coach really *is* his Granny), telling him to go apologize to me, so he could join the game in the end.
    So I thanked him for his apology and told him to go back to the bench; but I also added (since Granny pretty much told him, I would allow him back in) than he can re-join a few minutes later.
    There the tears started; apparently I am worse than his teacher in school (he joined school last summer) :D
    I calmly explained him why I am doing it (not to be mean, but because he disturbs the other kids) and whatnot; at one point the tears stopped and he told me of smartphone game he is playing (kid has a better phone than I do o_O ).

    All in all I like the boy, but geesh, he needs to learn consequences and needs to get raised properly. The way it is now, he has hardly any chance in the future :(

    Okay, I spent too much time on warm-up and Ukemi today.
    On one side it was good, as I had no idea what to do with them next ;)
    I had ideas, sure, so I would have get the lesson filled reasonably, but nothing where I would have thought: "Yeah! That's it!"

    On the other side - well, I need 90 minutes instead of 60 ;)

    If I have to correct something during Ukemi a lot more, I might throw some kids out of the window.
    - Getting up after rolling forward. they can choose between turning around, cover up or turning around and doing a kick.
    BUT, if they do latter, I want to actually do a kick, not to lift the leg like a horribly wounded ballerina.

    - Rolling backwards - similar problem as above: When they want to kick...

    - Being at kicks - if they do them, they are supposed to *breath*. I don't demand a Kiai, but *breathing* I do want.*

    - Falling to the side - having the knee hitting to ground first. But okay, I at least understand, that this is a bit more difficult, because you fight yourself as well, not to use the knee as a break before falling.

    - Getting up after falling. Please, just stop getting up in a direction, where you would run into a knee.

    - Breathing, or letting out the air, when falling. Sooner or later one of them will get thrown and learn the hard way, that it's not great to hold your breath or even breath in.

    *I'm thinking about forbidding the kick and only make them stand surefooted, with their cover up.

    After Ukemi, most of the time was gone, so I only handed out pads and let them do some striking. Ten minutes, when you also need to explain what to do, just aren't enough for anything complex.

    And here I made the next boy cry: I told two of them to take the pads I gave them, despite them being to big.
    I know they are too big, they are for me too, but for the few minutes it would have worked.
    I also told them, no, they are not allowed to switch with someone else, as they are two of the bigger ones and I can't give those pads to kids with even smaller hands.
    told them that three times and that they can sit down and wait for the rest of the lesson, if they don't start now.
    I turn around, look at a another pair, turn back again, and they are switching pads with the smallest boy that was even there.
    So I sent them to the bench.
    And boy, did one of them start crying.
    I was cold, I guess, as I only told him that I told him what would happen.
    Of course the other coach had to go to him later, not only comforting him, but also taking the pads herself, so he can go back training - which had me more annoyed, than what the kids did.
    The problem is: I can tell her not to do that, and next time she will do it just again...

    My own JJ

    That was fun: We did a short chain of shoulder locks, ending in a rolled-in omoplata (the "rolled-in" is probably used wrong; what I mean: Standing in front of Uke when (s)he is lying on the ground, putting your inner foot at his armpit and roll over the same side; you end up in omoplata).
    Loved it and already found a technique where to add it in my grading.
    Well... actually, I was trying to find a technique in general, and now ended using a simple entry, I had done before, but added a throw and the omoplata :rolleyes:

    We did these for a while, got another tip on Gyaku-Ude-Garami and afterwards had a while for grading program.
    So I showed my partner what I have so far and playes with a couple of things, to find something to do (there we came up with the above mentioned defence).

    Free training, grading for my teacher

    We repeated again his basics: Locks, chokes (one was so good, that I had a coughing fit. But I have to admit, it's pretty easy at the moment, because I'm barking like a dog anyway), throws, three attacks he had to defend with, I think, competition-like techniques (I have to look it up again; right now I only know what I am supposed to do and what he does :oops:), seven defenses against punches or kicks, six weapon defenses and three defenses, when he is on the ground.

    With the upcoming self-defense techniques, only 24, he wants to do most of them spontaneous.
    Nothing can go wrong there, right? I'm such a spontaneous person after all :confused:
    We will look at it a bit, but not too extensively.
    This really wouldn't be my way of preparing, but apparently he did so before.

    And to be honest: 24 techniques - even I could show that number with not that many problems; given that he is way better than I am, he will probably really have no problems doing it like that.
    Still - not the way, I would prepare for any of my gradings.

    Next comes tomorrow.
    Preparation for the seminar on Saturday.
    Can't wait!
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    Tuesday, 13.03.18

    Damn, I just realized we have March already! Not February anymore. 16 more days and it's my Moms birthday, and I have *no* idea, what to get her!

    Anyway, training...


    Warm-up - running.
    Darn it, I really need to get some endurance :(
    On Thursday I was glad, that my teacher allowed me to go a bit slower, due to my coughing and former sickness; and was pleasantly surprised, that he didn't yell at me at all.
    Well, tonight he was back to his normal self and I learned very loud (but not aggressive! In a teasing way! He's not a bad guy after all ^^) and constantly, that I can cough just as well, when I am running.

    Next thing was Ukemi.
    I was first in line, which I never am usually, because I'm not the highest grade.
    Today I was.
    Not sure, if I need to be that more often ;)

    After Ukemi he gave the commando to our Judo-teacher o do something with the others, whereas we train for the seminar on Saturday.

    Gee, I had so much fun! :)
    We repeated the "old" techniques a couple of times and added some new things.
    Style-specific as well as connecting the styles.
    We (well, he did; I only attacked) tinkered a bit until he found things he liked, discarding a lot of things, because they were rather easy and not "cool" enough.
    Yes, they would have worked - my flying around proved that - but they were a bit dull or he had better ideas coming after these.

    He was especially charming, when he mentioned that I have increased weight :oops:
    I mean - he *is* right, but... okay, we essentially only laughed about it. I explained that I'm working on losing it again, so he grade in October...
    He's still more on the non-grading-side, but give me time ;)
    It also sealed my fate: Eating up the snacks and such that are here, drinking up juices and the such, not getting anything new and trying to eat healthy. Healthier.
    And getting rid of these added Kilos :D

    Anyway, I enjoyed it tons and I think we both had a good time.
    Reminded me a lot on the beginning, when we started working on his last grading; lots of fun, lots of learning, lots of pain, lots of flying, ... :D

    I also have a pointer on what to look for, when rolling backwards.
    I can roll around and all that fine, but I sort of have to choose whether I want to set up my knee a short (and soft) moment to get up, or if I don't let the knee touch the floor, but don't get up properly, because I'm landing in a stupid way on my lower arm - soft and slow and painless, but the arm not the hands, so I could push myself up.

    I will use tomorrow or Thursday for rolling a bit, I'm a afraid.
    Backwards to finally make it also look pretty ;) and forwards left, as I am not satisfied with the way it is.
    It's not that I would hurt myself, but it doesn't look as good as I want it too.
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    Kept going all the week, plus seminar today.
    So, I hope at least that routine might be back.


    My teacher told me I could go slow and easy, since I was out for two weeks due to being sick and still coughing.
    Worked for the first twenty minutes or so, but at soon as the warm-up was over (and I was panting like an idiot) he walked past me, saying "It gets better soon".

    So, yeah.
    We did program for the grading (one of the reasons, I will soon go back to Judo for Wednesday; too much grading for my liking in ATK at the moment. That and - it's Judo).
    This time the program for green (which was at least something); the teacher called me over to show the techniques with me - and stayed afterwards to be partner, since we had the group split, only three of us were doing green and we had other advanced students looking for the others.
    Since he likes to go fast, we did just that.
    So... yeah... I got easy... easy sweating and close to panting, but easy.
    All a question of the perspective, I guess ;)

    After we did the predefined techniques (that's a boring thing with the ATK grading program: The techniques are absolutely detailed), we went to the free stick techniques.
    And he went away, to look at the beginners, leaving me there to do the free techniques with them.

    Huh, now that I think about it, that's somehow a weird logic, to leave me with them, when it comes to the free stuff.... *We need a thinking smiley!*

    Anyway, I showed them a few things they could do with a stick and let them try those.

    And when I keep thinking... I mainly had to figure out most of it from my own experience (one of my JJ-teachers gave me some tips, what I could include, but I had all of these already :D I *do* have good teacher, it seems :) ), and not due to letting me show everything...
    Darn it, I might have learned something after all :confused:o_O

    Free training afterwards
    I stayed with my partner a little while (40 minutes or so) afterwards, to work on my grading program for JJ, because I have to figure out some techniques to add.
    And it actually seemed to have worked out.
    We played around a lot, discarded a lot, because it wouldn't work (I mean - if two beginners like we notice "nope, I get that arm out", "I would really like to slam my elbow into you, when you're in that position" or "Great, now I positioned myself in a way, that *you* can choke *me* out", it's probably a bad idea to add that into anything :D )

    If my worked out ideas are *really* of any use, I will know once my teacher took a look at them.

    But for the moment I'm more or less satisfied and more surprised, that I apparently did learn something.
    Not getting over that.

    Also: It's fun to play around and see what ideas come up; also fascinating how many things don't come up.
    Since my teacher and I played around a bit last week for the seminar today (Saturday), I have a 1:1 comparison on what comes to my mind (boring stuff) and what comes to his (stuff, I have the feeling, I wouldn't even consider doing).
    So much to learn :cool:


    19 kids plus two for a trial (but they didn't dare to actually get on the mats; too shy).
    It's like living hell :confused:
    I seriously have *no idea* how I don't lose my sanity; I think it's due to already dying inside...

    We did some moving games, in a competition way and the kids seemed to love it.
    I added a new (stolen ;) ) idea, in which one kid would lie down and another would roll it around - which they enjoyed more, than I expected.
    And yes, I know it's not a creative idea, but I didn't have it myself anyway.
    And yes, I also know (well, it dawned to me), that I need to learn to think even more like a little child, when it surprises me, that they enjoyed it.


    I felt generous that day, so I gave the kids a last chance that we would try a little game to warm-up.
    Normally they screw it up, because they don't run enough or start arguing.
    They didn't that day, which was good.
    Which was less good, was that the "little game" lasted nearly half an hour.
    But I decided to let them finish, because they were behaving. And because I wanted to see how the rest of the lesson would work out.

    After they were done I skipped Ukemi and let them decide what they wanted to do: Some self-defense techniques or working on the pads.
    It was the first time ever(!) that ever, that it was an unanimous answer actually.
    So we did - pad work.

    I showed them something, they didn't do already, so that at least it would be something new: Uraken-Zuki (with a turn) and Kagato-Geri.
    Considering that they never did these before, not in that way, it went like it was to expected: Some knotted their feet during the turn and got confused on which hand or pad to use; some bent their knee...
    BUT - everyone tried!
    And everyone seemed to have fun.
    Which is so much more important to me, than if they get it right; especially when doing it the first time.
    They didn't even complain, that it would get boring or anything, even though we only did those two things for at least twenty minutes.
    That was... pretty amazing, actually, now that I think about it :eek:

    I'm afraid now, that I have to find a way, to keep their attention up. Darn it!

    My own JJ
    Learned again, that you can run when you feel like dying from coughing.
    Okay, not that bad. When I had a *real* little fit, he didn't say anything to me, when I was just walking or even standing in a corner.
    When it was just two or three coughs though...

    After running we did some Karate motivity (sounds like a weird word, but my dictionary says it's that), which was more fun.
    Well, everything is more fun, than running.
    I really, really, *really* need to actually start training that. If it weren't for my hatred of running...

    Ukemi was mostly as usual. I'm only to dumb for a certain way of rolling and should be shot for it.

    After that it was time for the fun part - seminar preparation!
    Mostly we repeated the former things and added few to it.
    During one of the ATK-techniques our picture of Funakoshi Gichin nearly landed on my head. Apparently it was close enough, that five people started at me, one asking rather concerned if I were alright.
    I wouldn't even have noticed that it fell though; I got flung against the wall and that already made a sound :D

    I also took this technique as an inspiration for one of my techniques for my JJ-grading; I use a similar entry for one on the ground.
    Or I will, in case F. says it's an okay technique and not rubbish.

    In between he was also asked about a certain technique and I had the honor to was allowed to uke for that one as well.
    So, I got a stick and was told how I was supposed to attack.
    As soon as he saw me rolling my eyes, because I knew what would happen, he had the fun of his life for the day ;)
    Waki-Gatame, when taking the power of the hit with it and going to the ground. He likes it how I "fly" there, because I attack properly and he *really* can do this technique properly :D

    In between I was asked by our other two green belts, what to do against an uppercut.
    I considered Juji-Uke but wasn't to sure, so told him to attack me - I have no idea *how* but even managed to make a nice technique out of it.
    I was so baffled (still am) that I looked like very dumb... what animal looks normally dumb, and can even look dumber afterwards?

    In the end of course it had to happen: He sent me for last two minutes to the other green belts for grading program - on the *one* day, where I forgot my program at the other dojo :rolleyes:

    Friday, 16.03.2018

    A substitute took this lesson, which had me rather excited, because he *wouldn't* do the grading program and is able to do a very nice, technical training.

    Before we started I asked him a quick question about "Sode-Tsuri-Komi-Goshi" - and instead of looking at me dumbfounded and remembering me, that he's not a Judoka he just showed me what to do :D

    We could choose between throws and weapon techniques.
    After I called "weapons" we did that; it really does help, if no one else dares saying something :cool: ;)

    I would have liked throws too, though. They are fun too.

    I was hoping for one or two techniques on the ground; instead we did pure basics; in all fairness, we were three whitebelts, one yellowbelt, another blackbelt and me - so too difficult things would have been more fun but also a bad choice.

    But even though it were basics, he used a different way than I mostly due (to another teacher and his influence), so I had enough to work with, such not falling into this habit.
    It's also something, I can do with the kids on the Monday!

    Karate and Kickboxing

    My partner and I asked, if we were allowed to use this lessons to work on the grading program, so that I at least have something written down and can check with F., whether it's crap or not.
    And he allowed it.

    Therefore we played around and tried out some things, again discarded lots of it, ...

    So nothing really interesting I could write here, aside that the coach really annoyed me that day.
    "Don't talk, train!"
    "...Yes, understood"

    Same comment later.
    "Well, I have to figure out some techniques, so I need to talk."

    Later, again:
    "Train, don't talk"

    "Train, don't take a break all the time."
    "I'm not taking a break, I'm writing the technique down."
    "So I remember it later"
    "What, you can't your program yet?"
    "I'm just assembling it."
    "And why do you write it down?"

    After training:
    "What are all these papers for anyway?"
    "They're my program"
    "And during your grading, you just read the techniques?"

    I mean - I get it, 95% were irony, sarcasm.
    And I'm usually fine with it.
    But Friday it got old after a while.
    My hint, that I'm not a fifth Dan and, yes, have to write down my program, didn't really impress him also.

    I love it, when he has these days - new people, that day three girls, who keep talking and laughing, but he can't say much to them, because they're new.
    So, he picks his next "victim".
    My partner and I are used to it, so it's not a big deal really (despite sounding different right now), but when he commented too often, that he never had to use a program, he really had me annoyed after a while.
    Especially because I know, that people working their Xth Dan, *do* use programs as well.

    Saturday, 17.03.2018


    Sometimes I would like to look into the head of the people, when F. shows the techniques in the way he does with me.
    I don't know it any different, but due to another forum I know by now, that other clubs never use that much contact during technique-training.

    You could hear regularly, when his fist/ side of the hand/ foot would connect to my body, you could see how he hold the locks really tide (at least I'm unfortunately sure, that my face said the really clearly), he wouldn't slow down for throws...

    So much Fun :)

    We mostly did, what we prepared, but he also switched some things, adding a few thing, cancelling others.

    What he added for example: Remember the above stick technique, where he falls into Waki-Gatame, after hurling me a bit?
    Yeah, works with a chain too.
    "Take the chain and hit me here (points to the right side of his head)."
    A look in my eyes; he probably say the little devil, that poked him with his fork, because he was smiling evil at me.

    So, yeah, I got a few flying lessons with that technique, but in the end it's kind of fun. Aside from the pain ;)

    I even managed to pick a partner today!
    Normally, I end up getting whoever is left in the end.
    After one of the partner switches, there were three or so of us left and *I* picked one of them.
    Yes, I know, it's pretty pathetic, but for me it was quite an achievement, because I usually don't do that. Can't do that.

    Towards the end I "ended up" with the two blackbelts that arranged the seminar; I think I'm friends with them by now. They're former students of F. themselves and of them is the one, who let's me take a ride a lot, when he goes to seminars.
    All three of them (these two and F.) evaluated my Ajukate-grading.

    Pretty much the first thing one of them asked was, when I will do my orange belt :D

    I really enjoyed training with them again.
    Mostly we don't end up as partners, so it was fun to be in that position again and able to actually train *with* them and not "only" learn *by* them.

    Afterwards a few people went to a restaurant.
    Funny enough we were eight people, with me being the only one not from their club.
    Was kind of weird, when I realized that, but I knew all of them; okay, one I met the second or third time.
    It did feel a bit like intruding into their space (no matter, if we're friends or not. But I really should learn to judge that at some point).
    Which is a stupid thought, as I -as mentioned- now them all and was asked if I wanted to join.

    It was fun, the food was great - but I retreated to duck, rice, veggies and a garlic sauce, because that page was the only one I at least understood a little a bit.
    Ever been in a sushi-restaurant and had no idea what the card is saying? Or if you even like sushi?

    I got to taste some sort of Korean pancake with Kimchi sauce though, which really was awesome.
    If I would have known it tastes like that, I would have ordered that too.
    So I got two pieces (which actually were a lot, given that it wasn't mine) to try.
    So yummy!

    Really, the worst part of the day, was the moment when F. stuck his toe in my nose/ slightly kicked my nose - and not even that was bad :D
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  16. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Monday 19.03.2018

    Not really something worth mentioning, as it was mostly the usual.
    Loud kids, me wanting a tranquilizer gun...
    Same as always.

    They got a little game again for warm-up, since they are doing mostly well lately. This time I timed it for ten minutes though :D
    I had it followed by Ukemi, because there really wasn't a reason for a certain warm-up afterwards, since I wasn't doing kicks or anything I also skipped stretching.

    I did some stick versus stick with them.
    Nothing major, mainly evading first and at the same time looking out for the stick and blocking, in case the evading didn't work.
    Therefore no special warm-up; there was no need: It was all slow and without big movements, since it was the first time they something like that with actually having something in their hands.

    I also finished ten minutes early, to do some theory with them.

    Which I think was good that I did, as I asked them first: "What do you do, if there is someone with a weapon, and he wants your wallet/ smartphone/ rucksack/ whatever?"
    Most of them actually said: Calling the police or calling for help. Running away.
    Which was something.

    But a few also came with: I give them a slap in the face or a knee to the groin.

    So I made a point of making clear to them: If someone with a weapon stands in front of you - you give them, whatever they want!
    No heroics!

    Since it was something that sounds funny but also shows "give everything you own", I repeated a sentence I heard in my own training: And if they want your underwear, you give it to them!"

    I then added a step, what they are to do, if a grown-up wants something or grabs them.
    What to do then?
    Some answered with the techniques, they learned so I made one or two come to me, showing them, that I still can hold their wrists for example, even though they try to get out with proper technique - because strength still is part of the game.
    So calling for help and struggling as much as they can is the way to go; they can still add some technique then, so to speak.

    My own JJ

    Due to my training partner is was a bit slow, but I was fine with it, because he didn't go slow, being lazy, but because he had a heart attack last year - which is scary enough, obviously, but made worse by him being only in his late thirties.

    So we did some slow techniques and talked about his grading program for his Karate-grading in May and he showed me some of it.

    More reason not to mind: I'm still having my cough, so going slow is a good thing.

    Free training for my teachers grading

    We skipped the chokes, as he did them already, when I was filming them (I want them for my own grading; I have to add two to them, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem).

    So we started with the throws, locks and the such.
    Mainly repeating and ingraining.

    Afterwards we did half of his SD-techniques.
    Personally I would train them more, but he says it's not necessary.
    As long as I know how to attack, it's obviously his decision; and I think I'm a good enough Uke to improvise if he shows something different, than planned.
    After all - I only have to fall, get hurt and tap out :D

    Tuesday, 20.03.2018

    No training.
    Buses and trains wouldn't drive, so I wouldn't have made it anyway and the school gym was closed - strike.

    But we also had the annual meeting.
    I also volunteered to be secretary (as in writing down what happens during meetings); it only needed two questions, who would do it and glaring stare of F. to make me volunteer ;)

    Wednesday, 21.03.2018

    No training.
    Instead I got my phone back, which I lost in F.s car on the way back yesterday.

    And helped my Mom clearing out the basement a bit. Second part to follow.

    Thursday, 22.03.2018

    I was alone today with the kids.

    I started with playing catch, as usual; and had kids all over me all the time, clinging on my sides, telling me stories and how they like me.
    I admit - it was kind of cute, but I also noticed that having a dozen heads, two dozen arms and legs and what not would really be helpful!
    So many things and kids that wanted attention in the first ten minutes alone!

    Afterwards I send them up to a wall; and moving in different ways to the other side of the dojo and back: Jumping with their feet together, crawling like a crocodile (without lifting the tummy of the ground), high knee skips, and a few other things.

    Than I made them stand in a circle (which took surprisingly long! You would think they know what a circle is ;) ), with enough space in between each other, so one kid could start running slalom around the others; when it was four or five kids down the road I would send the next one and so on.
    To my big surprise it actually did work!

    Next was playing mirror.
    Two kids together, standing in front of each other; and one has to mimic every move the other does.
    I was surprised to see, that the older kids had more fun with that, than the smaller ones.

    I think I am missing something, I also did...
    But all in all, I think it was a good lesson; there was complaining, yes, but I feel like this comes nearly all the time, unless you play non-stop with them :D

    I asked my favorite trainingspartner, if she could help me out, because I wanted to show a certain technique.
    Spoiler: Of course I never got to that!

    Since some parents wanted something of me, I asked her to warm the kids up and start Ukemi, in case I'm not back quick enough.
    So when I came back, she just started Ukemi and at the same moment a boy started crying (we thought he hurt himself; but it was, as I later learned, because he didn't manage to roll :D ).

    Kept going through Ukemi, while my partner took one of the kids - a girl that was in that group for the first time, after being in the first group - to learn backward rolling with her.
    Therefore alone I was thankful, because the little one was really concerned (and intimidated, with being there for the first time), because of it.

    When we were done with it, and moved on to the sticks, I firstly asked what they would do, if someone with a weapon... so, yes, repeating, the theory from Monday.
    I only wanted to hear "Give them everything".
    Instead I got that answer in two or three different words and lots of questions - again :D

    Don't get me wrong though: I think it's awesome, that they ask questions, show that they think about what I say, think for themselves and everything!
    It's actually great, that they do that and I encourage them to do so.

    But it also took nearly ten minutes again, until I asked them, if they want to talk more or train a bit :rolleyes: :D
    Therefore I didn't make it to the technique I was looking forward to, and will have a tough time, showing with my usual co-trainer :(

    the good thing is: The kids still have fun working with the stick and worked rather well.
    So this time they got their game in the end of the lesson, as we mostly used to do it - they have to work for it.
    I'm wondering, when I will have to go back to that, because they won't pay attention again ;)

    My own JJ
    I stayed here today, because with F. the training was cancelled today.

    It was a calm session again, during which the same partner as Monday and I would go through some things really slowly; mostly his program for his JJ-grading and later a four of my techniques to check them out.
    Nothing major really, bordering on boring.

    Friday, 23.03.2018

    Grading stuff, yay.
    Okay, boring.
    But this time I was partnered with a whitebelt, so I at least could be of help.

    Some easy techniques, because it was mostly beginners there and two older students, who like to do easy things.
    So it wasn't that thrilling, but I will take some of it, change it a little and use it for the kids.

    The second to last technique involved a hipthrow or something similar, so my partner and I used to train our problem or hate throws: In my case Harai-Goshi (I *want* it in my grading, but I don't get it done properly :mad:) and my partner O-Goshi (we have no idea why, but then one causes her problems).
    Instead of the last technique (one I used to try with the kids already) I asked if we could keep going with the throws, as it was only a few minutes anyway and seriously - this technique was just plain boring.

    My partner was nice enough to use kickboxing for continuing learning the throws and a bit for my program.
    So we didn't do actual kickboxing.
    I have to be honest though: I would gone home earlier otherwise; cough is still annoying as hell, and as soon as endurance comes into play, it's not funny anymore...

    Generally this week: I have written with my former JJ-teacher about my grading program, and he strongly advised my, to make changes to it.
    Some I already did; I will look, what I want to keep; and I will try where to change and add some things, in the hope, that it will seem better afterwards...
    So, yeah, probably never going to happen.

    Also: I think I managed to annoy two people enough this week, that they might never going to talk to me again.
    Live sucks.
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  17. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Monday, 26.03.2018

    Since this was the first day of the holidays fewer kids came, which was to be expected.
    So we did a lot of Ukemi, with the six kids that were there.
    I'm sure they were bored a little, but it was a good use of the time, since it's nearly impossible to do Ukemi with a whole bunch of them.
    Before and after we let them play.

    One girl managed to surprise today, as she was very stubbornly trying to manage a proper forward roll; she still puts her bum out too much, but it got a little better already; not much, but that's fair enough!


    I was *so* generous today!
    I let them play in the beginning *and* at the end as well!

    After all: School holidays plus attending well today again.

    I changed Ukemi a tiny little bit today.
    Usually we just go through it (forward roll, backward roll...), but today I combined it a bit: Right forward roll, directly followed by a right backward roll, without turning or anything.
    It definitely wasn't a major change, but it was enough to make them think a little and to loosen it a bit up.

    Then I made them repeat the last technique I showed them last Thursday.
    One kid actually remembered it, and most did after they saw it once; had me surprised, I admit it.

    The second thing I showed them was a defense against a stick attack, when you don't have a stick yourself.
    Nothing major, essentially evading, gripping the hand and do a wrist lock until Uke was on the ground - but even here: No nagging or anything!

    The really still manage to surprise me, by showing that they work properly, remember a bit of it, think along... it's great and so much more fun, then all the time before!
    I'm certainly not the born instructor and had and still have lots to learn - but I think, I really do better, then my predecessor/ now co-trainer did.
    They definitely did learn some new things and are better training compared to before!
    Still can't stop being amazed! :confused: :eek:

    My own JJ

    Warm-up (of which I missed half, because I needed to attend the kids budo-passes; poor me ;) ), no Ukemi.
    Evading, and today even blocking.
    Yeah... blocking went well...
    I think both my partner and me, can now with certainty say, which blocks we have ingrained: Mine is Morote-Uke, hers is a mix out of Ura-Uke und Uchi-Ude-Uke :D
    We hardly did anything else and really, really had to concentrate, for switching to other blocks as well.

    We started with a few very simple techniques; so simple, to be honest, that they were a tad boring.
    But we did them, and we tried to play a bit at the end, to find nice "finishers", so we won't always do the same.

    After that, wen could work on our programs for the gradings.
    She let me try a bit, because she didn't want to do much - I think it's because she uses another partner instead of me, whereas I (hopefully) get allowed to use her anyway.
    And because my program isn't finished yet.
    And because it's quite longer then hers.
    And because she's nice :D

    Showed the JJ-teacher a few of the techniques to get his opinion on them; he would keep those and only gave me a piece of advice for one of it them, how to change it, to make it a bit easier.
    I'm really not sure, if it is easier now or on the same level, but I certainly prefer his change, as I will be in a more stable position (sitting up on one knee), compared to "my" version (lying on my side); the lock is the same anyway, so I changed it to his version.

    On paper I also changed my strikes, kicks, blocks and throws.
    Not sure which way I am to show them, so I have a way I'd like to do it and a second variant on how I could do it, in case my teacher wants a certain motivity(?); until green I had to show them in a Karate-way (strikes, kicks, blocks) or Judo-way (throws); now I'd like to show them against pads, moving and some throws out of an attack.
    Wait and see what it will be.

    Free training for my teachers grading

    Short, easy, slow.
    We did the throws, the weapon defense, three attacks, ...
    I also stole a counter throw from him and added it to my list :cool: :rolleyes:
    We might continue tomorrow, depending how full the kickboxing class will be.
    But these things are working fine so far; Given that we have another month, it should be doable.

    I'm actually quite sure, that my blue belt is more extensive then his grading :D
    (4th & 5th Dan are more about theory, then previous tests)
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    Latikos Valued Member

    Tuesday, 27.03.2018

    Due to the holidays the school gym is closed, therefore I went to training at the oher club.

    A little soccer as warm up followed by some strength exercises and light stretching.

    Followed by a little Kihon: Age-Uke (twice), Oi-Zuki
    Uchi-Ude-Uke (twice), Oi-Zuki
    Gedan-Barai (twice), Oi-Zuki
    Shuto-Uke, Mae-Geri
    Not sure, but I think I might be missing one or two
    Nothing major obviously; we just aren't that focused on Kihon and Kata :D , but it was enough to make me sweat like ... well, a sweating person ;)
    One way in medium speed, the other pretty quick; considering that I my arms and legs would entangle in the beginning of training with the simplest stuff, I now at least can do most of what is needed fast as well.

    Interesting, how progress can still surprise me; despite me getting a tap to head for it already.

    After that we did some SD-techniques; essentially repeating, what we did the last time.
    Plus one more: We were supposed to throw the partner out of a grip to the lapel - so I used the time, to keep working on my Harai-Goshi :D

    During the last 40 minutes we were allowed to work on our grading programs, while the coach looked after the two whitebelts, that were there.

    I went through the techniques of my program, that I consider to keep, and so far they really do seem to stay.
    I just hope they are good and advanced enough in the end :confused: :(


    I was allowed to keep working on my program.
    I'm not entirely through with what I wanted to look at, but mostly.
    Now it's up to developing new stuff - or, to be precise: to connect some things in a way, that's good.
    I'm not supposed to invent a new way to break an elbow or anything ;)

    I found a defense against headlock on the ground from the front - only took my partner and me around 20 minutes.
    I was hoping to find something playful where one leads to the other.
    I *might* have found something in the end, but I still hope, that not every technique will take 20 minutes to figure out.
    Gosh, I'm so bad :confused:

    For the last 30 minutes our JJ-teacher joined us, to work through the basic elements of his program once more.
    Essentially it stands and it should work out well.
    He decided to change one throw, so he will show something cooler, bus this parts should be done.

    After that I asked him about a nice and cool kicking-defense.
    The first he showed was meh; not bad, not at all, but not was I was looking or hoping for either: Mae Geri; gripping the leg, strike to the sole of the foot, turning the foot a little and throw Uke backwards.

    The second I already had :D
    Attack is Mawashi-Geri; I go in a little, catch the leg, grip my own hands and pull and so make Uke fall forwards; ending would be a lock of the knee.

    The third is nice for the eyes, I think, as far kicking defenses go: The attack is a Mae-Geri; I just invade and grab Uke at the Gi and throw Uki-Otoshi.

    And yes, I am aware that it's not necessarily something, you'd do in a real fight.
    I want my program have three parts, so to speak: One third should be effective and working, on the street as well (this 'on the street' sounds so dumb all them time...).
    The second third is supposed to be playful; one technique leading to the other the other other... You would never do it, it's overkill, but it works from the mechanical side (that is a must).
    The last third I want to be a little spectacular, like Movie-Fu, but mechanically sound.

    I'm afraid most is somewhere between playful and wannabe-spectacular :(
    As much as I enjoy making my own program, and it *is* fun; I do have a problem figuring out, what it good enough for my grade (or potential, or ability or whatever) and what is just to easy and lame :(
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  19. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member


    Took the day off, because I couldn't care less about the ATK-grading program.

    I also knew my training partner wouldn't be there for my interesting program afterwards.

    Plus: Helping my Mom tidying up the cellar a bit. Packing things together to throw away.



    Since it's holidays not many kids were there, so we did a slightly changed version of their parkour.
    We added a long belt-thingy with loops in the end, on which they pretty much could play.

    Aside from that only the usual warm-up game of catch.


    Again: Holidays.
    So I decided to make them a present and allow them a entire game-session.

    So it was down to "Zombieball" (I have no idea, why it's called that!) and "Top the turtle" (as least that's the name I know for it. There it's called "Wolf and Sheep").

    Which basically means: 1) One ball, everyone against everyone. When you get hit you do three squats and have to sit on the bench. Once the person that hit you with the ball gets hit himself, you're back in, while he has to sit down and wait.

    2) Everyone on their knees, one kid in the middle, the rest at one end of the dojo.
    You give a signal, everyone wants to reach the other side (on their knees); who gets turned over on his back...
    Everyone probably knows that one.

    My own JJ

    Since lots of people are preparing for their grading, the coach used it for just that.
    We did warm-up (Gee, do I suck!), ukemi and than it was everyone for himself, so to speak.

    I asked a guy if he would help me out a bit, so I could try "developing" some techniques, since I still needed stick- and belt-techniques.
    Managed to at least get a stick-technique and find lots of things that would be rubbish to do - yay me!

    Afterwards my coach showed me two things, so I included these.

    Free training afterwards

    I didn't do anything here that day.
    It was my Moms birthday, so the free training was essentially filming the coach while doing the above to techniques and showing him a stick technique I "developed", to see if it makes sense.


    Good Friday, so no training.
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  20. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member


    Easter Monday, so again no training.


    Two hours of free training

    I met my potential Uke (she would do it, I just have to sell her to my teacher. Again. Since she's still only in the other club... anyway!) to keep working on my program.
    So we played around a lot with diverse locks, and throws and whatnot to find some things that would work together, make a little sense and aren't 100% standard, but only like... 73%.

    Not sure how well we did manage that.
    And suddenly I have to think that I might need to use more throws... Darn it.

    We actually got a fair few things done here, and I got my hopes high, that I might actually be able to finish this version of the program before 2020!


    A warm-up game of soccer, a little more warming up afterwards.

    After that it was Kihon, nothing spectecular though:
    - Age-Uke, Gyaku-Zuki
    - Soto-Uke, Haito-Uchi
    - Gedan-Barai, Teisho-Zuki

    - Shuto-Uke (in Kokutsu-Dachi), Mae-Geri with the front leg
    - Yoko-Geri
    - Mawashi-Geri
    - Mae-Geri, setting down the leg in the back again, step forward so we would use the other side.
    Again: We're not big in Kihon in Kata :D

    Next were some kick combinations against a pad.
    Well, two kicks in combination only.

    Mawashi-Geri and with the same leg Ura-Mawashi-Geri right after, without putting the foot down. Both sides.
    Ushiro-Tobi-Geri. Totally screwed that one up. I can neither jump properly, nor can I do a proper Ushiro-Geri at all; it always becomes more of Ushiro-Yoko-Geri.
    Kagato-Geri and something I don't remember; I want to say Mawashi-Geri again though.
    And I think I might be missing one more.

    Then we did some SD-stuff.
    So basic, that it was a tad boring to be honest, but at least I got a start for another grading technique out of it.


    I was allowed to use the time again for some stuff of my grading.
    So more playing and actually getting closer to finishing this draft!

    Also so more training for my coaches grading. Which will be this month. So slowly, I start getting nervous there!

    Roughly 30 minutes of more free training

    At this point I thought I only needed to more techniques to be done with my program, so we added a little more time.
    And I actually finished!

    Or so I thought at least. Typing the program on the computer I noticed I was actually missing three techniques; one I could add, because I had one to many in another block (grabbing the wrist/ hand/ arm), so I made it work for ... not sure how to translate that, which makes me feel dumb as hell! (Not bear hug, but in that case when you get "grabbed" with both arms around the upper body; never mind if the arms are tucked as well or not.)
    Plus I was missing a stick technique and... I don't remember.
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