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  1. evilkingston

    evilkingston 필요악

    I've had a similar encounter
    first a lot of discussion
    then I could come and watch a no touch ko, but I didn't want to watch someone perform it on his students, I wanted him to do it on me + 6 other people, so it couldn't be put of as I was one of the 12% it didn't work on...
    We also said we would bring videocamera's :)
    we could still come and tape the event, but they were only going to do it on their students, not on us...
    This would only be done on specific seminars which cost a lot of money, blablabla...

    On topic: I believe in PP, energymeridiems etc.
    Tsubo, acupunture, moxa... I don't see them as being quack, it's just a non-western/non-pharmaceutical approach, but when someone claims to have chi powers in which he can stop someone without touching them, well, I just laugh and ask if they're related to the easterbunny... ;) :p

    but hey, if you're up to a challenge :D post a link of someone competing in whatever full contact championship and doing a no touch ko or a chi-blast...
  2. robertmap

    robertmap Valued Member

    Hi 'evilkingston' and All,
    I've used Chi Blasts to win several underground fighting competitions - made millions of dollars in prize money too - many of the events were filmed. Sadly though the Chi Blast wiped the film clean. OH and of course I gave all the money to charity which is why I still work for a living :) :) :) :) :)

    Anyone read in the MAY issue of Combat about Paul Bowman doing a no-touch knockout that was so severe that "the student kept slipping back into unconsciousness and stopped breathing" - WOW Black Magic - gotta learn me some of that... Or maybe - I won't. I'm in the martial arts to develop and to help my students develop. Not to hypnotize them and weaken their self esteem to the point where they will damn near kill themselves to please master....

    All the best.

  3. Ryu-Te Newbee

    Ryu-Te Newbee New Member

    I have a 2 yr old son who likes to run right atcha, one day instead of getting hit in the crotch as usual, I turned so he would hit my leg. Now, his head hit me about mid thigh and my leg just buckled! I find it hard to believe that a 2 yr old could potentially do what a grown man might only be able to do a PERCENTAGE of the time??? I've only been a student of Ryu Te about 2 months and EVERY technique I've been shown so far has worked on me! ( Maybe my body is still too tender and malleable to resist! *Said tongue-in-cheekly*)
  4. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    Dillman has been outed, on camera, many times. He has failed to offer up proof that his techniques work against anyone other than his students. Calling Dillman a fraud is not off base.

    Are there nerve plexus on the body that can cause pain or numbness/paralysis? Yes.

    Is their sole usage a reliable means of combat?

  5. firecoins

    firecoins Armchair General

    I have used chi balls in combat. I know they work for a fact. I am willing to use them on anyone, anywhere on video tape. As long my school Tabisco is allowed to put the logo on everything. I am often told I look like a cartoon of cheetah.
  6. kempocos

    kempocos Valued Member

    Oyata's RYU TE and DILLMANS PP fighting ARE NOT THE SAME THING. I trained in Oyatas and ahve taken classes from Dillman upper level Black Belts.

    RYU TE is real non BS " LIFE PROTECTION SKILLS" as OYATA would say about what he teachs.
  7. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    I'll second that. I've worked out with Dillman-style PP classes (Kyusho Int'l), and YES they do hit points and YES they do get results... but I've seen videos of Oyata and it is a whole different level of effectivness I see going on there. Not just pain but disabling effects. Oyata is a very scary old man.
  8. Ryu-Te Newbee

    Ryu-Te Newbee New Member

    SOOO what you are saying is 1: I picked a VERY good school/style and 2: In the upcoming seminar in September, I should be afraid, be VERY afraid in Taika's presence?!? J/K Actually, I am TOTALLY looking forward to meeting Mr. Oyata and learning from him! I've been told since I'm almost 40 he MAY not knock me out!
  9. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

    Ryu Te Newbee, Oyata is a very good wrestler, he took me down pretty hard in a seminar several years ago in Media, Pa (he wanted to show a defense against a punch, picked me to demonstrate on). Most of his stuff is dirty wrestling with strikes mixed in. He was also pretty strong (lifting rocks as a kid will do that for you) guy. He was always a gentleman too.
  10. Paaaatrik

    Paaaatrik New Member

    How the hell can it be street effective if it only works on 40% of the population?
    Nerve strikes ftw!
  11. Paaaatrik

    Paaaatrik New Member

    Is this a joke? What happend to free speech? You're even more paranoid than me, wich is NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD - AT ALL.
  12. Christy Angel

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  13. evilkingston

    evilkingston 필요악

    so how did it go
    update please
    I've been gone for a while - working, you know how it can be, so bringing old threads back to life

    how was your meeting with Mr. Oyata?

  14. FONB

    FONB Banned Banned

    In my oppion it went something like this, Mr. Oyata waves hands and the bad guy which is usually a very uncordinated geek tha could never land a punch on a invisible person let alone a grown man falls to ground. :D
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  15. TheCount

    TheCount Happiness is a mindset

    Is it just me, or does chi only work on people stupid enough to believe in it ?
  16. raisedwarrior

    raisedwarrior New Member

    soooo cool

    omg! a Kyusho Jutsu practitioner!!!!! that style look sooooooooooooooo cool :D i've been doing some online reading about it, and it looks sooo amazing, but we don't have any Dojo's here on Vancouver Island:( >.< that makes me upset, i practice Goju Ryu Karate Do, and have been will be two years in October 2007 and i graded for purple belt on friday
  17. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Not quite sure how seriously to take you here, so I'll assume you meant it as written! The styles that include pressure points can make them work as long as they don't rely on them. There was a nice demonstration at the UK MAP Meet last year that showed how contingency is required whenever you use a pressure point technique. For example, a pressure point that is used to assist in the escape of a grab should also have a gross motor movement that goes with it to ensure that if the pressure point misses or just plain doesn't work (I have a few dead spots that don't react the same as with most people... RobertMAP referred to me as a freak during his demonstration one year!).

    Building an entire self defence methods based around pressure points alone is an extremely bad idea, and worse yet when you're also making up some random and unproved/unprovable "no touch" techniques. Personally I'd steer clear of any style using only pressure points and would instead pick something where the techniques actually work all the time!

    Congrats on the promotion, and keep researching. Even here on MAP you'll find a lot of critical reviews of such styles and techniques, and when you read those you might be less enthused with the idea of kyusho jutsu, unless you go baqck to the original method of pressure point manipulation that's still taught as part of most complete martial arts!
  18. robertmap

    robertmap Valued Member


    That's 'freak' - in a kind and friendly way :)

    One of my 'hot buttons' is people who 'hate' or 'love' pressure points - either they NEVER work or they ALWAYS work - I disagree with both 'points' of view...

    FOR ME and of course your views may be different, PP's are simply part of what I do, useful if they work but no big deal if they don't as I am going to be doing stuff until the situation is resolved - rather than hitting a point and then waiting for you to fall down :)

    All the best.

  19. raisedwarrior

    raisedwarrior New Member

    more on pressure points

    i agree on that, i wouldn't solely rely on them either, but they would be very useful for somethings, and just knowing them would be very cool. thank you for your post
  20. evilkingston

    evilkingston 필요악

    [ame=""]Kiai Master vs MMA - YouTube[/ame]

    no touch kiai master challenges other fighters
    he says he can beat all, and puts $5000 on it
    too bad a MMA'ist picks up the challenge and hands the master's ass to him...
    watch the intro closely (how his students fly away) and then watch the test...
    gotta love it!

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