Please dont flame me Im new and looking for good people

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Heroacademy, Jul 18, 2016.

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    Again it would come down to how good the teacher is and retention. I've been to very few classes that id consider setting up a direct debit for on a monthly basis and this was mainly down to the teachers either not being very knowledgeable or teaching useless techniques or some with instructors who have egos the size of the London eye
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    Someone in the 1970's thought is waiting for that to happen


    One thing I have learned in running a school is that no matter how fine the ingredients, how skilled the chef, how clean the kitchen, how reasonable the cost and how succulent the steak.....

    .....some people will still buy a Big Mac
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    Yeah you're probably right. Shame really because these guys give martial arts a bad name and can make people see them as a bit of a joke.
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    And how are they to suddenly know it?

    What I mean is - if there in a certain class for quite some years, they won't just abandon that class, because someone new is in town, who might be (or not) better then their current school/ instructor.

    Also there is the problem, that nearly everyone wants something else of "his" MA: Be it sport, SD, fun, getting a feel for better movement, ...

    I bet someone could come around the classes I attend and could go: "That's all dumb, I can show better!", but I wouldn't care, because I'm very happy at my places, learn a lot, we have sparring/ randori, fun (which is the most important for me personally), nice people, good teachers, ...

    BUT if someone wants to make his new school known, he probably doesn't go places saying: "Well, your school is good, but you should come to me", if you know what I mean.

    I also agree though, that there probably are tons of MA school out there, that have a bad reputation and rightfully so.
    But if the people are happy there, who am I to tell them, they're wasting their time?
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    I've become a supporter just now as it's only fair as said earlier in the post , this has been basically free advertising otherwise. Once I get a set plan in place I will use MAP to place a paid advert as well
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    Once you do I'll happily promote via our Twitter page too.
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    Thanks very much

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