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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Nicko, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Nicko

    Nicko New Member

    Hi, I have just started Kickboxing with a group called the PKA. I was just wondering if anybody has any information on there gradings, IE, What order do the belts come in, and how often do gradings take place

  2. Hi mate. The PKA belts are as follows

    Black - 1

    Gradings (at least in Leicester) are fairly regular, but it varies very much on the area. There are around 5 clubs in Leicester, so we get a lot and London has more! Basically you'll learn the sequences (like light sparring), and you have to perform these with an "opponent" and display some padwork combos for the beginning grades.

    Are you interested in sparring, or do you do these already? If so, check out the nationals next year and have a go - it'll teach you a lot.

    Best of luck with your future training. Also, I see you state in another post that you have to wear the black / red trousers. You should also be able to wear black/silver satin ones or the black and white official uniform. Ask your instructor if interested - what's his name BTW? :)
  3. Also, if you need information on any of the sequences/sets then contact me ;)
  4. Nicko

    Nicko New Member

    Hi, my trainers name is Adam Bagshawe, the club is in a town called Dronfield which is in Derbyshire. Any info on sequinces and sets would be very much apriciated. thank you
  5. Have you just started out (eg: no belts yet)? I just want to know because I'm putting all the sequences in tables on MSWORD as a page for each 2 belts (4 sets). If you're a yellow belt for example, you obviously will not need red set info.

    Let me know what belt you are at and also which sets you want - 2 sets per belt, so if you want everything up to orange belt you will want 1-6.

    Happy Training.
  6. Nicko

    Nicko New Member

    I have just started, so Im no belt at the moment, my first grading is 22nd of October, so if u could just give me enough info to get me through that it would be much apriciated, thank you
  7. I've attatched a file I just made with the Red and Yellow belt sets. You will only need the Red ones as you'll only be taking a single?

    As for pad work I can't help you as it's different each time. Ask your instructor for help if you need, although a demo will be done, so all you have to do is copy a bunch of times.

    Also, take this sheet as a printout to your instructor, just to make sure that you will be doing these (I'm 99% sure).

    Also ask your instructor what you will be doing at the grading. I took my red belt 5 years ago so it might have changed. Sets are correct though.

    Other than that, just make sure you're sharp with everything and remember the sets. Our instructor gives us about 10 mins at the end of each class to go through them all, and as I'm on learning 16 at the moment, I only normally get up to about 10 lol :)

    Good luck with the grading

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  8. KatyBelle

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    Hello Norm

    Reading your conversation thread with Nicko, I would like to ask you if you know the order of belts for West Yorkshire. I started training about six months ago at The Dojo Martial Arts Club in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

    What does a grading involve, etc?

    My Sensai is called Keith Prole. I have asked him about doing my grading and he said that as his standards are very high he only does it when he thinks the class is performing the way he likes i.e. trying hard, turning up without fail, no swearing, eager to learn, etc.

    I feel I am all these things and want to do a grading but don't have a clue what it involves. When I asked my Sensai the same question, he said that he doesn't tell us what to practice or learn, just to pay our money, turn up and find out if we have been awarded our belt at the end.

    He also commented on the fact that not everyone in the class wears the belts that they have already got so he is disappointed in them and, i guess, thinks it is a waste of time going through the grading process.

    Please help me as I want to be doing kickboxing not just because I enjoy it but because its something I really feel that in time I could be good at.

    NB: I haven't taken part in sparring just yet, only pad work with a partner (who teaches karate, black belt/2nd Dan i think, not sure if he has a belt in kickboxing but has done it for quite a few years.
  9. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Dazed & Confused

    I'm afraid I can't give you any answers on your syllabus - just comment on what you say.

    I can understand the approach your instructor is taking, that if you are worthy of a belt then you should be able to do all the techniques without intense practice leading to a grading. In my club we also do some kung fu techniques (sets and blocks, weapons etc.) so what is required for the grading is obvious by what you have been taught since the last grade. The actual "kickboxing bit", is fitness, combination kicking and punching and then x rounds of 2/3 minute sparring with fresh partners (x being the number belt you're grading for). The higher the grade, the more complicated the combos and techniques get - i.e. you won't be expected to do any spinning/jumping techniques for early grades.

    If you are confident with what you have been taught then you should be ok for a grade. Make sure you train all techniques, and work hard on any technique/side you feel weak in.

    As far as other students not wearing belts they have gained, that's hard to understand. If they have worked hard to gain a grade, they should be proud to wear the belt to represent this. It is also a show of respect to the instructor, complying with the rules of the club. If we don't wear our belt in lessons, we can generally expect a bit of punishment (20-30 extra press-ups for example).

    If you stick at it and train hard you will be good in time. Dare I say, if you really aren't getting on in your current club, try looking around at other clubs in the area - there may be another which suits you more.
  10. fizz-lau

    fizz-lau Valued Member

    hmmm i would find another club asap,he doesnt sound like he cares to much does he :eek:
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  12. Is it PKA? If so, it's the same (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black 1,2 etc)

    Sets (Your coach MUST tell you these if it's PKA!!! However are you supposed to know what to do if you've never been told? Like telling a 7 year old to do a maths GCSE if you think about it :D)

    Seems rather odd.

    Being brutally honest, he doesn't seem to have a clue, does he? You don't sit tests at school if you don't study the subject, do you? He has to tell you what you will need to do at the grading, else you can't really do it, can you? If it's possible to pass without really preparing for it, it must be rather easy.

    That's all very well, isn't it.

    I see his point there. Why grade if you are not going to wear the belt?

    EDIT: Just read this after googling Keith Prole
    "Sun 13th April
    Tai Chi on first session as a nice chill out kinda start, session of Aikido then a lesson of Karate with Sensei Keith Prole from Bradford and finishing off nicely with a session of Aikido again."
    So he does Karate, too? :rolleyes:
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  13. Navi

    Navi New Member


    i'm not going to try and defend your instructor for this statement, but if i were you i would put in more time before approaching him with this question again.

    1. think about all the times that a "newbie" asks him this question, only to leave in a couple of months, or not come back the next day at all.

    2. think about the people that have already disappointed him. he may be wary of anyone showing interest simply because of prior disappointments.

    3. i don't want to be sexist (me being a girl and all), but by experience, most girls don't stick to this stuff. i've been in it for 2 years, and girls come and go more often than guys do. they're all really interested at first, but then back off (mostly after they are invited to a sparring session :D ).

    :Angel: it's never good to assume.

    On a good note: if you're really interested, and you put in your time, and show interest with fervor, enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment (i love that Thesaurus), then he might begin to take you seriously.

    On a personal note: it took me a year and a half (no lie) to get the respect from my instructor. he was always tentative with me...using words like "if" and "maybe" regarding my future with the school as opposed to the males in the class. but now i'm an assistant instructor. so figure that! ^_^ :)
  14. ubermint

    ubermint Banned Banned

    How can something claiming to be "kickboxing" have belts and "sets"?
  15. You'll find many kickboxing organizations have belts. By sets, we're not talking about walking up and down a room punching the air and shouting. We're talking person to person set "routine" type manouvres. A good introduction to sparring, and an aid with co-ordination etc.
  16. KatyBelle

    KatyBelle New Member

    Thank you all for your valuable advice and comments and sorry it has taken me so long to reply:

    I will try and reply to each of you in turn:

    Danger Mouse: Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will bear in mind what you have said about practising what I feel weak in and if I manage to get a belt at the gradings this year I will feel proud to wear it.

    fizz-lau: I can see your point about my instructor not sounding too bothered but I have managed to settle into the club which I am in and would like to give it a little more time before I try and fix something that may not be broken.

    Norm: When you asked if it was PKA, I am unsure and also feel a bit embarassed. Should I know this straight off? Should I have been informed?

    I can see what you are saying about the academy not been legit but as I have mentioned in my reply to fizz-lau, I want to give it chance and see how my first grading goes before I make any decisions.

    Yes as far as I know you are right and Keith did do Karate for a long time before becoming a kickboxing instructor. He was trained by Ronnie Greenwood (Thai Boxer) but doesn't teach Thai Boxing due to it being more disciplined than kickboxing. I know all this sounds sketchy but I am new to this and will take all your advice on board and see how things go. I will try and get as much knowledge as possible.

    Navi: Please be aware that before I reply to your comments I do not intend to offend you.

    I understand what you are saying in point 1. and have seen evidence of others not sticking it. Point 2. This is not my problem and I feel that I should not be seen as 'another one who is not gonna stick it'. I don't feel that I have disappointed him and if I have it is without intention. Point 3. I don't think you are sexist, I am a girl too and I can see your point about girls coming and going, a girl started the same time as me and only stuck it for about 2 months. I have been invited to a sparring session but at the moment I want to concentrate on getting a good technique before I embarass myself in front of somebody who is going to wipe the floor with me, unfortunately I am a very sore loser (in my nature I'm afraid)

    I shall remember your words of wisdom and try not to assume things in future.

    Quote: "On a good note, etc." It is not a case of my instructor not taking me seriously, I feel that the men I train with (more often than not I am the only female in the class) respect me for my determination and willingness to learn. My instructor is very encouraging and always corrects and guides me if I am wrong.

    Once again thank you all for your feedback both positive and negative. I will keep you posted on my progress. :D
  17. I asked as you put it on the PKA grading thread (not a problem at all!)

    Put it this way, if it was PKA you would know (PKA t-shirt for a start!)

    As it doesn't seem to be a PKA class, I cannot help you on belt order or requirements. Feel free to ask any other questions about kickboxing in general, though.
  18. Tony1966

    Tony1966 New Member

    Kickboxing DVD

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and pretty new to PKA kickboxing as well (been at it for a couple of months). I used to be involved in full contact karate but that was many moons ago and several stones in weight as well. A quick question. I train twice a week but would like to train at home as well, now I'm pretty sure there is a step by step DVD out there explaining what kicks/punches/blocks you need to learn to progress for each belt grading. The only one I can find on the net that looks to be of any use is the Chris Kent kickboxing course. Does anyone know if this is any good or if not which one is?. Thanks for any help.
  19. Matt Nik

    Matt Nik New Member

    Hey I train at Dronfield aswell and my trainer is Adam Bagshaw. We usually grade every 2 months unless you arnt ready. Whats your name??? Matt
  20. Bograt

    Bograt Banned Banned

    If you did full contact karate then you don't need a step by step DVD, Ask Norm for some PKA drills. If you ask nicely i'm sure he will help? I don't do PKA so my drills whilst effective will be different to the PKA stuff.

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