Passed my Krav Maga P2 Grading.

Discussion in 'Celebrations!' started by progdan, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. progdan

    progdan Valued Member

    Woot! Now I'm twice as effective... :woo:
  2. Spinmaster

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    Congrats! Out of curiosity, exactly how does ranking work in Krav? Do you guys do belts or armbands to signify rank?
  3. progdan

    progdan Valued Member

    From the IKMF website:

    Expert Level 1 is generally considered about the equivilent of a blackbelt, and one has to be graded in Israel for that level and above.

    For more info and to see what the patches look like, check out this page:
  4. Krav Maga Brist

    Krav Maga Brist Valued Member

    Krav Maga Gradings

    Re Gradings

    Firstly congratulations on passing - I love the fact that in Krav you have to earn every single grade. It is an achievement so well done.

    We previously used the IKMF grading system but moved over to Krav Maga Worldwide, (The american organisation,) as we preferred their syllabus, (more ground fighting).

    We grade in Belts or levels (just to confuse you). So you can be a yellow belt or a Level 1 student.

    However it gets a little confusing as there are fewer grades (only 5 as opposed to 10) than the IKMF, so the jumps between grades are much bigger. Typically students train 9-12 months between grading.

    So for us we would expect student to acheive Level 3 or Green Belt after 3 years training 2-3 times a week.

    A student could be expected to be eligable to be invited for Black Belt (You have to be invited) after 5-7 years typically.

    Thats our general outline.

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